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P.A.S Chapter 210: Breakfast

Ron spent the last two days studying space magic.

He went back to the guild, looking pale, yawning. Although he had no mental problems, he did not eat or drink for two days and his body was still slightly affected.

“President Ron, you are back.”

A voice came. Ron looked over and saw the princess Mansherry of the dwarves sitting on the table in the hall, holding a red cherry.

Mansherry has become one of his magicians, and also a high-level cadre of Albares, the minister of the healing magic.

After liberating her spiritual power, Mansherry did not learn other magic, but her devil fruit ability was greatly improved, and some previous limitations disappeared, for instance, the need to use tears for treatment, or consume life force to make dandelions, etc. She became able to directly use her mental power to heal any living thing that is wounded or injured.

Mansherry, who possesses powerful healing abilities, naturally didn’t need to have any significant fighting abilities. Therefore, her duties were much more leisurely than GoldenWeek. She often went to Dressrosa to treat ordinary people.

“Well, where’s Robin?”

Ron smiled friendly at Mansherry.

Mansherry sat on the table and said: “She left earlier to Dressrosa, President, do you want something to eat?”

“Thanks, am good.”

Ron nodded and smiled, he knew how kindhearted Mansherry was, and he was sure that she would give up her cherry to him. That’s why he refused her offer and instead called someone not far away, who immediately understood the situation and went to prepare breakfast.

Ron has been trying to explore the third-level space magic for the past two days, but it was too difficult. The space system magic was completely different from other systems. It was no more a combination of simple runes, but three-dimensional ones. There was a deeper overlap in the hierarchy.

In other words, other magics were formed by a combination of runes on a plane, while space magic requires runes to be combined at the spatial level, a complex 3d matrix.

The upgraded version of Switch was a combination of two space runes. The combination method was a bit like combining two boxes together, forming a unique sized box.

According to Ron’s inference, to activate the third-level magic, he might need to link three boxes, similar to the one formed in the upgraded version…For that purpose, he spent two days practicing, yet, he didn’t find any inspiration.


Breakfast was delivered.

“It seems I won’t be able to unlock the third-level space system any time soon. It is better to continue exploring other second-level space systems to gradually understand the higher-level space magic.’’

Ron’s brow shook slightly and returned to normal, he pondered for a while, then made a decision.

He looked at the breakfast in front of him, took a piece of bread into his mouth, and drank a glass of milk.

He finished his breakfast casually and said: “Robin hasn’t come back yet… Forget it, I’ll go to Dressrosa. It’s time for the tower material to arrive.”

Ron stood up, left the guild, and flew towards Dressrosa.

At that moment, the Den Den Mushi in his pocket rang. Ron took it and kept glancing at it. It was a call from Robin.

After thinking about it, Ron didn’t answer and hung up.

Ron flew over the sea and came to the edge of Dressrosa. Instead of flying directly to Dressrosa’s palace, he landed on the shore.

Ron stepped forward.

The shore was quiet, there were no people, but he felt that the atmosphere was inexplicably strange.


Suddenly, Ron fell, and the ground under his feet suddenly shattered, and a sword showed up from below, wrapped in a purple sharp aura.

Ron’s complexion remained unchanged, his figure shook, he exchanged positions with a stone not far away, and at the time he lifted his foot to step on, a stone under his feet exchanged positions with the sword that was about to pierce him in the last location.


Ron stomped the sword on the ground with a clang.

At that moment, a mirror suddenly flew out from a corner, spinning and slamming at Ron.

Ron flicked his finger, his mental power was like a whip, and with a snap, he smashed the mirror into pieces from the middle.

The moment the mirror broke, ripples appeared on its surface, and countless bullets and shells flew out in an instant, heading towards Ron.

” Mira Mira no Mi?”

Ron spoke at will, without moving a muscle, a barrier instantly was formed in front of him. The countless bullets and artillery shells speed dropped sharply as if they were sinking into a quagmire, and finally, they all froze in the air.

“Huh, the Big Mom Pirates…”

Ron turned his head and looked in a direction not far away, but at that moment, a voice suddenly came from behind him.

“Fubuki!” (Snow-storm)

The temperature dropped suddenly.

A young girl with green hair appeared behind Ron. She opened her white feathered wings, and in no time a stream of snow quickly surrounded Ron and swallowed its figure.

“Oh, and the Avengers of the Don Quixote family too…”

Ron’s voice came from the blizzard.

The snowstorm suddenly stagnated, as if time stopped, and then with a bang, it exploded completely from the center.


A figure flashed up, a man imbuing his entire body with Busoshoku Haki appeared, waving a bamboo stick, attacked Ron in the middle of the broken blizzard.

But before the bamboo hit Ron’s body, it disappeared abruptly and suddenly turned into an upside-down sword, the one Ron stepped on.


Vergo didn’t stop his motion, attacked Ron, holding the sword blade with both hands. However, the hilt of the sword was a little short to touch Ron. The whole person was too hard and landed on the ground with a bang.

” “Demon Bamboo” Vergo, Snow Girl Monet… have joined hands with the Big Mom pirates, woof! but do you think that’s enough? What about the old lady, Big Mom?”

He looked around flatly.

“Mother still has things to do… You arrogant piece of shit! You run away in embarrassment when your base was destroyed by mother.” Charlotte Brûlée’s voice came from the broken mirror.

Ron smiled and said: “run away in embarrassment? Wasn’t it more embarrassing that the empress tried her best and failed to even touch me? Anyway, you small fries thought you could take me down if you joined hands?! Wait! Was that supposed to be an assassination attempt!? What a farce!”

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