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P.A.S Chapter 214: Commissions

With the complete merger of the former Don Quixote’s members into Albares and the distribution of magic weapons in large numbers, the strength of the members of the middle and lower levels has been greatly improved in a short period of time.

Although there were many strong people in the sea, most were ordinary people. Those with a bounty of several million, ten, or twenty million Berries were the most numerous on the sea.

The guild members who mastered the magic weapons, even if they couldn’t take down such pirates alone, Albares got the numbers, two or even three members would gang up and take these opponents easily.

This has led to the rapid establishment of Albares’ prestige, that pirates almost disappeared in the area where the members of Albares were gathered. They didn’t dare to face such a terrifying enemy.

And since the pirates were frightened by Albares and were avoiding contact, the order in these areas was greatly improved, and with it, Albares began to receive more and more commissions.

With the merged former Don Quixote’s members, Albares basically had branches all over the world, which facilitated accepting commission from all over the world.

The commissions were divided into several grades according to the threat level and of course, the amount of the offered recompense.

Commission with a reward between one hundred thousand and one million Berries was considered D-level, between one million and ten million, corresponds to the C-level, ten to fifty million corresponds to B-Level, 50 million to 200 million corresponds to A-level, and finally, over 200 million corresponds to S-level.

In addition to the high-level cadres of Albares, S-level entrustment was generally carried out by many members. After all, most of these jobs were to escort nobles or assist countries to maintain order.

With Ron, the famous Shichibukai, and this easy-to-manage and hierarchical commissioning model, Albares’ business was steadily rising in a very short period.

At the same time.

The messy transactions originally carried by the Don Quixote family were gradually reduced under Robin’s control. In the end, except for the transactions with a few powerhouses such as Kaido, all other transactions were cut off.

It was during that time that Red hair and Whitebeard met.

The news spread to all parts of the world, and countless forces were shaken by the news.

Compared with the explosive development of Albares, the meeting of two emperors was undoubtedly more eye-catching. After all, they were the rulers of the world!

One emperor was already bad news, let alone if two of them join forces! They would be unstoppable, that the marines…the world government wouldn’t be able to do a thing!

“It’s about time.”

Ron sat on a sofa in the guild, listened to Robin’s report about the meeting of Red hair and Whitebeard, and spoke softly.

Robin’s eyes flickered slightly and said: “For what? President, do you think Whitebeard will join hands with Red Hair?”


Ron shook his head and said: “Whitebeard won’t join hands with anyone…Do you know the purpose of their meeting?”

Robin shook her head.

That was a piece of information that even the world government didn’t know about.

“To discuss the quarrel between Fire Fist and Blackbeard.”

Ron said slowly: “Blackbeard is the man who killed the Captain of the Fourth Division of the Whitebeard Pirates, right? He is basically no one…with no reputation, but it is said that when he was younger…he fought with Red hair once.”

“Do you remember Red hair’s wanted poster? The scars on his face were from Blackbeard.”

Hearing Ron’s words, Robin pondered, and immediately thought of something: “It seems this Blackbeard is not a simple character.”

“Well, Ace has an impulsive personality. Although his strength is remarkable, he will probably suffer a lot facing Blackbeard, and he may even be captured…Blackbeard’s title is self-claimed, and his ambition is not hidden…He clearly wants to replace Whitebeard.”

Robin nodded.

Maybe the whole world didn’t pay much attention to Blackbeard at that time, but shortly, he will wreak havoc around the world.

Although Albares was developing at an extremely fast speed, it was still far behind the Whitebeard Pirates in terms of power.

In terms of numbers, Albares had more, but the strength of the Whitebeard Pirate lies in its numerous elite members, especially the commanders. Everyone was extremely powerful!

Regardless of the top-level fighters, with Albares’ current strength, even if it launches a full-scale battle against the middle and lower tiers of the Whitebeard Pirate, most probably Albares would suffer an utter defeat.

Unless Albares has more people using magic weapons, more people able to use the second-grade magic weapons, it wouldn’t be possible for the guild to go against Whitebeard’s forces.

“This matter has nothing to do with us for the time being, but we can use this situation for our benefit. The most important thing to do for now is to concentrate on the guild development…”

“Since everyone’s attention is directed toward the Yonko, this is our chance to expand without being noticed.”

Ron chuckled.

While talking, Ron took a document from Robin’s hand and said: “But what I didn’t expect is that the mental power cultivation method has started to spread around.”

Ron’s original purpose was to spread the cultivation method throughout the world. The manufacturing of magic weapons was only to assist this effect, but since they stopped distributing magic weapons temporarily, he thought that people most probably would lose interest in enhancing their mental power for now.

But beyond Ron’s expectation, the cultivation method was spreading further and further in the world!

And in a very turbulent way!

One of the most critical factors was the benefits brought by the cultivation, it wasn’t just a method that facilitates the use of the magic weapons, but also a great method to improve Haki’s proficiency!

Haki was an extremely difficult ability to cultivate. Only after reaching a certain level of physical powers, you will be qualified to practice Haki, and it isn’t a sure thing to get the hang of it.


The spiritual power training method has greatly reduced the difficulty of Haki training!

The people who have cultivated spiritual power found that they had more control over their bodies, it became easier to use Haki, and the bottleneck that was difficult to break through was directly broken after a few days of cultivation.

Even those with Devil Fruit abilities also tried it, and found that after cultivating their mental power, the manipulation of their Devil Fruit abilities became much easier!

As soon as such news came out, the cultivation method became the talk of the world.

After all, magic weapons were only circulated within Albares. The real mainstream force in this world was still based on physical powers, Haki, and devil fruit abilities.

Practicing mental power doesn’t improve physical powers, but it can reduce the difficulty of practicing Haki and improve control over the devil fruit ability!

This kind of effect made even those who didn’t care about magic weapons pay attention to the cultivation system and try it.

This was beyond Ron’s expectations.

He originally felt that it was necessary to use magic weapons to make the cultivation of spiritual power become a system that truly prevailed in the sea, but… Even without the magic weapons, it seems that the cultivation system has a great chance to become a practice method that parallels Haki cultivation and physical training!

And he who created this cultivation system, as long as it spreads around the world and becomes one of the true basic training systems, he will become the originator!

No one knows who developed Haki.

But all those who practice Haki, undoubtedly regard the one who discovered Haki as the earliest master or even as a God… and Ron, who created the spiritual power cultivation system, will be seen the same way!

This is a path to become a ‘God’.

For instance, Hawk Eyes, the world’s strongest swordsman, after his death, at most he would be considered as a legend, however, the man who developed kendo ages ago, still has worshipers, disciples following his path!

Creating a path to make people become stronger is completely different from reaching the apex of a certain path. The latter is just the powerhouse of his era, while the former is the forerunner leading the world!

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