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P.A.S Chapter 205: Rebellions

With the completion of the new base, a banquet was naturally the most suitable for the celebration.

The banquet was held in the lobby of the new base.

All the senior leaders of the Albares Guild were present, including Zoro, who was holding his three swords in the corner, enjoying his Sake.

King Riku, Rebecca, and some nobles from Dressrosa were also invited.

Even the dwarves, who were nothing but a legend in the past, were present. The princess of the little human race, Mansherry also participated in the banquet, sitting on a special small chair specially prepared for her.

What surprised Ron was that the spiritual attributes of the princess, she had more than 50 points!

It was another alternative… No, it seemed even more suitable than Sugar. (T/N: @BobTheLost it seems that Sugar won’t join the guild after all)

Ron tilted his head.

Mansherry was naturally very grateful to Ron who rescued her and defeated Doflamingo, and with her kind and sympathetic nature, she was unlikely to resist magic.

If she masters magic, she may be able to combine her devil fruit ability to develop healing magic that belongs to her alone.

“Um… I have nothing to lose, I will give it a try after the banquet.”

Ron noticed that Mansherry looked over, smiled at her, and took a sip of red wine.

On the central table, King Riku, Rebecca and the other royal families were seated, as well as the high-level cadres of Albares such as Nami and Robin, but the most remarkable one was undoubtedly Mansherry, after all, she was so cute with her wavy blonde hair tied up in two buns.

“Thank you, Ron, for saving this country…”

King Riku looked at Mansherry frequently with sparkling eyes, but as a king, he kept his composer and spoke to Ron with gratitude in his tone.

In the last couple of days, he has managed to deal with most of the many problems left by Doflamingo. He was more grateful to Ron for saving the country, especially after discovering how deep his kingdom has fallen into darkness under Doflamingo’s ruling. He didn’t even know that Doflamingo turned people into toys, using them as slaves…working day and night.

Ron smiled and calmly had a drink with King Riku.

Rebecca next to him also raised a goblet and poured a little red wine. As the princess of Dresrosa, she also raised a glass to Ron on behalf of her people.

However, it seemed that she couldn’t hold her liquor. With just a small sip, her face turned pink and started feeling funny.

She didn’t know the change on her face, but she noticed that Ron was looking at her, slightly smiling. She couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed.

Ron was indeed laughing. The princess, Rebecca, had something lovely about her.

“Your majesty King Riku, um… Even though I took Doflamingo down and rebuilt the guild base with your assistance, Doflamingo was not the only enemy am facing. Although the base was built in Green bit, any threat directed toward our base will also threaten Dressrosa.”

King Riku’s eyes were slightly more solemn.

He was aware of Ron’s status and past achievements, knowing that Ron had participated in the war that destroyed the Big Mom Pirates, and he had been targeted by Big Mom since that.

“Dressrosa is an ally of the world government. I think you can solve ordinary threats, Mr. Ron, but in case of serious threat… the government will not sit idly by this country.”

King Riku thought for a while and spoke.

It was true that the country was taken away by Doflamingo before. However, he was a Shichibukai, thus the world government turned a blind eye to his actions. It wasn’t just that, the thing was that Doflamingo used conspiracy and tricks to win the trust of the people, so in the eyes of many who didn’t know the dark side of the country, Doffy was considered as the country savior.

Otherwise, no one would obey him unless he brutally suppressed them, and in that case, the government would not ignore such behavior even if he was a Shichibukai.

The world government takes such matters seriously that in the past, it even dispatched admirals to suppress chaos and return kingdoms, under her jurisdiction, to their legitimate rulers.

Just like Alabasta.

Crocodile had the strength to easily suppress the entire country, but he had no choice but to use conspiracies to promote himself as the country’s hero, belittle the King Cobra, slowly gain the trust of the people until he seizes the throne.

No matter who is the enemy, once the country is really threatened, the government will definitely take action. It would never sit back, watch the destruction of countries like Dressrosa. Well, of course, it wasn’t just because of their great sense of justice, but also for the wealth and the annual payment offered by such countries to the Celestial Dragons.

“Well, I wouldn’t argue with that.”

Ron smiled and said.

King Riku smiled back and said: “In any case, this kingdom will never forget your kindness. We will face any enemy together!”

King Riku raised his glass and said in a confident tone.

At that moment, a Den Den Mushi rang. Robin nodded slightly at the crowd at the banquet and walked to the back.

Ron’s mental power came out, and after hearing Robin’s conversation, he also stood up, left the noisy hall, and came to the back.

“There have been some rebellions, took control over two places…”

Robin quickly hung up the Den Den Mushi and spoke to Ron.

Ron nodded and thought: “Don’t worry about them. There will always be people like that, unwilling to cooperate. What about the other forces?”

Among the nearly 70% surviving forces of the Don Quixote, most of them agreed to join Albares, but there were few of them uncertain.

“These days I have been in constant contact. Everything is going as we planned, and in case some of them tried to cause chaos. The guild pirate hunters, arranged in advance, will take care of them.”

Robin said: “Everything is under control so far.”

Many people under the Don Quixote family were pirates who had bounties. So, the guild pirate hunters were more than happy to take care of those who were unwilling to obey.

Ron nodded and said: “That’s good. When the situation becomes more stable, we will gradually complete the merger.”

“Another thing…The acquisition of the devil fruits should continue, but gradually decrease the number of transactions.”

When Robin heard Ron’s words, she couldn’t help but ponder for a while, then said: “Maintaining the underworld’s transactions is the foundation of the Don Quixote family. If these transactions were to be reduced, what Dofflamingo has built-in years may collapse in no time… We can’t keep the family influence with just the pirate hunters.”

Ron smiled and said with a deep gaze: “Don’t you think it’s almost time to show the world the magic weapons?”

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