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P.A.S Chapter 212: Admiration

Following the interrogation, the rebellions from the Don Quixote family were completely eliminated.

Although Monet and others would rather die than sell out their comrades, not everyone could be so hard-spirited and loyal. After all, Doflamingo was dead.

Moreover, Ron, as a magician, had a mental power of more than 300 points of mental strength, he carried the interrogated himself, and there were only a few people who could withstand his mental oppression.

All the rebellions from the Don Quixote family were wiped out by Ron except the Snow Girl, Monet.

Ron spared her life for a sole reason, her sister Sugar! Regardless of whether Sugar would become one of the guild magicians or not, her ability was so effective, and killing Monet would obviously make Sugar resist more tenacious and troublesome.

In a spacious room.

Ron sat on the sofa, holding a drink.

“As expected, except for Big Mom herself, only a few cadres were still alive. Daifuku was the strongest among them, and after this failed assassination, only a few remained.”

Nami sat opposite Ron, leaning on the sofa, curled her mouth, and said: “But Brûlée has the most troublesome ability. We haven’t caught her yet. It’s really scary to look at a mirror now! It’s really scary!”

Robin came over with a cup of lemon tea and said: “It is indeed troublesome, but we can’t enter the mirror world…”

“Actually, there is still a way to get in, but we need coordinates.”

Ron thought: “As long as I have space magic, I can use it to enter the mirror world, but the problem is how to get a coordinate in the mirror world.”

“What about letting them take one of the magic equipment into the mirror world?”

Robin said to the side.

“That would do it.”

Ron nodded, as he toyed with the space magic runes.

“But how can it be done…”

Nami murmured.

Ron shook his head and said indifferently: “Brulee is not a threat. You should not be afraid of her! You are way stronger than her and the remaining members of the Big Mom pirates. The only threat is Big Mom, but her movements are restrained by Kuzan and she won’t be able to make a move easily.”

Although it is not so easy to enter the new world silently, as a precaution, Ron decided to remain in Dressrosa to avoid any unforeseen troubles.

Ron actually had a lot of achievement points he wanted to take, places to be visited, but it was better to remain in Dressrosa because of the threat of Big Mom.

“By the way, president, we have been asked about the sale of the magic weapons.”

“Decline any trade for now.”

Ron said: “The higher their appetite, the better. Just tell them that the production of the magic weapons is difficult, that for now they are just used by the guild members and temporarily no external trades is possible.”

Robin thought: “In fact, these offers aren’t our major concern…But since other forces began to ask, it is just a matter of time before the government and the marines will ask.”

Other forces, unless they were one of the Four Emperors, could be ignored for now, but once the government and marines pay attention, get involved, they wouldn’t simply shirk.

The main problem was that there was a chance that the world government would ask for the manufacturing method of magic weapons.

And if Ron refuses, he might lose the position of Shichibukai, and then the government would use force, launch war against the guild.

“I didn’t figure it out yet…”

Ron chuckled.

The threat from the government was indeed the most difficult problem to solve, but Ron wasn’t in the mood to deal with this problem, and also, he wasn’t so concerned about the matter.

On the one hand, Ace was chasing Blackbeard, and Blackbeard was bound to make troubles in the sea to attract the marine’s and the world’s attention.

On the other hand, the marines were still pursuing Big Mom and had to put a lot of effort.

Besides, he had already shown his ability to retreat even against one of the Four Emperors, and if the government decided to deal with him, it has to at least dispatch a relatively luxurious lineup…

Putting it this way, it was almost impossible for the government to impose any force on him during this period of time.

Unless the government believes that he became a threat that transcends everything!

Surpass the Four Emperors, Surpass the Revolutionary Army!

Only if it comes to such a conclusion for the government to recklessly launch a war, to go all out to wipe out Ron and his guild.

But this was also impossible.

Ron was aware of such a matter and that’s why he was making sure to control the number of magic weapons distributed, and even the mental power training system was only disclosed internally.

Under such circumstances, the government couldn’t make a judgment that he was a threat to its ruling power, that must be erased.


Unless something unexpected happens.

And if it was the case, no matter what Ron does at the moment, it wouldn’t change the outcome, so for now he decided to do what he could do based on the current situation.

“If the government asks about the weapons, it will try to find a peaceful solution.”

Ron said casually: “Now that the sea is so chaotic, the option of using force is their last option.”

“Unless they catch Big Mom and deal with Blackbeard problem, they have their hands full… And by the time they solve their current problems, they wouldn’t be able to casually make a move against Albares.”

Robin and Ron had similar ideas.

Given the current level of development of Albares, Ron’s strength, and the positive image Ron has always maintained, it was difficult for the government to act recklessly, to directly use force against him.

“After we finally finish the merger of our forces… Albares can maintain a small portion of Don Quixote’s original transactions, such as those underground auctions. But we have to slowly reduce this part of the business.”

Ron picked up a document, a pen, scribbled a few times at random, then said: “Gradually, we will change the Don Quixote’s main image, from a ‘transaction intermediary’ into a guild that accepts various commissions, including and not limited to expelling pirates, etc…”

In this world, developing such an image will not be difficult. The bounties offered by the government already prepared the people to accept such ideas.

Coupled with the undertaking of other various commissions, such as protecting the nobles’ travel, maintaining national order, etc., the guild forces will be spread all over the world, slowly replacing the Don Quixote family.

Following such a plan, the guild will develop more rapidly in terms of strength, because only by enhancing its strength, higher-grade entrustment could be carried, consequently, getting more money and gaining greater fame.

Putting it straight and clear in front of the guild members, they will be more motivated than before.

Also, Ron has put in the magic weapon and mental power training system, even if it has not yet begun to merge completely, Robin could feel the vitality of the system established by Ron’s plan.

From a development perspective alone, it was far better than the pirate mode followed by the Four Emperors!

Similar organizations existed in this sea, but most of them weren’t strong or big enough.

For instance, Germa 66, the military branch of the Germa Kingdom, was an Underworld mercenary force commanded by the Kingdom’s ruling family, the Vinsmoke Family…. organization’s existence was well-known in both the Underworld and the seas in which they have been militarily active, but it wasn’t a worldwide organization!

This kind of worldwide organization was not something that everyone could do. First of all, enough strength and prestige are needed, otherwise, only a few people will entrust you.


The organization must have sufficient credibility, especially for tasks such as escorts. Without credibility, nobles would rather spend ten times the money to ask the marines to send warships to escort.

It happens that Ron already satisfied these terms. He had the identity of Shichibukai, the strength to face even one of the Four Emperors and retreat unscathed, and also, his reputation as the ‘righteous magician’.

Robin felt that this situation, where Albares and its leader fit all the requirements to build such an organization was not just a mere coincidence, but was Ron’s plan from the beginning.

Since that day, when he dealt with Crocodile in Alabasta, Ron should have foreseen the current situation.

It can be said that every step taken so far was a part of Ron’s overall plan!

[This president…]

Robin looked at Ron.

She has been traveling the seas since she was eight years old, joined countless forces, and followed countless leaders, but none of them could be compared with Ron or even a fraction of Ron.

In terms of strategy, the most outstanding leader she ever had was Crocodile, yet he was easily eliminated by Ron.

In terms of strength, he was the first person she met, able to fight against the four emperors.

In terms of personal image, he wasn’t just a prestigious leader, worthy of this countless people’s trust, but at the same time, he had that kind of affinity that could infect people’s hearts. His relationship with the guild members wasn’t just that of subordinates and superiors, but more like companions, willing to do their best to support each other.

In terms of wisdom, no matter how difficult and complicated the problems he faced, he was a quick learner, and would figure it out in no time.

She should have seen it right from the beginning.

Nothing would stand in Ron’s way! He was destined to reach the top of this sea.

To be able to meet such a guild leader, to join such a team, to be Ron’s companion, she felt lucky, as if she was rewarded after all her previous misfortunes.

of course.

He wasn’t perfect! (T/N: LOOOOLI LOVER!)

Robin chuckled.

The problem with the president was probably greed.

He surrounded himself with women, and all their relationships were a bit ambiguous, but he neither made a choice nor gave up on one of them, and even wanted them to live together harmoniously.

But having said that, such a situation seemed quite interesting to Robin, and she couldn’t help being amused by seeing Ron’s occasional embarrassment because he couldn’t solve this problem.

The president sometimes wanted her to join the “game”, and since she was having fun she didn’t mind.

But the funny thing was, that it seems that since she joined the game, Robin couldn’t get out of it

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