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P.A.S Chapter 197: Unleashed Beast

Ron’s battle with Big Mom shook the world.

The world was horrified at the fact that the marines couldn’t deal with one of the four emperors, even after losing his power, his fleets, but at the same time, it was shocked by the strength of Ron, the Shichibukai.

Not only he managed to retreat unscathed after fighting face-to-face against Big Mom, but he also held his grounds and an entire island was shattered to pieces as a result!

Marine headquarters.

The fleet admiral Sengoku looked at the documents on the desk with a depressed and gloomy face.

“Big Mom…”

Failing to completely annihilate the Big Mom Pirates, letting Charlotte Linlin, the captain, escape, was the biggest mistake.

A Yonko who lost his power, wandering the sea for revenge was undoubtedly extremely terrifying.

Although only Ron’s base was attacked so far, no one could guarantee that Charlotte Linlin would not cause any damage to other islands. If one of the four emperors makes his/her mind to cause havoc…the consequence would be terrible.

“Big Mom’s rampage…Scary…Scary.” Kizaru sat on the sofa not far away, drinking tea, stretching his voice.

In the previous operation, he was only responsible for monitoring the actions of the other Yonko, and he didn’t have much credit. But, since the problem was not his responsibility, and he was naturally a little leisurely about this.

“If we don’t take down Big Mom as soon as possible, I am afraid that some country will suffer soon.”


Kuzan was also nearby, his face looked a little gloomy, and said: “The most urgent matter is to confirm the location of Big Mom.”

It was impossible for a marine admiral to take down one of the four emperors on his own, two must act together, but if these admirals were to chase down one of the four emperors around the world, the impact will be very bad.

At that time, kuzan even wanted to question the government’s reasons to take action against one of the Four Emperors without being fully prepared.

Moreover, the forces sent by the government, CP0 didn’t even show for the decisive battle.

“She left after Ron’s base was destroyed, and he has no idea about her location now.”

Sengoku said in a deep voice.

Ron’s strength was limited after all, and of course, he had his hands full to evacuate the base and to resist the full assault of the Yonko. He barely managed to leave the place without casualties, he had no time to think about tracking Big Mom.

“I have to go there myself.”

Kuzan said in a deep voice: “We have to move! No one can stop a Yonko besides us.”

Sengoku nodded and said: “Then it is settled! You are now solely responsible for tracking Big Mom, and other matters will be temporarily handled by the vice-admirals and me…”

It wouldn’t be an easy task to track a Yonko, it might take months…If they remained under the radar.

If Kuzan is dispatched in person, it will be a long-term tug-of-war, until an opportunity is found and several admirals can be summoned to take action, then Big Mom can be wiped out.

An island somewhere.

Ron sat on a chair with a Den Den Mushi in his hand. On the other side of the Den Den Mushi, was the admiral Kuzan.

“…I don’t have that much information about the Big Mom Pirates.”

“I see! Most likely, Big Mom is still targeting you, try to be careful.”

Kuzan responded in a deep voice.

Ron spread his hands and said: “If I meet Big Mom alone, there would be a problem…I can escape, but the pirate hunters under my command will be in trouble.”

“You can seek asylum from the marines when necessary, and I will keep tracking Big Mom.”

Kuzan said in a deep voice.

For an ordinary Shichibukai, the marines would never grant protection to a pirate, but Ron was different.

Ron’s forces were not pirates, but pirate hunters gathered together, although they were in for the money, they were essentially hunting pirates.

And with Ron’s unified management, these pirate hunters were also much more orderly than before, and they were even able to defend a lot of countries, saving the marines a lot of trouble.

In this case, Ron’s existence and his forces were both meaningful.


Ron nodded slightly and hung up the call.

As the Den Den Mushi sound fell, Robin walked in.

“How about the base? How much Sea-stone we managed to recover?”

“Most of them have been recovered. The Big Mom pirates did not take the sea-stones, but a part of it was demolished.”

Robin spoke to Ron as she held a document in her hand.

In the battle between Ron and Big Mom, although he concluded the number of required wizard towers to resist a Yonko, Ron paid a price for it, that is, he lost some of the most important materials, to build the wizard towers.

The only thing he sent away in advance was the Poneglyph.

Fortunately, Big Mom didn’t care about the Kairōseki. if he left the Poneglyph there, she would definitely take it, but still, a part of the Seastone left on the island was lost.

“That’s good.”

Ron nodded, took a sip of tea from his teacup, and said: “The strength of the four emperors was indeed extraordinary. The Seastones were easily destroyed. Our losses this time were not small.”

“Yes, I can’t go back to that base for now.”

Robin nodded.

Ron smiled and said: “It’s okay. It won’t be long before we have a new base, in a better place… We can’t help it. After all, she is one of the Four Emperors, that was expected.”

When Robin heard the words, her eyes flickered, and said: “Are you going to do something to Doflamingo?”

‘’We just need to wait a little bit longer, it’s almost done.”

Ron leaned forward, crossed his fingers on the table, and said: “Wait until the Don Quixote’s subordinates are more familiar with my existence. “

Robin tilted his head and said: “We revised the plan several times, but the threat of Big Mom…The danger is still very high. The joker can sell us out to Big Mom anytime.”

“No, Big Mom wouldn’t just attack us again without a plan.”

Ron shook his head and said: “Although I was forced to retreat the last time, I made sure to show her that it is impossible for her to kill me, well, that if she attacks me face-to-face without an ambush.”

“With Kuzan tracking her, she will not attack again in the near future. Coupled with the outcome of our last battle, I think it is safe to say that we brought ourselves some time.”

Hearing Ron’s words, Robin tilted her head slightly, looked at him, and said leisurely: “I didn’t expect it to be this fast, we are facing one of the Four Emperors, yet am feeling confident.”

“Sooner or later.”

Ron chuckled and said: “The Four Emperors are not mountains that can’t be crossed, but she is still a major threat to us. I am more worried about your safety and the others.”

“Big Mom will not attack me, but it isn’t a certain thing for the rest of you. After all, even if the Big Mom Pirates were destroyed, a small number of her subordinates managed to escape. They can’t deal with me, but they can go after you.”

Speaking of this, Ron paused and said, “So during this time, you should stay together as much as possible and don’t act alone.”

Robin nodded.

Ron leaned back, relaxed his body on the chair, and said: ” Once Doflamingo’s matter is settled, a new base is established, there will be nothing to worry about., even if the marines failed to capture Big Mom.”

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