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P.A.S Chapter 206: magic weapons

Nami and others have been studying the eternal runes of the Guardian system, and several changes were made to the magic weapons.

The original magic weapon was like a reduced-size version of the wizard tower, and the magic released was fixed, including its power.

Afterward, Ron, Nami, and others had many discussions and started studying the possible upgrades to enhance the magic weapons, and finally, they found a way to overcome the fixed released magic’s power.

In fact, this kind of magic weapon with variable power could be regarded as a simple version of the magic mark.

The magic weapon was no more used as magic power storage but as a relay device. Simply put, it didn’t matter whether the user has a magic mark or not, he can use this kind of magic weapon to release most of his mental power, so the power varies from person to person.

It was just a crude version. So, compared with the real magic mark, it has many flaws. First, no matter how great the spiritual power it carries and transforms, the magic mark will never collapse, however, the magic weapons have a conversion limit.

Second, the magic weapons are just runes inscribed on material, so, it is not a purely spiritual product like a magic mark. Therefore, using this magic weapon, you can’t only use a specified magic, the one that comes with magic weapons, contrary to the magic mark, where you can control all types of runes.

Well, Ron didn’t consider them as defects…he could create magical equipment that completely liberates the user’s mental power and has no upper limit, but he chose not to make this kind of weapons.

Just imagine an existence like Big Mom liberating her mental power all at once, it is almost unimaginable, might even surpass the ancient weapons level, strength capable of destroying the world, becoming the strongest existence among the Four Emperors, even stronger than prime Whitebeard.

That would be extremely scary.

Ron, Nami, and the others have currently produced two grades of the magic weapons with variable power.

The upper limit of tolerance of the first grade was 100 mental attributes.

The first-grade weapons are suitable for users with a mental attribute of less than 100 points, and in case of surpassing its limit, it wouldn’t take a long time before the weapon completely collapse.

As for the second-grade, the tolerance was fixed at 200 mental attributes.

The first-grade weapons were made of Sea stones with average purity, as for the second-grade, they were made by the purest Sea stones, with a purity close to one hundred…

“The two grades are almost enough. Even if we made the third-grade ones, only a handful of people will be able to use it, and it will cause some troubles.”

Ron thought in his heart.

He has tested the power of both weapons.

The first-grade magic weapon, if its power is exerted to the limit, should be able effective to use in areas like East Blue. A pirate, relying on this weapon solely, would have a bounty of tens of millions of Berries.

As for the second grade… if used properly, it should provide its user with firepower comparable to that of the vice-admirals!

It was extremely powerful.

Although its power was nothing compared to the strength of the people standing at the peak of this world, the marine vice-admirals, and pirates with a bounty of more than 100 million berries’ strength could be enhanced drastically thanks to these weapons.

A vice-admiral with enough spiritual attributes could easily exert power comparable to that of the marine admirals!

“The magic weapons…It might be the right moment to release them. Which ones do you plan to use, President?” Robin tilted her head.

“Release the new ones.”

Ron had already decided.

The upgraded magic weapons are way better and efficient than the ones with the fixed power release, and it might be obvious that they would be the better choice, and that Ron and the others should just focus on the new models and completely discard the older model, but as Ron see it, the two types of weapons had two completely different purposes.

Once the weapon with a fixed power is available and mass-produced, the impact will be too great, because it has few requirements for its users.

For the world government, such weapon can completely replace the basic firearms, and after the replacement, the overall strength of its army will be explosively improved, providing enough power to take on the Four Emperors and the Revolutionary Army.

As for the new models, the users might require some training before they get the hang of them, and be able to release their full potential.

Robin nodded and said: “What’s the plan?”

“First, we start with our people, the Albares members. we will distribute these magic weapons to those with enough spiritual powers.”

Ron had already thought about it, and said: “As for those who accepted to join us from the Donquixote family, those who joined us the first should be reward first, then gradually will provide the others as things gradually settle down and become stable.”


Robin nodded, then thought of something and chuckled: “Speaking of which, among those who are willing to surrender from the Don Quixote family, it seems that some of them are leaking information.”


Hearing Robin’s words, Ron thought for a while, and said: “There is no need to get rid of these people, we can use them to our advantage, conveying the messages we want the public to hear! But we must be cautious, important secrets cannot be revealed…”

Robin smiled and said: “Understood, I will make sure of that.”

Ron nodded.

Robin seemed a bit excited, she was very skilled in handling such things.

“By the way, there is one more thing. Another group seems to be planning something secretly… Do you want me to deal with them?”

Robin also has become a magician with the ability to release her spiritual power at will. She had the wisdom and power to take care of such matters, but she thought it would be better to leave such decisions to Ron.

“Secretly conspiring… Even after his demise, they are still loyal to Doflamingo.”

Ron couldn’t help but shook his head as he laughed. After all, Doflamingo was a domineering existence, and a lot of his subordinates regarded him as a god, which explains that some of them were still loyal to him.

He thought for a while and said: “Leave them alone, just protect Rebecca and King Riku, and wait for them to make their move. We will take care of them when the time comes…”


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