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P.A.S Chapter 208: A single spark can start a prairie fire

Similar cases to Pedro were happening everywhere.

The first batch of magic weapons made its way into the world. A total of fifty pieces, with various forms such as swords, guns, and spears, were all first grade, not the second grade.

Of these fifty magic weapons, a total of forty-six were bought in the last three days, and only four were remaining. There wasn’t a problem with the shape of the remaining weapons, but there were not many people who could easily use magic weapons

Forty-six magic weapons, like drops of water, dripped into the calm lake, and soon rippled and spread in all directions.

After a short period of time, it exploded like a nuclear bomb inside Albares!


Flexible usage!

The many pirate hunters in the Albares guild, since they obtained the magic weapons, their strength was almost doubled! The other members were getting jealous! Eager to earn a similar strength!

In the previous years, Pedro was barely managing to hunt pirates with a bounty of three to five million berries, but with his new magic pistol, he killed a pirate captain with a reward of over ten million with a single shot!

It was extremely sensational.

An extremely effective strength boost in no time… The pirate hunters were so hyped about it! Acquire tremendous power without the need of fatiguing hours of practice, without a single drop of sweat! It was like a dream coming true for them!

And most importantly, they could easily obtain such power! The weapons’ prices weren’t expensive!

One million berries! With the ability to pay it in tranches! With 70% on credit. Even the bottom pirate hunters in the Albares guild could afford a 30% down payment!

And after getting a magic weapon, hunting down pirates with a bounty of millions of berries will be child play! And they would be able to pay off their debt right away!

As the news spreads wider and wider, the lower pirate hunters went crazy.

But when everyone rushed to the branches of Albares, asking about the magic weapons, they found out that all the magic weapons were out of stock…

The small bosses and leaders in various regions were struggling to manage the large groups of guild members every day. The members were all very helpless, asking about the magic weapons whenever they had a chance.

“It seems that things went better than we expected.”

Robin received feedback from various places and couldn’t help but chuckle at Ron.

Ron was not surprised. This situation was within his expectations. Besides the boost of power, the strategy to sell these weapons was the key factor in this success. He basically put a way to obtain tremendous powers in front of people seeking strength with more than a reasonable price. The 30% down payment effect was so explosive.

“The second batch can be released.”


As Ron nodded, the order to dispatch the second wave of magic weapons were released.

The first batch was 50 pieces, and the second batch was four-time the first amount, two hundred pieces, which immediately met the needs of members of Albares in various regions.

Up to that moment, the Albares’ members were far more than two hundred. They already exceeded thousands of people. Taking into account the forces of the Don Quixote family, there will be more than ten thousand members. The 200 magic weapons were obviously insufficient.

However, most people weren’t able to use magic weapons.

Even if it was just the first grade of magic weapon, a minimum of 20 spiritual attributes was required. With less than 20 points, even if the power of the magic weapon was forcibly stimulated, the released spell would be extremely weak, a spray of a little flame.

Many people watched the sword barely flashing a little aura in their own hands. On contrary, in the hands of their companions, a massive blue sword aura appeared, splitting buildings. Their jealous eyes turned red.

Their original strength was not much different. But, the appearance of magic weapons immediately widened up the gap between them. How did they accept this?


The whole bottom layer of people began to complain, jealousy and unwilling voices started to rise.

And that was Ron’s objective. That situation was Ron’s goal from the beginning.

After receiving Robin’s report, Ron smiled, waited for a few more days, and finally let go of the spiritual cultivation method.

In order to efficiently train the members, Ron has made different practice plans, based on the members’ spiritual power.

Reaching above 20 points was the first order.

30 points for the second order, 50 points for the third order, 100 points for the fourth order, and 200 points for the fifth order.

Reaching 20 points is the minimum requirement to use magic weapons.

When the spiritual power training methods were devolved, an earthquake was directly triggered in the middle and lower layers of Albares!

Those people who were lazy and unwilling to work hard to cultivate found out that this kind of spiritual cultivation method could be done while lying down or even sleeping!

As long as they can use magic weapons, their strength can be doubled immediately. How can they not feel hyped!?

Even those people with lazy personalities were excited about the cultivation method!

From Ron’s release of the first batch of magic weapons to the second batch, and then to the devolution of spiritual cultivation methods, only less than a month has passed.

And the effect was completely within Ron’s expectation, even if the magic weapons and mental power cultivation methods were only circulated within Albares, the effect was still explosive.

“It seems that we hit the jackpot.”

Ron got the latest update from Robin and learned that more than 180 pieces of the 200 magic weapons had been released, he couldn’t help but smile.

He was very satisfied with the result.

The goal of transforming the world seems to be extremely ambitious and difficult, but in fact, it was not difficult to accomplish! It could be carried out step by step by influencing a small group of people and then spread it everywhere.

Just like at that time, despite the magic weapons were just a hot topic among Albares’ members, such news has long been known by many other forces.

There was no doubt that other forces obtained at least one of these magic weapons from Albares to study.

Researching the magic weapons, Ron didn’t care about that at all!

There was no way to study and fully understand the concept of the magic weapon without being a real magician, without a magic mark. They can’t even read the runes, let alone form them.

The runes on the material level were meaningless. They could only be depicted through the spiritual level. Only Ron and Nami and others could make magic weapons. So, there was no need to feel threatened by those researchers.

And after it becomes clear that magic weapons cannot be imitated, and the effect of these weapons becomes more and more obvious, other forces will definitely become more enthusiastic, and certainly will contact Ron directly to buy them.

To use magic weapons, the mental attributes must at least reach the level of the first order.

This way, the cultivation method of spiritual power will naturally spread out, and Ron wouldn’t even need to deliberately carry out any publicity, and it will naturally spread to the sea!

“A single spark can start a prairie fire…”

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