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P.A.S Chapter 213: Bargaining!

With the former Don Quixote joining the Albares Guild, the number of members of the guild increased exponentially, which made Ron dispatch the third stack of magic weapons.

Most of these forces were spread all over the world, and as soon as they got their magic weapons, the reputation of these new weapons exploded.

Within half a month.

News about magic weapons reached all over the world. They became the talk of the world, considered as the most available weapons in the seas.

Such information shook various underground forces, many countries, and even the marines!

Marine headquarters.

In the top office.

“Unexpectedly, that guy Ron seems to be an inventor! He has made such powerful weapons…” Kizaru held a magic sword in his hand and squinted his eyes.

The core of this magic sword was made of sea stone, which had a purity of more than 50%, but was enough to make any ordinary devil fruit user collapse. However, for a top tier fighter such as Kizaru, such a little sea stone was not enough to make him lose the ability to move, he felt at most a little uncomfortable.

Kizaru held the magic sword and waved it towards the window.

A golden sword aura was released, disappearing into the sky.

“There is no need for any swordsmanship, nor any knowledge for Haki, just the so-called ‘mental power’ and you can release this kind of attack… This weapon is indeed terrifying.”

Vice-Admiral Momonga was standing not far away, looking at the sword in Kizaru’s hand, and said in a deep voice.

This kind of attack was nothing to him, let alone a top powerhouse like Kizaru, but it was considered a great boost for those weaklings! After all, these long-range flying slashes were considered as the ability of the true swordsmen.

Looking at the entire sea, there were certainly many swordsmen capable of releasing such an attack, but each one of them has stood out in countless battles, their talents and efforts were indispensable.

But now, with this kind of magic weapon, practicing the so-called mental power was enough to grant any ordinary person the ability to use these flying slashes! That’s indeed terrifying!

“Did you hear anything from Vegapunk?”

Sengoku asked Kizaru in a deep voice.

Since the magic weapons came to light, sweeping through the various organizations, the marines obtained some of these weapons and sent them to Vegapunk for research.

“Not much progress…”

Kizaru weighed the magic sword in his hand, and said: “The only discovery is that this weapon is made from sea stone, but it’s not the weapon’s energy source! It is the user himself, which is the so-called Mental power……”

“Mental power……”

Sengoku was calm, pressing one hand on the table, rubbing his eyebrows with the other, and said: “If such weapon is ignored, we will find ourselves in a dire situation in no time.”

Although the power of these magic weapons was not high, the requirement to use such weapon was too low!

If one hundred thousand elite marine officers have a magic weapon in their hands, they would form a terrifying force! Just imagine a hundred thousand slashes sweeping over in an instant! No enemy would be able to stand in the way of such power!

Sengoku felt that this weapon could not be allowed to spread, but since a Shichibukai was involved in the matter, he also had no right to make such a decision and had to contact the world government.

Meanwhile, an urgent meeting was happening within the world government to discuss the same subject.

“Dangerous weapons.”

“Although it is not that powerful, a mass production of this weapon could replace the ordinary muskets and artillery.”

“Vegapunk couldn’t figure out how they were made yet… The scientists who claim to have been leading the world in science and technology for five hundred years are having troubles…”

The five elders were sitting in a spacious hall with two magic weapons on the table, talking in a deep voice.

“According to the intel we received, this type of weapon cannot be mass-produced, but we have no final confirmation about the matter. “

“It would be great if Vegapunk could figure out its secret.”

“The wreckage of Pluton can’t be repaired either…”

Someone mentioned the ancient weapon Pluton.

Pluton eventually fell into the hands of the world government, but before they managed to retrieve it, the Big Mom pirates made sure to completely destroy it, turning it into a wreck.

The wreck was handed over to Vegapunk, and he has been working on it since that time, but he couldn’t overcome the main problem yet, Pluton’s energy core.

“In any case, this type of weapon cannot be allowed to circulate on the sea for the time being…at least not until the world government and the marines are equipped with this type of weapon.”

At that time, Ron’s forces were already using magic weapons, which cannot be contained. Hence, the world government decided to prevent the further spread of such weapons to the outside world.

“That magician is a bit difficult to deal with…”

“We wouldn’t have such a problem if the marines has captured Big Mom by now! it’s too risky.”

The five elders seemed a bit concerned.

As Ron expected, on the one hand, Ron had enough strength to escape an assault from one of the four emperors, so the world government wouldn’t risk rush decisions. On the other hand, the marines had their hands full with the Big Mom chase.

At that point in time, it was indeed difficult to impose any tough tactics on Ron, such as suppressing him, imprisoning him, then using him as they did with Vegapunk.

“For now, we prohibit him from selling this weapon to other forces.”

“We will buy these weapons. Enhance our arsenal.”

The Five elders quickly made a decision.

They were worried that Ron would sell this weapon to the outside world on a large scale, causing chaos in the sea, and to prevent this without using force, the government had to make this deal with Ron.

Ron needed nothing more than money to expand and enhance the power of Albares, and the last thing the government lacks was money.

The world government invested tens of billions of funds in the Pacifista project and massive resources to restore Pluton. It was a win-win situation for both sides, especially that the magic weapons will bring instant effects.

Green Bit.

In the evening.

Ron walked with Rebecca, Dressrosa Princess, Nami, and the others on the island to check the operation of the magic tower.

“The magic towers used here are more beautiful than the ones in Deressrosa, president Ron.”

Rebecca was wearing a white princess dress, looking at the shining magical towers, enjoying the amazing view of the flowers and plants all around.

Ron stood next to one of the magic towers and activated his mental perspective to observe the runes on the magic tower. Making sure nothing was wrong, he turned to look at Rebecca, smiled, and said: “The magic towers are all the same, but the scenery here is better. Dressrosa is a city after all. Still, each place has its own charm.”


Rebecca nodded as she showed her admiration for Ron.

Nami next to her curled her lips.

Robin looked at Ron with a smile. She could see that Ron didn’t have any weird thoughts about Rebecca, but since he saved Dressrosa, it was impossible to say that the princess didn’t catch feelings for the charming hero.

Ron naturally noticed Robin’s gaze, even without speaking, he could catch Robin’s thoughts.

[How should I deal with her?!]

[No need to do anything at all]

People like Ron will be noticed wherever they go. Do they have to work hard to deal with such affection? Nah, they just get used to it.

At that moment, Ron’s Den Den Mushi rang.

“Ron speaking.”

Rebecca looked at Ron and blinked, then walked away politely to look at the surrounding scenery.

Ron had a ten minutes call.

After hanging up, he looked at Robin and Nami next to him and smiled: “As expected, the world government chose to cooperate peacefully.”

“Two million berries is too little… It needs a lot of energy and resources to make these weapons. You should have set the price to five million.”

Nami spoke dissatisfied.

She heard the communication between Ron and the government very clearly, that the government would not let Ron sell weapons to the outside world and was willing to buy them instead.

“You know I hate negotiations.”

Ron spread his hands. He was not good at bargaining. If Nami was negotiating, she could easily raise the amount to at least three million.

It’s just that on the other side of the Den Den Mushi were the five elders in person, so he had to make the deal himself.

In fact, Ron didn’t care about the price that much. It didn’t matter if it was two or three million. What mattered was that the government wouldn’t make a move against him. He needed time to improve his strength and develop his power.

The government actually knew that Ron’s will get stronger and stronger, and as time passes it will more difficult to deal with him, but for the moment, they got their hands full facing problems involving the Four Emperors. For instance, they were concerned about the upcoming meeting between the red hair and Whitebeard… Various problems forced them to temporarily turn a blind eye.

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