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P.A.S Chapter 199: It’s Time

Empty island.

Somewhere high, up in the clouds.

Ron was studying the third-level magic of the Necromancy system. He spent almost two months doing that, and finally, he reached a deeper understanding of this system.

Reaching a critical stage in the exploration of the Necromancy magic, Ron put halt to his exploration of the space magic. Still, he found some key points that will help him in exploring the higher levels of space magic afterward.



three times……

In the cloud, Ron tried again and again.

He lost count of the number of attempts, and then suddenly he heard a prompt sound in his ear.

Hearing the sound, Ron let out a sigh of relief, and there was a gleam of luster in his indifferent, mechanical eyes.


The third-level of the Necromancy Magic!

The magic runes constructed by Ron was released in an instant, and the surrounding clouds instantly transformed from a fairyland to the gate of hell.

Ron was looking around excited, surviving the changes.


There was a trace of dazedness on his face, and then his eyes flickered, showing a trace of excitement.

“Very good, very good, with this magic, even if my spiritual attribute is still far away from 500 points, the gap between me and the admirals will be greatly narrowed!”

“If this magic is deployed in the right way, at the right moment, it could be so effective even against the Four Emperors!” Ron looked excited.

That’s it!

It’s time to start!

The third-level magic of the Necromancy System did not disappoint Ron’s expectations. With this magic, the threat, the risk of his next plan was severely reduced.

Even if the sea was in chaos, even if the tide of the war against the top tier enemies has begun to surge, even if he didn’t have time to master the fifth-level magic, relying on this magic, was enough to secure a place on the top of the sea!

New world.

Somewhere in the underworld.

“Fuffuffuffuffu…These are the best weapons in the market. With that money you are offering, the one who supplies them may not be satisfied.”

“…2.5 billion Berries.”

The person sitting opposite Doflamingo was obviously a little afraid. He spoke in a deep voice, and asked his subordinates to put the box up, saying: “This is the best we can offer.”


Doflamingo let out a huh and stood up.

Involving more than two billion berries, Doffy went to finish the deal in person. It wasn’t just about the money, but the source of the weapons was Kaido! And Doffy wanted to make sure that nothing goes wrong, to avoid troubles.

The transaction was quickly concluded in an orderly manner, and Doflamingo left as the deal was made.

And just as Doflamingo left this gloomy alleyway, Trebol appeared next to him and said: “Dovi, we are in trouble…”


“The people at Big Mom found out about our collaboration with Albares…”

Trebol spoke in a deep voice.

Although the Big Mom Pirates were no longer that strong compared to the other Yonko, chased by the marines like a bereaved dog, Big Mom was still alive, and she will always remain a huge threat.

” Fuffuffuffuffu, this kind of cooperation cannot be concealed for too long, even after losing her territory and subordinates, she found out about this really fast.”

Doflamingo grinned and said: “It’s a pity, that the cooperation will end here… the cooperation with Ron was quite pleasant.”

“Dovi, you plan to…”

Trebol’s eyes flickered.

Doflamingo let go an evil laugh and said: ” Fuffuffuffuffu, yes!”

Doflamingo and Ron have been working together for nearly four months, and in that period of time, he basically dealt with all the matters he had in hand.

In other words, Ron was not of much use to him.

“Understood, I will do it now.”

Trebol said: “… Ron’s ability is really difficult to deal with, but let’s see what he is capable of, facing an ambush made by one of the Four Emperors… Behehehehe…”

Doflamingo’s plan was simple. It was to continue sending messages to Ron through cooperative channels, request his help to deal with a certain force, and at the same time pass this information to the people of Big Mom.

If Big Mom was able to kill Ron, then that’s it! Problem solved. And even if she failed, it won’t matter! Because Big Mom would have no reason to be angry with him.

As for the cooperation with Ron…

There was nothing left to gain from Ron.

Trebol immediately began to lay out a detailed plan. Without a delay, after only half a day, he had a suitable choice. After discussing with Doflamingo, he launched the plan.

On a certain ship.

Doflamingo made the last call, hung up, took a sip of red wine from the crystal glass on the table, and said:

“An unexpected visit from Big Mom this time, I don’t know if he can survive again, Fuffuffuffuffu…”

” Behehehehe, that’s hard to say. The last time he was well prepared, knowing about Big Mom attack in advance.”

Trebol spoke with snot hanging out of his flat nose.

Being prepared in advance to face the attacks of the Four Emperors, suddenly attack the Four Emperors, and being attacked by the Four Emperors who were prepared in advance… Those are three completely different situations.

“Let’s just wait for the great news.”

Doflamingo put down the wine glass, looked out the window, raised the corners of his mouth, and said: “It will take us five days to reach the next island? We should hear the news by the time we arrive.”

Time began to pass.

one day.
Two days.
Three days.

Doflamingo was not in a hurry, he waited patiently for news.

From thinking he was unworthy to notice, to trying to destroy each other, to cooperation and using, to finally backstabbing, Doflamingo has been very patient with the ups and downs all the way, with Ron.

He knew that an existence like Ron was not so easy to deal with. Even if he borrowed the power of the Four Emperors, Ron might escape again.

But he was also ready to take action.

He was ready to cooperate with Big Mom to destroy Ron!

At the time, Don Quixote and Albares had close cooperation. Albares was almost an open book for him, if he cooperates with Big Mom people, it wouldn’t take more than a few days to destroy most of Ron’s forces!

At that time, even if Ron escaped with his weird abilities, he would no more be considered a threat, and It would not be that easy for him to make a comeback.

Four days…

Five days…

The news has not been delivered yet.

But the ship has come to a temporary foothold.

“Can’t wait to hear the news…”

Doflamingo stood at the window, looking at the island ahead, with a trace of evil on his face.

In order to prevent Ron from noticing anything, he didn’t do anything against Albares except for secretly arranging and revealing information to the people of Big Mom.

Everything had to wait for Ron’s side to pass on the information before he would issue an order and start taking action to destroy Ron’s forces that in one swoop.

“We should hear something soon.”

Trebol wriggled from the side of Doflamingo towards the door, and said: “Come on, Dovi, let’s first go to the base.”

Doflamingo raised his head slightly, turned, and walked out of the cabin with Trebol.

The two left the boat and set foot on the island.


Two steps.

Three steps.

After getting off the boat, Doflamingo stopped after just walking a few steps, and the fingers of his hands in his pockets stiffened unnaturally.

Trebol next to him also stopped.

Both of them were looking forward. Not far from the front, a young man in a black and white magic robe appeared there. He appeared out of nowhere…They didn’t see from where he came from!

He was standing in front of them calmly.

The whole port seemed to be silent, without any sound.

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