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P.A.S Chapter 198: Assassination

When Ron, Albares, Don Quixote, and Big Mom were in chaos and entanglement, another major event happened in the new world.

Marshall D. Teach a member of the Whitebeard Pirates’ 2nd division rebelled and killed the commander of the fourth division, Thatch!

All parties were shaking!

The captains of the first five divisions under Whitebeard’s command were comparable in status to the three sweet generals and the all-stars under the other four emperors’ command.

It was undoubtedly shocking to find such a captain killed…On top of that, assassinated by a crewmate.

The pirate named Teach, who was basically unknown, just an ordinary pirate in Whitebeard’s crew, came to the cusp of the storm in an instant and draw the attention of the major forces.

[What kind of guy dared to assassinate a captain under the command of Whitebeard?!]

“He was foolish to do that…Whitebeard won’t let him go easily. It seems that Teach doesn’t know the wrath he brought on himself! He won’t be able to escape!”

“It’s not that simple. He managed to assassinate a captain! His strength must be also terrifying. The Whitebeard Pirates may not be able to chase him. An incident after another! Look at Big Mom chasing after that Shichibukai, Ron. It is not an easy task to track down these people.”

The top echelons of some forces were discussing with sparkling eyes.

No one dared to intervene in this kind of matter, and some forces even ordered their men to send information as soon as possible to the Whitebeard Pirates if they find anything about the whereabouts of Teach, to gain their favor.

It was foolish to get on Whitebeard’s bad side, but he was the most faithful among the four emperors, and if someone manages to help in tracking Teach, he might be granted great privileges afterward.

Unlike Ron.

Few people were paying attention to Teach.

Although Ron and Teach both offended a Yonko, many people witnessed Ron’s strength in many battles. He was fearless, even when facing Big Mom, he held his ground and managed to escape unscathed. Even though his base was destroyed, he still managed to escape an all-out assault from an emperor.

But Teach’s case was different. No one knew about Teach’s real strength. He was just the man who assassinated one of Whitebeard’s captains, and no one knew what method he used. Moreover, Teach was facing the strongest force among the four emperors, the Whitebeard pirates!

It was unfair to even compare the power of the Whitebeard pirate group with the current Big Mom pirate group, they suffered immense casualties!

As time passed.

People soon learned through secret channels that the second division captain of the Whitebeard Pirates, Portgas D. Ace, personally pursued Teach, and that Teach established his own pirate group, named Blackbeard Pirates, and that Teach claimed the name of…Blackbeard!

His ambition was obvious!

At the same time, in the East Blue, a certain rubber man went out to the sea in a small boat.

Compared to the great chaos involving the two Emperors in the grand line, a small boat in the East Blue was naturally nothing, but that boat carries the fate of the world, someone related to the great hero Garp, the Revolutionary Army leader Dragon, Red-Haired Shanks, and other top figures!

Since the beginning of the great age of pirates, the four emperors were established, the sea has reached a certain balance, however, that balance was completely destroyed in that year!

The wave of chaos that has spread all over the world has begun to surge!

Marine headquarters.

“Fire Fist Ace is hunting down Blackbeard…”

Looking at the latest information, the fleet admiral Sengoku had a solemn expression on his face.

At that time, most people in the world didn’t know the real identity of Ace, the secret that the bloodline of the pirate king was not completely cut off. Fire Fist Ace was the son of Roger, the pirate king!

At that time, only the top leaders of the world government and few marine top cadres knew about that., even the admirals had no idea about this.

“If we want to catch Fire Fist Ace, this is a good opportunity. Should I go after him? Sengoku-san.”

Kizaru sat on the sofa not far away and took a sip of tea.

Although he said that he was willing to take action, he didn’t even get up, was laying there yawning.

Sengoku’s eyes flickered.

“If we catch the Fire Fist, we may witness a full-scale war with the Whitebeard pirates. The Big Mom matter has not been resolved yet. This is not the right moment to start a war against Whitebeard… Besides, Teach doesn’t seem to be a simple character. Let’s just continue to observe this matter for now.”

Sengoku quickly made a decision.

If one of the admirals was dispatched, there was indeed a chance to capture Fire Fist Ace, but this would definitely result in a full-scale war with the Whitebeard pirates. It was better to let Ace continue his chase of Blackbeard and see what is the man who dared to rebel against Whitebeard is made of!

“Kuzan couldn’t take Big Mom down yet.”

Kizaru shrugged, changed the subject, and said: “Big Mom is really difficult to track down. Also, he may not be able to stop her alone…”

Kuzan had tracked Big Mom in a certain area of the sea before and summoned Akainu to assist, but unfortunately, he was spotted in advance, and Big Mom fled before he arrived.

“Don’t worry, she is getting more irritated! Ron’s existence is really annoying Big Mom! She will definitely make a wrong move soon.”

Sengoku spoke in a deep voice, revealing a hint of pensiveness, and said: “And Ron…It seems that he is cooperating with Doflamingo.”

Ron and Doflamingo reached cooperation, which was a bit unexpected for Sengoku. Knowing Ron’s personality, he wouldn’t cooperate with Pirates.

But under the threat of Big Mom, it seems that the matter became a little complicated.

[Facing the huge threat of Big Mom, Ron was forced to cooperate with Doflamingo? After all, Ron’s base was destroyed once by Big Mom.]

“Well… he is facing Big Mom after all.”

Kizaru said in a stretched tone: “Facing that kind of monster, whoever was in Ron’s situation would start feeling nervous, making drastic decisions.”

Sengoku patted his forehead.

He had some worries.

It seemed that Ron needed Doflamingo to secure information about Big Mom’s whereabouts, so Ron was forced to cooperate with the joker, but he could do a thing about it.

He wanted to help Ron but as the fleet admiral of the marines, it was impossible for him to trade intel with him.

If Ron was still a marine officer, this matter could be easily solved. As long as he stays in the marine headquarters, he would be absolutely safe. Big Mom wouldn’t dare to attack him here. After all, she was a target of the world government and the marines, and she no more had enough forces to start a large-scale war.

But Ron was a Shichibukai.

The marines wouldn’t allow him to enter the headquarters.

Sengoku thought for a while, shook his head, and put the matter aside.

Ron’s style was actually a bit like Garp, but Garp was his comrade-in-arms. Even if he was constantly making trouble, he was a moving headache for him, but he still dealt with him. He shouldn’t have withdrawn from the marines…That what Sengoku was thinking about.

He is paying the price of his impulsive decisions and actions.

“Pay close attention to the movements of Big Mom and the Whitebeard Pirates. At the same time, make sure that someone is keeping an eye on the cooperation between Ron and Doflamingo.”

Sengoku spoke to his adjutant.

“Yes, Fleet admiral.”

The vice-admiral next to him responded and immediately conveyed the orders.

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