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P.A.S Chapter 207: Magic Factory

The banquet lasted until the evening.

After seeing King Riku, Rebecca, and the others off, Ron went to the depths of the guild’s basement level and discussed the issue of magic weapons with Nami, Robin, and Golden Week.

Although Ron spent most of his time exploring high-level magic, his contribution to the development of the magic weapons wasn’t less than that of Nami and the others.

After all, Ron was at another level, even if he only allocated 10% of his energy and time for the research of magic weapons, he would make the same advancement that Nami and the others would do with their full time.

The focus of the discussion was the diversity of magic weapons.

The two grades of magic weapons should be almost enough for the moment, as only a few guild members would be able to use a third-grade magic weapon, and also it would be a disaster if such a weapon falls in the wrong hands, uncontrollable situations would occur.

In order to manufacture the third-grade magic weapon, some countermeasures must be taken first, and also the construction of these weapons itself was difficult, so Ron decided to leave this matter for later.

Magic weapons must be diverse.

Some people like to use swords, some others would prefer hammers, and some others are fun of artillery. People have various habits.

For instance, Zoro would never switch from swords to hammers even if they were magic and would enhance his powers greatly. (E/N: I disagree… )

(E/N: just a picture I saw days ago! nothing serious!)

Before magic becomes the mainstream of the world, it would be better to move with the flow and produce weapons that fit in with the current power system. It is necessary to introduce the concept of magic gradually, step by step until it becomes the first source of power.

“In fact, I think the core of this magic weapon is like a conversion device. How about using pure energy to change the appearance of the weapon?”

“That will consume too much mental power…Although holding the magic core, we could shape it into a lightsaber with mental power, but the consumption is too large, and ordinary people can’t afford it. “

“So, we still have to use rune inscriptions to create a suitable weapon shape. But, in that case, it won’t work for devil fruit users. Also, its price is too high…”

Nami held a piece of seastone in her hand and gestured: “The sea stones used for these weapons are worth hundreds of thousands of Berries, and the stones used for the second-grade weapons are even more expensive since the High-purity sea stone are more valuable. It is difficult for ordinary people to afford it.”

“Well, reducing costs is also an issue.”

Ron nodded and said: “When I was researching materials, there was a special metal that could also be used to make weapons. The value of that metal shouldn’t be that high. We can use it as a secondary material, to cover the core made with the sea stone. That should solve the problem.”

“As for the second-grade weapons, we use the highest-purity sea stone, but for the time being, we don’t need to make too much… this grade itself is not for ordinary people. People who have not yet practiced spiritual power.”

Hearing Ron’s words, Nami nodded.

After some discussion, they finally sorted out a plan.

Albares Guild.

Somewhere in the branch.

A pirate hunter walked in carelessly, came to the counter, and said: “A beer with ice!”

“You are back, Pedro.”

The middle-aged man behind the counter laughed, and immediately poured a cold beer for the pirate hunter, and said: “How was it this time? Everything alright?”

“Huh, don’t remind me of that…That group of pirates, I don’t know how they got alerted in advance. They all slipped away. I didn’t catch any of them. It was just a waste of time.”

Pedro took the beer and puffed up abruptly, half a glass of beer, his face showed a trace of satisfaction, and said: “Any news about a new commission?”

Since they conquered Dressrosa, the Albares Guild has gradually changed its direction. Although the main mission was to focus on hunting and killing pirates, they began to undertake various commissions.

For example, accepting employment from a certain country to clean up the underground forces that have broken into that country, etc. The rewards for this type of commission were also extremely generous, which made the pirate hunters prefer these commissions rather than hunting pirates.

But unfortunately, there were more wolves and less meat. The commissions were taken instantly as soon as they appear.

However, with the high success rate, in addition to Ron’s reputation, the king of the Shichibukai, more and more requests were received, making Albares a monopole.

“Sorry, nothing for today…”

The middle-aged man behind the counter smiled and suddenly said: “But a new type of weapon was developed. Do you want to try it?”

“Weapons? What weapons?”

Pedro tilted his head.

The middle-aged man showed a mysterious look at him, then took out a patterned pistol and threw it towards him.

Pedro stretched out his hand to catch it, weighed it, and said: “Well, it’s quite heavy, is it made of pure metal…Huh, there is no magazine?”

He turned the pistol over and looked at it, and suddenly his face’s expression changed as he noticed something.

The middle-aged man smiled and said: “It is a special gun, without bullets… but only a few people can use it. Let’s see if you can do it…”

With that said, the middle-aged man told Pedro how to use it.

Listening to the man’s instructions, Pedro couldn’t help but roll his eyes, calming his mind, trying to imagine releasing attacks, but he was a bit confused, fearing that the bartender was just teasing him.

But thinking about all kinds of strange abilities in this world, maybe it was really a special weapon. So, he discarded the idea and focused as the middle-aged man instructed him.


The pistol in his hand suddenly lit up with crimson light, the runes on it flashed in an instant, and a red pike shot out from the muzzle of the black hole.

Pedro was startled, and the muzzle quickly shifted upward.


The crimson pike directly hit a corner of the ceiling, and instantly blasted through the first and second floors of the tavern, turning them into crimson flames.

Pedro was stunned.

“This…this is a pistol? Are you sure this is not a cannon?!”

The middle-aged man squinted his eyes and looked at the hole on the ceiling, and said: “Wow. I didn’t expect you to be able to use it. You are very talented, Pedro, I give you that but you have to pay for the damage.”

When Pedro heard this, his face suddenly became dark.

As a group of people went to extinguish the fire, the middle-aged man handed a cigarette to Pedro and said: “This gun is even more powerful than that. One of the cadres once used it to demonstrate its power, and the shot shattered a huge rock to pieces…Well, fortunately, you didn’t use all your power, otherwise, you would have to spend thousands of Berries for repairs, hahaha.”

Pedro fell in love with the gun after the first use… and was eager to fire it a second time but watching the damage he made the first time, he forcibly endured it.

He looked at the middle-aged man expectantly, and said: “What is the price of this gun?”

The middle-aged man took a mouthful of cigarettes, puffed smoke, and said: “One million berries.”

“One million? Heck no!”

Pedro’s eyes widened.

The middle-aged man gave a hey and said: “You think it’s not worth a million Berries? Even after witnessing its power? Let me tell you something, this is not even the public price, this is just for the members of the guild. The cadre said that the actual value of this weapon is way more than a million! Do you want it or not?”


Pedro’s face changed for a while. He sat down on the stool next to him and said: ” I’m short of money… I don’t think I can afford it.”

The middle-aged man smiled and said: “I am already aware of that. Don’t worry. You can pay 30% first, and the rest will be deducted from your future missions.”

Hearing this, Pedro pondered for a while, but thinking of the power of the shot he just fired, he gritted his teeth and said: “Okay! I’ll take it!”

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