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P.A.S Chapter 203: recognition

With Ron’s appearance, instantly, the chaos of Dressrosa ceased.

Many members of the Don Quixote family who were stubbornly defiant were killed by Ron using his magic, and the remaining ones threw up their weapons and surrendered.

The highest cadres were wiped out.

Doflamingo was also dead.

Facing Ron, the Shichibukai, almost everyone lost their intent to fight.

After about half a day, the chaos in Dressrosa came to an end, and King Riku was recognized as the king by the people again. As for Ron, he was considered the nation’s hero after saving the country.

When the chaos subsided, Ron left.

Together with Robin, he quickly controlled the waves caused by Doflamingo’s death and the various forces under the Don Quixote family.

Because of nearly half a month’s preparation, even though there were some unexpected accidents, nearly 60% of the forces still chose to surrender and join Ron.

There were a lot of forces that survived so far by relying only on the Doflamingo’s protection. They all were so wealthy, and when they found out about Doffy’s death, they had no choice but to rely on another Shichibukai, Ron. Otherwise, the government and the marines would annihilate them without delay.

The news began to spread out.

From Dressrosa to the new world, to the entire grand line.

The chaos evolved into a storm that swept the world!

Compared with the Big Mom pirates, Doflamingo’s influence was far less than Big Mom’s, but his transactions were all over the dark underworld.

The demise of the Big Mom pirates didn’t affect the underworld that much, but the demise of Doflamingo surely will have a greater impact!

It didn’t take long.

The news of Doflamingo’s demise began to spread, published in the major newspapers.

Countless people were shocked!

Shocked by the dark story of Dressrosa, shocked by Ron, the Shichibukai, whose base was destroyed by one of the Four Emperors not long ago, killing Doflamingo!

In the past two years, almost all the major events that have occurred on the sea had some connection with Ron!

The death of the captain of the Thriller Bark Pirates and the former member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, Gecko Moria!

The death of the former president of the mysterious crime syndicate Baroque Works, and the former member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, “Desert King” Sir Crocodile!

The collapse of the Big Mom Pirates, the extremely infamous and powerful pirate crew led by the Emperor Charlotte Linlin!

The death of the captain of the Donquixote Pirates and a member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, “Heavenly Yaksha” Donquixote Doflamingo!

Three members of the Shichibukai met their end at the hands of Ron so far. Also, he played an extremely critical role in the battle to destroy the Big Mom Pirates.

“The Mage… it’s him again…”

“This is the third Shichibukai he has killed.”

“What a terrifying guy, even one of the Four Emperors couldn’t take him down…”

Compared to civilians, the high-level underground forces were more terrified of Ron’s existence.

The threats of one of the Four Emperors weren’t enough to stop him.

And now, he killed Doflamingo, and in no time, he will swallow the power of the Don Quixote family!

With the combination of Albares and the Don Quixote family, the forces under Ron’s command will expand instantly, not to mention his own strength…Even if he did not reach the level of the Four Emperors, he will definitely be the most powerful force under the emperors!


Ron will soon replace Big Mom and become the new emperor!

An island somewhere.

“It seems that the joker lost his life…”

Kaido held the latest newspaper in his hand, grunted, and said: “Forget it! it’s only because he was too weak.”

Contrary to what Doflamingo expected, Kaido did not show any sign of hatred towards Ron, nor did he intend to do something against him.

The reason was very simple. Ron took control over Caesar Clown’s factory and the whole process of producing the artificial devil fruits many days ago, and send the required batch of artificial devil fruit to Kaido in time.

As far as he is concerned, as long as Ron provides him the needed Devil Fruits, Kaido won’t care with whom was the supplier.

The Moby Dick.

“Doflamingo was killed too, terrifying fellow-yoi!”

Captain Marco of the First Division took a newspaper from the News Coo. After taking a look, he couldn’t help but say: “It’s already the third Shichibukai who died in his hands, and our sources say that he was the most effective during the government’s great war against Big Mom Pirates…”

Vista, the captain of the fifth division, said with a deep voice: ” I can’t say for sure if this guy’s objective is really to eliminate the pirates, or he is just using this to hide his true intentions and develop his own forces. No matter what, this guy will be a great threat in the future.”

“It’s true…but it’s too early for him to be considered as a threat to us.”

Marco smiled…

After eliminating Doflamingo, Ron’s strength and influence have indeed taken a big step forward. He indeed became the strongest power under the Four Emperors, but there was still a big gap between him and the Four Emperors.

By the time Ron becomes able to fight a four emperor face-to-face as an equal, become able to launch a full-scale war with one of the emperors, he will truly become one of the emperors, the ones who rule the new world!

Vista suddenly sighed and said: “Putting this aside. Damn that insidious bastard… I’m really worried about Ace following Teach.”

“That bastard Teach will pay the price sooner or later!”

Marco’s expression also became cold, and said: “That guy started calling himself Blackbeard, clearly announcing his desire to replace father…”

“He’s delusional.”

Diamond Jozu, the captain of the third division, came over and said coldly: “When I meet him again, I will smash his head with my own fists.”

The atmosphere became a little depressing for a while.

At that moment, someone suddenly ran over and said: “Captain Marco, a small boat is approaching us!”


Marco turned his head.

This was the Moby Dick, the main ship of the Whitebeard Pirates, and a small boat dared to approach it. It was obviously not just a passing boat.

“That boat has the flag of the Red Hair Pirates!”

As soon as this sentence came out, Diamond Jozu, Vista, and the others face stiffened.

Somewhere on a snowy island.

The Red Hair Pirates were having a banquet.

“Boss, something went wrong, Doflamingo was killed.”

A pirate ran over in a panic with a newspaper and handed the newspaper to Shanks sitting in the middle.

Shanks showed a look of surprise, and said: “Doflamingo was killed?”

He opened the newspaper, took a look, frowned, and said: “The magician Ron…It’s him again, he even killed Doflamingo…”

“It won’t be long before this guy becomes a threat.”

Beckman sat next to him, took a cigarette, and said slowly.

Shanks carefully saw the end of the newspaper, pondered for a while, shook his head, and threw it away, saying: “He is indeed dangerous, but now the real trouble is not him… The letter should have been delivered, but Whitebeard probably wouldn’t read it.”

Beckman flicked the soot and said: “You’re going there in person?”


Shanks nodded and said: “If Fire Fist Ace and Blackbeard meet, the world will be turned upside down. Although it is inevitable, we should try our best…”

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