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P.A.S Chapter 200: The Upcoming Changes

[Why is he here?!]

Doflamingo stared at Ron. Although the latter didn’t say a word, Doflamingo felt that there was no need to pretend. If Ron showed up here, that means he was somehow aware of the situation.

It seemed that in the end, he failed to conceal his plan from Ron. A carefully executed plan that no one beside him and Trebol knew about…Still, Ron somehow found out about it.


Doflamingo laughed and said: “You think you can beat me, Ron?!”

“Who knows?”

Ron looked at Doflamingo, spoke softly, and said: “But let me say this, I don’t like to fight someone more than two times…”

He had fought Enel once before he successfully eliminated him the second time. He had also fought Doflamingo once before, and this time should be the end of this dilemma.

Ron always felt that the most stupid thing about heroes in stories and books, that they keep failing against the same enemy again and again.

There is no shame in losing the first time.

But the second time?!… Winning is a must.

No third time!

Because, no matter who was strong and who was weak, once the number of encounters exceeds that number, the concept of strong and weak loses its value. No one would be able to accurately grasp the chance of victory.

Ron struck.

Doflamingo also did.

Trebol tried to assist Doflamingo, but he was too weak, ineffective against Ron. He was more like in the way of Doflamingo. A burden to be precise!

Ron and Doflamingo were both powerful, second only to the admirals, of course without counting the four emperors. Even if they were not at the level of the marine’s admirals, they were more than confident about their ability to retreat against any enemy.

A decisive battle broke out between the two on that island.

The battle was so intense, and Doflamingo discarded the idea of retreating long ago, it was difficult for him to retreat with Ron’s weird abilities.

Ron wouldn’t retreat either, because he was more than sure about his victory.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The earth was upside down, countless silk threads were spreading, the wind and fire swallowed the entire island for a moment, and then in no time, everything was covered in ice. The scene was so shocking! In a few seconds, the entire island, from an oven-like state, turned into a freezing hell.

The battle lasted only ten minutes, and then the winner was determined.

Ron was standing in the center of the snow-covered area. The black and white wizard’s robe had a slit in the sleeve, but there was no scar.

And at his feet, Doflamingo was lying there, many parts of his body were covered with ice, and the frozen parts showed a blue-violet color.

“Well…cough… you won… Ron…”

Doflamingo was not dead yet. He coughed violently and wanted to get up, but he no more had the strength to do so. He could only lie there and gasp violently.

“It seems that I underestimated you, Fuffuffuffuffu. The marine’s war against Big Mon was orchestrated by you… ahem, it was a bold plan, to use the ancient weapon…I give you credit for that…”

Doflamingo didn’t have the resentment and anger of the loser. Instead, he smiled hard and said: “You have won, what are you planning to do next? I have the key to lock the beast cage, no Lock, the beast will come out… Fuffuffuffuffu.”

“So, you will live a little longer.”

Ron looked at Doflamingo, and with a random wave of his right hand, sea-Stone shackles that had been prepared flew from a distance and clapped Doflamingo’s legs with a click.


Doflamingo sighed and said: “You really are not that kind of beasts that just relies on instinct. Since you won here, only a handful of people will be able to stop you on this sea.”

Doflamingo knew that no one could stop Ron’s rise.

Ron didn’t kill him but instead imprisoned him. Even Kaido wouldn’t go after him. After all, Ron could even continue to maintain the deal with him.

By imprisoning Doflamingo without killing him, it won’t take long before Ron fully controls the Don Quixote family.

Ron had no hatred towards Whitebeard and Shanks. The only remaining threat to Ron was Big Mom.

But by the time he sizes Doffy’s powers, Big Mom wouldn’t be able to reach him, and even if she thought to attack him, Ron will be fully prepared, and it will be her doom!

As for the government… Especially from the side of the marine, Ron was maintaining justice. So, as long as Ron doesn’t interfere with or hurt the Celestial Dragons, the government and the marines wouldn’t meddle with him.

The top powers of the sea either had no conflict with Ron or could not reach him, so naturally, no one could stop Ron’s rise.

As things stand, if he completely grasps the full powers of Doflamingo, people may even start considering Ron as the new Four Emperor! Replacing Charlotte Linlin!

“It’s hard to say.”

Ron waved his right hand, the ground split, and a seat was formed. He sat down and said: “No matter how we plan, how well prepared we are, we have no idea what the future is hiding for us!”

“Still, I will do my best to bring the future into my control.”

When Fire fist Ace was caught by him, he managed to escape because of an accident during the escort. He was sheltered by his ‘luck’.

Ron, wasn’t sure about his luck, and even he was that lucky, he would never let his fate to luck only, he will do his best in every detail.


After letting go of evil laughter, Doflamingo fell into a coma.

Soon after.

Someone came to the island; someone Ron had arranged long ago.

“Trebol is over there, use the purest sea-stone shackles, and take them aboard.” Ron stood up and said calmly.

Those who arrived were members of Albares.

Seeing Doflamingo lying on the ground, who was seriously injured and unconscious, seeing Trebol who was also seriously injured, barely alive not far away, everyone couldn’t help swallowing.

That was Doflamingo!

Doflamingo, who is a Shichibukai like Ron, the Don Quixote family who ruled the underworld!

Fell at Ron’s feet!

Turning their head to look at Ron again, except for his torn sleeves, he wasn’t even scratched. There was endless depth in their eyes.

[How strong is Ron now?]

Many people couldn’t judge how strong Ron was!

He participated in the great war at the Whole Cake Island, faced the Yonko, Big Mom by himself at the base, and finally, easily defeated Doflamingo.

Thinking of that, many people were short of breath. They couldn’t assess Ron’s strength…and the gap between him and the Four Emperors, but it seemed he was just standing behind them!

The young man who looked less than thirty years old managed to be one of the world’s top forces in this short period of time!

They were pirate hunters.

Their sense of belonging to Albares was not that strong.

But at that time, a strong emotion surged in many people’s hearts, as if they could see Albares, in the new world, standing as an equal to Whitebeard, Kaido, and red hair Pirate Groups…

When it comes to the four emperors, most people will be afraid. At that moment, their hearts were trembling, but it wasn’t just fear!

Four emperors!

The top power in this sea, rulers of the new world, rulers of this sea!

As a member of Albares, they may be able to reach that level one day in the future. Once such thoughts appeared, an uncontrollable excitement occupied all of their hearts.

Their view of Albares started to change! Their sense of belonging was amplified!

Ron has never deliberately restrained Albares’ members because he knew that there was no need to restrain them.

As long as he has enough strength.

As soon as they give these people hope to dominate the sea.

Then they will naturally come together.

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