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P.A.S Chapter 209: Second Space Magic

“The second batch of magic weapons has already been released, 193 pieces. Counting the forty pieces we made yesterday, president, there are still 570 pieces in stock. Do you want to release more?”

Robin reported to Ron.

Ron thought for a moment and said: “The internal supply can be kept uninterrupted. As long as the guild members want them, we keep providing them. However, a prohibition must be issued to prohibit the sale of magic equipment to people other than Albares’ members. Anyone who doesn’t follow that order shall be expelled from the guild.”

It was not the time to distribute magical equipment to the world yet. These weapons were to be distributed only to the guild inner circle, to a small group of people, to avoid unnecessary complications with the world government.

Because once it starts to be distributed to the outside world, waves of change will turn it upside down.

It was just about the right time to start external dissemination, but not yet, just another push, until the great war.

Yesterday, Ron received information that Red-haired Shanks had already started to move and was about to meet Whitebeard… If things go according to the original plot, by the time Shanks and Whitebeard meet, Blackbeard and Ace should start fighting.

In other words, barely a month till the outbreak of the great war.

Under such circumstances, the world government wouldn’t have the time nor the luxury to care about small affairs, such as weapon trades…

“I understand.”

Robin nodded and said: “What about the newly joined Don Quixote’s members? They are as much as the Albares’ members in numbers.”

“Hold on.”

Ron faintly smiled and said: “From the reports, I can see that they still have some internal troubles to overcome. Once we solve them together and make sure that the name of the Don Quixote family disappears completely, they will have their share of weapons. After that, all members should be treated equally.”

“President, you should be a little more careful.” Robin smiled lightly: ” I found out today that they seem to be planning something against you, President.”

“Oh? That’s better.”

Ron leaned back in the chair.

If their objective was to sabotage some of his plans, then Ron would care a bit, but if they were just going after him, then there was no problem.

At that time there were nearly seventy wizard towers in Dressrosa, and counting the ones in Green Bit, there were a total of 120.

Even if one of the Four Emperors attacked, with these hundred and twenty wizard towers, as well as his mental power after breaking through the 300-point barrier, Ron had the confidence to repel any opponent.

“Has the Seastones arrived?”

Ron thought for a while and asked Robin.

Dressrosa planned to arrange one hundred wizard towers. At that time, there were sixty-nine towers ready to use, and material of 31 ones to be delivered.

“It will arrive in three days. With the next batch of materials, we will probably be able to build another 15 wizard towers… As for the last batch of materials, it should be assembled and shipped in two weeks.”

Robin responded.


Ron was not in a hurry. 119 wizard towers have been laid out, Albares guild was more than protected, and the new towers to be constructed were to keep Dressrosa safer. So, it wasn’t that urgent.

In two weeks, a complete Yonko Pirate Group will strike, or the world government will dispatch three admirals to learn an army to destroy them.

“Space magic is really difficult.”

Ron leaned on the back of the chair, picked up a pen from the table with one hand, flicked it lightly, clicked it, then soon the pen flickered out of thin air and turned into a water glass.

Robin, who was standing not far away, was lost in thoughts looking at the sudden appearance of the glass in his hand.

That was the second level of space magic.

It was still a coordinate replacement, but an evolutionary version. It was no more just a switch between Ron and other substances, but a switch between any two substances.

In other words, while facing a swordsman, Ron could easily avoid fighting him by just replacing his sword with rock or any useless object.


Ron took a sip of water, shook his fingers, and them woof, the water glass in his hand and the pen in Robin’s hand exchanged positions again.


Taken by surprise, the glass tumbled in Robin’s hand and fell to the ground.

But before the water reached the ground, the overturned glass and water, floated in the air, flew upwards, and fell back into Robin’s hands.

Robin looked at the water glass in her hand, lost in thoughts.

At that moment, she noticed that the water glass in her hand shaking again, but this time it was not replaced, but she was unable to hold it and fell again.

Ron in the distance showed a thoughtful look, raised his hand, and the water glass returned to Robin’s hand again.

“It seems that this magic cannot be used casually.”

Ron pondered: “You just covered the water glass with mental power, I couldn’t replace it unless you break the spiritual power.”

Robin looked at the water glass in her hand and chuckled lightly: “That’s fine, this way I won’t have to worry about my stuff being replaced by something insignificant, President.”


Ron rolled his eyes.

[Magicians are not petty thieves; they would never sully their own image!]

But having said that, such a feat was only possible for people holding a magic mark. So, it wasn’t really a limitation.

Even if it was Hawk eyes, he wouldn’t be able to raise his black sword…

[Wait, it is not certain! I am still not sure whether Haki can have a similar effect]

Ron touched his chin thoughtfully, and said:” Is Zoro still on the island?”

“No, he left long ago.”

Robin smiled playfully: “He challenged you a few days ago, and was easily defeated. There was no way he could stay put on this island with that character of his.”

“Then I should find someone else.”

Ron shrugged. There were in the new world. It shouldn’t be hard to find someone capable of using the Armament Haki.

Ron left the room, leaving Robin to continue sorting out the guild affairs. He quickly found someone and started conducted some tests.

And indeed, it was what he assumed, once the weapon in hand is covered in Haki, it prevents him from moving the weapon using space magic, but the efficiency was not high.

Armament Haki contains a certain amount of spiritual energy, but it was not pure enough, to completely block the effects of magic.

Ron went for more few rounds until he roughly reached a conclusion.

The enemy should be at least at the level of the sweet generals, otherwise, it wouldn’t matter how hard the struggle. He will just ignore the Armament Haki, break through it, and remove the weapon from his opponent’s hand!

However, top fighters like Hawkeyes may be able to stop his space magic with their Armament Haki, but they wouldn’t be able to hold their sword steadily! It will definitely be unstable and shaky.

that’s enough!

The upgraded version of Switch will greatly enhance his combat power!

But still, Ron will not be fully satisfied unless he unlocks unlimited space magic!

No need for replacement, no coordinates, just true pure spatial movement… Once he has such ability, no one will be able to catch him! He will be unstoppable!

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