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P.A.S Chapter 215: cultivation method

Become a belief, a totem.

This was Ron’s objective from the beginning.

His goal was never to become one of the four emperors or to rule the world… After all, even the five elders, once they die, after a hundred years, no one would remember them?

But if he leaves behind a magic system, it will be completely different.

Even after his death, even if the time changes, he would be remembered as the god of magic. People would even try to resurrect him in every possible way.

Just like Zeref Dragneel in the Fairy Tail world, even if he disappears for hundreds of years, even if he was the representation of evil and darkness, there were still countless people who spontaneously wanted to ‘resurrect’ him and serve him.

Unless Ron reaches such status, he wouldn’t be satisfied. Until he plays a major role in rewriting the world.

That was his real ultimate achievement.

Of course.

At that time, the spiritual power cultivation system only existed as a way to improve control over Haki and devil fruits’ abilities, but as long as there were a lot of people following his teaching, it was enough for the time being.

Ron knew that transforming the world wasn’t a trivial thing and it would take a lot of time and effort, but at least the current situation was a great step toward his objective…

“You have created a spiritual power training system. President, you will be regarded as a master ‘sensei’.”

Robin smiled and said: “But it doesn’t fit your image a little bit, you are still too young.”

“I won’t argue with that, an old man with a long beard would be a better fit…”

Ron touched his chin and said: “But if I’m old, I won’t be able to bring you happiness. Isn’t it better that I’m younger?” (T/N: Smooooth!)

Robin said: “Ha ha ha… pay attention to your image, President.”


Ron sighed.

His teasing has never had any effect on Robin. Such a line would make the pure princesses like Vivi and Rebecca turn into a cute red tomato. (T/N: well, it was expected :3)

“Speaking of which, the world government and the marines should have noticed the spread of the spiritual power training system by now. They probably wouldn’t expect that the training method I created would be more important than the magic weapon itself.”

When Ron said this, he suddenly showed a weird smile and added: “Once the marines verify how efficient is the mental power training, I bet it will be incorporated into the basic training curriculum for recruits… I wish I could see the expression on Zephyr’s face when that happens.”

“Zephyr? The former admiral?”

Hearing Ron’s words, Robin looked over in surprise, and said: “It seems that you had unpleasant experiences with the former general.”

“Huh…don’t know from where I should even start.”

Ron smiled, waved at Robin, beckoned her to sit down, and then started telling her about the time he was still a recruit at the marine headquarters’ barracks.

At the same time.

The top officers of the Marine Headquarters.

Except for Kuzan who did not show up since he was still in the pursuit of Big Mom, almost all the elite marine officers were gathered, including fleet admiral Sengoku, Garp, “Great Staff Officer” Tsuru, Akainu, Kizaru, and others.

Sengoku was sitting on the main seat, holding a document in his hand.

The content in the document was an all-round evaluation of spiritual power training.

“I thought that Ron surprised us enough already. But here he is, again, doing something unexpected.”

Kizaru, with his arms crossed, leaned on the back of his chair, saying in a leisurely tone.

Sengoku didn’t care about Kizaru’s attitude. He put down the documents in his hand and said solemnly: “This is the information about the spiritual power cultivation method and the results of various tests that were circulated along with the ‘magic weapon’ more than a month ago. “

Copies of the report were placed in front of the others.

Akainu didn’t say a thing, but Garp grinned as he ate his favorite rice crackers and said: “That kid was always unpredictable, Bwahahahaha.”

“According to the many tests conducted by the government, the cultivation of mental power really helps to reduce the difficulty to master Haki, and it can even improve the control over the devil fruit abilities…”

Both Kizaru and Akainu were looking through the documents with solemn eyes.

Tsuru turned the document to the last page and slowly said: “According to the evaluation and the above classification, this training showed a better effect on weaker people. It states that the stronger the person is, the stronger his mental power, so the effect of practicing spiritual power will be lower… That explains it. I tried the cultivation method, but it didn’t have much effect on me.”

Sengoku nodded, looked around, and said: “I also tried it, and the effect was not great for me either… That is to say, the people gathered here won’t benefit from this training system…”

Kizaru said: “If it was effective for people like us, then this kind of mental power cultivation method would be too scary…Even so, it is still so scary.”


Sengoku nodded and said: “Even for the vice-admirals, there was a certain effect, but the greater effect was noticed on those with average strength.”

“Originally, it would take them a few months to master Haki, but after they have cultivated their mental power, after one level of improvement, it took them half a month to master it.”

The impact on the top powerhouses was not too great, which means that it won’t cause much impact in a short period of time, but the problem was that the effect on the middle and lower combat power was too obvious!

This means that if the cultivation method of spiritual power was spread, the growth speed of the low-level characters will be increased drastically, and in no time, they will get stronger and stronger!

That was terrifying!

At that time, there were only 16 vice-admirals and 196 rear admirals.

That was the backbone of the marine’s normal development.

And with the bonus of the spiritual power training system, the growth speed of the lower ranks will be explosively improved, then officers with the strength of vice and rear admirals will emerge one after another, and their number may be doubled!

Also, it means that those people might reach the level of admirals at a young age!

The spiritual power cultivation method can completely change the future of the marines!

It will affect the whole world!

“We should have stopped such cultivation method from spreading as soon as we noticed it, but unfortunately we were slow to respond…” Sengoku said slowly.

Those matters that could have a great impact on the world, it would be better if it was controlled by the government and the marines. Unfortunately, they were slow to respond.

It took them a while to find out that Ron’s mental power training was far more terrifying than the magic weapons, and it has long been spread around the world and cannot be controlled.

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