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P.A.S Chapter 211: Crimson Blade

“We are enough!”

Accompanied by Brûlée’s evil voice, a mist appeared from a distance, condensing a genie in the void, holding a halberd, and slashing at Ron fiercely.

At the same time, Vergo pulled out the bamboo stick beside him with one hand, imbuing his entire body with Busoshoku Haki, he swept towards Ron.


Behind Ron, Monet waved her wings, turning the wind and snow into spikes, blocking Ron’s back.

The ground under his feet shattered, one hand stretched out, holding the sword that Vergo had lost, and then the whole figure flashed out of the ground, slashing towards Ron.

In an instant.

Attacks from all directions converged, centered on Ron!

However, in the face of this wave of attacks, Ron’s expression did not change at all, he just took a step forward, the whole person suddenly disappeared.


All the messy attacks fell through.

Ron’s figure appeared not far away, in front of the broken mirror fragment.

He looked in the mirror below, and said with some disappointment: “Since it is an assassination, didn’t you even take into consideration my ability to move in space…?”

boom! boom! boom!

Countless bullets were shot from the mirror fragments.

With a wave of Ron’s hand, all these bullets were directed at the genie not far away.

The halberd-wielding genie avoided the bullets with a cold face, then rushed towards Ron, like a flash of lightning, and appeared behind Ron in an instant.

“…Fiend Cut!”

There was a sharp look in his eyes.

But the next moment, his expression changed drastically as he looked into his hand in amazement! The sword in his hand disappeared at some point, replaced by a broken hilt.

“You people don’t learn fast? you should know that swords are meaningless against me.”

Ron held the sword hilt between his fingertips and dropped it on the ground. The tip of the sword plunged into the soil with a clanging sound.

“Demon Bamboo!”

Vergo let out a low growl, and the bamboo in his hand swept towards Ron’s legs.

But in the next moment, Ron’s figure suddenly turned into a rock. Vergo’s stick slammed the rock, breaking it instantly.


Ron’s figure appeared in front of the swordsman, and his mental power turned into a huge fist and hit the swordsman’s chest and abdomen.

With his current level, even if he didn’t use magic, with just pure mental power, Ron could easily fight these devil fruit users, reading their moves like an open book!


The swordsman’s body instantly twisted into a bow shape, and the whole person flew out and hit the huge rock on the coast with a bang.


Charlotte Daifuku controlled his genie to attack Ron again, but before his halberd fell completely, it was frozen in the air by some kind of invisible power.

Ron didn’t even look at the genie behind him, he directly bombarded him using his mental power.

boom! boom! boom!

It was like an explosion and the genie instantly exploded into a white mist, rising and dissipating.

Without looking back, Ron walked towards Vergo without saying a word.

Vergo failed to land an attack twice already. At that moment, he went all out, activating his observation haki, seeing, armament haki, locked on Ron tightly, and rushed from the air using moonwalk. He didn’t believe that Ron could move unlimitedly in the space.

As he expected, Ron didn’t move.

But it was not that he couldn’t use space magic, he didn’t think that it was necessary to avoid Vergo attack.

Ron stretched out his right hand and clenched his fist, fire gathered, condensed into a crimson flame-like blade.

It was not a simple manipulation of the fire elements, it was magic, fourth-level fire magic that was accidentally developed by Miss GoldenWeek…

Blade of Destruction!

Holding the scarlet sword in his hand, feeling the heart-palpitating contained in the sword, feeling the terrifying energy that could destroy everything surging, Ron waived the sword forward.

Vergo’s demon bamboo also fell at that moment.

The crimson blade and the demon Bamboo collided in the air.

There was no rumbling, no shaking, just silent annihilation, like a paintbrush, wiping out everything in one stroke.

In such a silent moment, under the shocking and horrified gazes of Monet and others, they witnessed a horrifying scene! The area in front of Ron, which stretched for a full kilometer, was instantly flattened!

Vergo’s demon bamboo, as well as his full-armed body, were erased from existence, and the line of destruction stretched outwards, stretching hundreds of meters away!

From here to the coast and then to the sea, an abyss was formed quitely!

Ron relaxed his clenched fist and the flames slowly dissipated in the void.

He looked at the corpse of Vergo in front of him and said indifferently: “You should have died that day, during my fight with Moria, but your cleverness saved you. Still, it turned out that you are stupid after all….”

Vergo knew that Ron got stronger, but still he underestimated his growth. He truly believed he could resist Ron’s bombardment with his armament Haki.

However, the gap between them was too large…and his obsession with revenge cost him his life.

Ron looked at the snowgirl, Monet.

Monet was in shock and horror. When she saw Ron’s gaze, she felt a tremendous pain in her stomach, as if she was hit by some kind of attack. With a bang, she was blown away!


As she hit the ground, her figure broke into countless snowflakes.

Ron’s eyes moved again, and the whole person flickered and disappeared again.


A few seconds later, a roar came from a distance, Daifuku and a few members of the Big Mom Pirate Group were seen, spurting blood from their mouths, were sent flying, their arms were cut off, then fell into the ground in confusion.

Ron’s figure appeared in the sky, slowly flying down, looking at Monet and the others, and said: “That’s it? It seems that Big Mom really didn’t come this time…”

Well, if Big Mom was in the area, there was no way he wouldn’t hear about it.

What’s more, Kuzan has been chasing Big Mom in the first half of the grand line. It would be a great embarrassment to his name, and to the marines, if Big Mom managed to quietly travel from the first half to the second half without him knowing a thing! Resigning his position would be the least he could do in that case!

And if Big Mom participated in this fight, it would not be an assassination, but a frontal fight! An emperor would never use sneaky attacks!

In the previous battle, it was proved that even Big Mom herself could not keep Ron. He had the ability to retreat even in the face of the Four Emperors.

Therefore, a frontal attack wouldn’t get the job done…So, the assassination plan came to place.

People from the Don Quixote family who were loyal to Doflamingo, joined forces with the Big Mom pirate group, silently sneaked into Dressrosa, and secretly arranged an assassination against him.

Although Ron was so strong, the Big Mom pirate group that has fought Ron many times was aware of the fact that Ron was weak when it comes to physical strength.

Ron had tremendous powers, however, as long as they manage to attack his body, a single shot could kill him.

So, the assassination was the best choice, but unfortunately, the security in Albares Guild was too tight. They couldn’t find an opportunity to sneak in, to get closer to Ron. Still, to assassinate Ron while sleeping was not an option either…He didn’t seem to sleep at all.

“Do you…think… you have won…”

The snow masses squirmed and gathered on the ground, gradually forming Monet’s figure. She looked at Ron, with blood stains from the corners of her mouth, and spoke with difficulty.

Ron smiled and said: “Aha?”

“We…are just…a diversion”

Daifuku clutched his broken arm, got up from the ground, staring at Ron, and said: “Your body is very weak…Even a little poison should be enough to kill you.”

The swordsman with a broken spine also raised his head with difficulty at that moment, and with a cruel smile on his face, he said: “We have been poisoning you little by little… Although you are keeping the Don Quixote under your control, we have controlled this country for several years after… We know all the channels…”

“A dose that a strong man wouldn’t notice… in fact, even if accumulated, it can make me have diarrhea at most, but it’s different for you… “

Hearing this, Ron gradually started smiling.

He looked at Daifuku and the others, and slowly said: “So, fighting with me here, was just to accelerate the flow of my blood, let the poison accumulated in my body?”


Monet wiped the blood from the corners of her mouth and said: “You killed the young master! That is unforgivable… Soon you will be paralyzed… and your heart will start failing…”

At that point, Monet’s voice stopped abruptly.

Together with Daifuku and the others, their expressions were all frozen.

Under their unbelievable and horrified gazes, they saw Ron crossing his finger, and soon his body split from the center, and blood gushed out! A black silk thread flowed out, which was extracted from the blood, then was turned into a black ball, floating in the air.

Immediately afterward.

The flowing blood returned to the body, the split body healed silently, without a trace of a wound, and the skin was as clean as before.

Monet and the others all looked dull.

What did they just witness?

Is this guy still a human?!

“Okay, the farce ends here.”

With a flick of Ron’s finger, the small black ball fell on the ground and turned into black juice. With a wave of his hand, the sluggish Daifuku and others were all hit by a force and flew out.

Ron turned his head and looked not far away. Robin and the others who came after hearing the news said: “Grab them all, interrogate them and find out who else in the Big Mom Pirate Group is still alive, as well as the Don Quixote members who participated in this incident.”


Robin’s previous call was to report to Ron that she discovered the assassination plan, but Ron hung up the Den Den Mushi.

Others might be worried about Ron, but Robin knew him too much, she knew that he already figured it out on his own.

And looking at the scene in front of her, she looked at Ron with a slight smile.

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