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P.A.S Chapter 202: King Riku

A week later.

The forces of the Don Quixote family were almost under the control of Ron and Robin. Almost seventy percent of the forces followed Ron without a problem, however, the rest was so loyal to Doffy and refused to submit.

Ron didn’t care about this fraction of people. It was enough to swallow 70% of the forces, and even 50% would be more than acceptable for him.

The Royal Palace of Dressrosa.

“Well, that’s what happened…”

Ron stood in the middle of the hall, looking at King Riku, Rebecca, one-legged soldier Kyros, Viola, and the kings’ advisors standing in front of him.

After listening to Ron’s words, King Riku, Rebecca, and the others had an unbelievable look on their faces. They couldn’t believe that the black cloud that was pressing on top of their heads disappeared for good, in silence.

“Is this real? You took Doflamingo down?!”

Kyros the one-legged soldier shouted, trembling slightly.

Compared to King Riku and Rebecca, he was the most aware of all the evil deeds committed by Doflamingo. He knew that Doflamingo was the man behind all the chaos that happened many years ago and he was the one who pushed King Riku down. Countless good people were transformed into toys during these years.

He has been planning, accumulating strength, and wanting to avenge Doflamingo, but even after so many years, his gathered forces were still very small.

After all, he was just a toy, and everyone forgot about his existence.

And at that time.

Suddenly hearing that Doflamingo was easily defeated, imprisoned by Ron, Kyros’ first reaction was to be extremely shocked, and he even felt that this was another conspiracy.

“He is kept there.”

Ron pointed to the depths of the palace.

Kyros was a little afraid that this was another scheme orchestrated by Doffy, but he wouldn’t need such a plot to deal with the powerless King Riku and Rebecca! It was just a matter of one order, and everything would be taken care of.

Without delay, Kyros slowly jumped into the depths of the palace, where he found a sea stone cage, and Doflamingo was imprisoned.

it was true!

Kyros would never mistake Doflamingo! Doflamingo’s breath was something he would never forget.

“I am aware of the general situation of Dressrosa, that’s why I asked to meet you, the legitimate rulers…”

Ron said to king Riku: “By the way, there is still one thing that you probably don’t know. All the toys in this country are made by a devil fruit user named Sugar, and most of the toys are originally human.”

“When a human is turned into a toy, he will be forgotten, and all the memories related to him will disappear.”

Hearing Ron’s words, both Rebecca and King Riku were visibly shocked.

Rebecca subconsciously looked at Kyros in the distance.

At that moment, Kyros who gradually recovered from the shock jumped back and fell in front of Rebecca, saying: “What he said is right, I was also a human…”

Kyros hesitated for a while, whether he should tell that he was Rebecca’s father.

Ron smiled and looked at Rebecca and said: “Don’t you think it is weird, Rebecca? Why you only had a mother and no father?!”

“Huh? It was a little strange…”

Rebecca spoke slightly suspiciously.

Because of the ability Sugar, she forgot everything about her father Kyros, and as time passed, she got used to the fact that she had no father.

King Riku and Viola also looked at Ron.

Ron said: “Aren’t you sure about Rebecca’s father?!… If I’m not mistaken, he should be the one standing next to you.”


King Riku, Viola, and Rebecca looked at Kyros in shock.

If Kyros was Rebecca’s father, then he was also King Riku’s son-in-law, Viola’s brother-in-law… They didn’t have any memory of such a close person!

“It’s true… but now I am just a toy. As long as Sugar’s ability is activated…I will remain in this form… However, if Sugar was taken care of, the toy will be restored to human beings, and your lost memories will naturally come back. “

Kyros did not show any excitement, well, he could not show it in the form of a toy, he just narrated in a deep voice.

King Riku, Rebecca, and others were naturally standing there stupefied. By just remembering what Kyros did in the last years for Rebecca and the family, even if he was not Rebecca’s father, he should be a very close person.

“Lord Ron…”

King Riku looked at Ron.

Since the beginning, since Ron showed up, King Riku was sure that something big happened, after all, he was the Shichibukai that all the news was talking about!

Because of that, when Ron stated that he took Doflamingo down, his heart trembled violently, because he knew that it might be true!

“Hum, so here is my point.”

Ron looked at King Riku and the others and said: “It’s easy to take care of Sugar, but in this way, all toys will change into humans at once. You should be able to imagine what kind of chaos this country will fall into once such things happens…”

“Doflamingo, as the object of everyone’s revenge, he will definitely be killed. At that time, this country will need a king. I hope that King Riku will take that responsibility and quell the chaos.”

As soon as this sentence came out, everyone looked at Ron.

Ron defeated Doflamingo, and it was actually a simple matter for him to control the country, but he wanted to return the throne to King Riku!

Defeating Doflamingo, who ruled the country tyrannically the last years, was already a great kindness to them, and here he was returning this country to King Riku, such kindness could hardly be expressed in words.

“Lord Ron…I don’t know how to repay such kindness…”

Kyros could not remain calm, and there was a slight tremor in his voice.

Ron shook his head and said with a smile: “Don’t worry about it, Doflamingo was my enemy, and I had to deal with him, and now I need to take care of the consequences of my actions. This country is a living hell…So, let’s discuss the solutions.”

Under Ron’s guidance, King Riku, Cyrus and others spent about half a day sorting out the country’s problems.

Early the next morning.

Ron called Sugar in and knocked her out.

In a moment, all of Dressrosa’s toys changed back to their normal form, and the whole country was immediately plunged into huge chaos.

These toys were scouts of the revolutionary army, marines, pirates, and citizens, so chaos was inevitable!

At the same time as the chaos broke out, Ron and King Riku, who were already prepared, immediately mobilized their troops to maintain order and suppress chaos.

Most of the Don Quixote family didn’t know what happened, and all started fighting, suppressing the chaos in the streets, and reporting urgently to their superiors.

When the toys changed into human form and many people regained their memory, in less than a moment, everyone remembered Doflamingo’s actions…and what actually happened in that country.

And in the anger of countless people.

Doflamingo’s figure fell from the palace, smashed all the way to the street in the center of Dressrosa, and was suddenly hit by a wind sickle!

In full view, Ron was seen flying from the palace, holding a wand and pointing it down towards Doffy’s position.


Doflamingo was wiped out!

“Young Master!”

Some cadres of the Don Quixote family uttered in horror.

Ron stood in the sky, looking across the chaotic streets, and said: “I am Ron, the Shichibukai! Doflamingo is dead! All the Donquixote Pirates stop fighting, or you will be all executed at once!”

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