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P.A.S Chapter 201: Overtaking

The news that Doflamingo was defeated by Ron did not spread.

Everyone knew that Ron and Doflamingo had a violent conflict on an island in the first half of the grand line, and the entire island was almost destroyed.

But no one knew the outcome of the battle.

The only thing they were sure about, that after this battle, Ron and Doflamingo completely disappeared!

Who won?!

Countless people were eager to know the answer to that question, a large number of spies were inquiring about the Don Quixote Family trades, and others were keeping an eye on Alnbares members, in an attempt to hear something about Ron.

But the only information they managed to get was that the Don Quixote family and the Albares guild were cooperating in peace, as before.

Not only did there was no sign of conflict between the two forces, but they were no longer concealing their cooperation.

What happened?!

Not only the major underworld forces wanted to know the answer, but even the marines and the government wanted to know the answer. The fleet admiral Sengoku even made a phone call to Ron to inquire about the situation.

Ron’s answer was simple.

‘’Everything is okay’’

“What does it mean to be okay?!”

Sengoku kept looking at the Den Den Mushi after that call, rubbed his temples, feeling a little headache.

As a marine, he naturally did not want Ron and Doflamingo to cooperate. Ron was a righteous existence, but it wasn’t the case for Doflamingo, the crimes committed by him over the years, were simply outrageous.

But as the head of the marines, he didn’t have the power to restrict Ron.

But also, a conflict between the two strongest forces, among the Shichibukai, would greatly affect the balance of the sea, which was already on the verge of chaos.

The perfect relation between the Shichibukai, in the eyes of the government and marines, was to work independently without interfering in each other work. Neutral relations, no conflicts, no cooperation.

The most surprising event was that Ron and Doflamingo’s cooperation became deeper after the great war. They seemed at the edge at that war, both keeping an eye on each other! But then…they were cooperating!

What’s going on?!

“What do you think, Tsuru? They fought, and since they couldn’t settle the matter… they decided to continue to cooperate?!” Sengoku turned to look at the Great Staff Officer who was sitting not far away.

Tsuru sat there, thinking for a while, and said: “They are both smart, so it is possible. But I think…it’s not that simple.”

“what do you mean…”

Sengoku frowned slightly.

She said slowly: “Perhaps, Doflamingo lost the battle.”

“If Doflamingo won, Ron wouldn’t be alive, and without delay, he would take over the Albares Guild.”

Sengoku’s eyes flickered, and said: “There is such a possibility, but… did Ron reach that level of power?”

Tsuru glanced at Sengoku and said: “That young man is full of surprises…You read the report of the great war…he is a rising force. Also, we’ve seen a lot of people impulsive like Ron, Roger before… Fire fist Ace now…I am no more certain about what Ron upheld in his heart. It is not necessarily justice.”

Sengoku nodded.

Everything became more complicated and confusing. If Ron really defeated Doflamingo and he was secretly manipulating the Don Quixote family, then Ron was far from being impulsive. He let go of his marine status easily…and went after the Shichibukai…Everything became confusing!

That is to say, Ron’s true purpose was still unknown.


Sengoku felt dizzy from all the overthinking…

Since he became the fleet admiral, the world was stable, but in the past two years, it has been troublesome. First, Ron killed two of the Shichibukai, then the government ordered the encirclement and suppression of the Big Mom Pirates, and then the Whitebeard Pirates’ accident, and the appearance of the new force, the Blackbeard Pirates.

And that time, Ron’s purpose became unclear, perhaps he is as dangerous as Blackbeard…

“It’s getting messy.”

Sengoku covered his forehead and took a deep breath.

He had a premonition that the chaos would not subside, but things will get even more intense, and eventually, huge waves of chaos will sweep the whole sea!

Even the marines were in danger of perishing in this chaos.

Sengoku ordered all the troops to enter a state of alert. No time for relaxation! Every top force on the sea must be closely watched!


In the palace.

Ron was sitting on a chair, holding a peculiar devil fruit in his hand.

“So this is the artificial devil fruit…”

He stared at the artificial devil fruit in his hand and groaned for a while, shook his head, threw the devil fruit on the table, and said: “It’s really useless.”

The artificial devil fruit did not contain any special energy. It was just a biological transformation, at the genetic level, and Ron could not swallow it to enhance his mental power.

Ron didn’t care that much about the matter.

Because since the beginning, he was kind of sure that man-made devil fruits wouldn’t be of great use for him. Otherwise, he would be able to gain thousands of spiritual attributes instantly…

After imprisoning Doflamingo, Ron took him to Dressrosa in secret and lured the other top officials to come.

At that time, except for Vergo, the other three elite officers were wiped out by Ron, and Doflamingo was imprisoned in the depths of the palace.

But still, he made sure that the spies of the major forces see Doflamingo in charge…

Of course, he wouldn’t let Doffy free.

Instead, he used Mr. 2 handy ability.

Mr2’s fruit ability was quite useful at certain times. Although his acting skills were average, it was more than enough to give a few orders, maintaining the existence of Doffy.

In fact, with Mr. 2 ability, Ron had no more use of Doffy and he could kill him anytime, but Ron kept him alive as a trump card, which was to absorb Dresrosa’s hatred.

Ron didn’t intend to keep Dressrosa as it was.

Sooner or later, he will set the human beings, turned into toys by Sugar, free.

Although Robin could handle most of the affairs, she was responsible for both Don Quixote and Albares. The burden was too heavy, and she was barely sleeping two or three hours per day.

Governing a country was too troublesome. It was best to make King Riku handle that part. Ron was going to use Doflamingo to create a wave of hatred and then execute him, and then make Albares replace the Don Quixote, building a new base for the guild.

Of course.

If the toys were to be restored, the disturbance would be great. So, it was best to wait until he completely sizes Don Quixote’s powers.

It wouldn’t take long. As things stood, one to two weeks should be enough to finally merge the forces.

After imprisoning Doflamingo and becoming the actual controller of the Don Quixote family, Ron couldn’t help but sigh at the huge network of the Don Quixote family.

The resources he could mobilize were more than ten times he had before!

The achievement of the “Money is supreme” of the money department was directly achieved. At that time, there was only one last ultimate achievement remaining of the money department, which was the “Billionaire”, with the condition of collecting 100 billion Berries.

The total assets of the Don Quixote family were difficult to calculate. However, as an estimation, based on what could be calculated, it was around 40 billion berries.

Ron was not in a hurry.

Tesoro has become his follow-up target. When it is the right moment, he would find a chance to deal with Tesoro and size his wealth. We are not talking about hundreds of billions here! Trillions of berries or more! That guy’s wealth cannot be counted.

After accomplishing the “Money is supreme” achievement, Ron got 3 achievement points, and the total achievement points reached 140 points.

The 3-points were nothing compared to the feast Ron found in the palace!

There were three devil fruits in the Don Quixote family’s inventory!

One of them was a Zoan devil fruit that was to be traded with Kaido, and the other two were intended to be rewarded to his subordinates’. Ron naturally swallowed them all without saying a word.

A full 15 points of spiritual attribute enhancement!

His spiritual attributes directly reached 301 points!

Among them, 140 points were derived from achievement points, 50 points from magic marks, 49 points from training, 45 points from devil fruits, and 17 points from spiritual resonance.

Reaching the 300-spiritual-attribute barrier, there was a small transformation, which improved Ron’s abilities in all aspects, especially his control of the Necromancy magic.

Originally, he could barely control the third-level magic, but with that improvement, he became much more comfortable using it.

“At this rate, it won’t take long before I truly become equal to the Four Emperors…”

“With the Don Quixote family as the foundation, magic equipment, and magic systems, we can rule a small area, our own territory!”

Ron smiled softly.

The moment when the world trembles from the existence of magic was not far away.

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