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P.A.S Chapter 216: In Your Face Sensei

“Fortunately, the Haki training method is still considerably under control, and devil fruits are not that easy to obtain. The number of powerful pirates won’t increase that much.”

In the sea, there wasn’t that much different fighting style. The marine’s Rokushiki and Haki training systems were the best out there, and basically, no pirate had access to such systems.

They all had to learn that by intuition, by fighting, and trial and error.

Having the spiritual power training method without the Haki training method, was a bit meaningless, but this was only a limitation for those idle pirates…for those underground forces and large-scale organizations which have completed institutions, were beyond control.

Inevitably, they will spread both the spiritual power training and the Haki training method at the same time.

“The world is evolving so fast…”

Tsuru spoke slowly and said: “We must keep up with the progress of the world, Sengoku.”

Sengoku nodded and said: “Yes since we no longer have control over that, our only option is to move forward and get ahead of everyone. The spiritual training method must be adopted as one of the basic training for recruits.”

“And officers from all levels should undertake this training.”

Although everyone knew that it was the only solution they had, when Sengoku announced his decision, some of the vice-admirals could not help but squeeze the documents in their hands.

It was just…unimaginable.

Ron, a Shichibukai, forced the marine’s hand to follow his path.

He created a training system, a training system that could rival, or could be regarded as a necessity as the legendary marine martial arts style, the Rokushiki, making Ron standing on equal grounds with the one who created the marine fighting style!

What’s more…

The marine’s Rokushiki wouldn’t have the same effect as the mental power training methods on the world…The latter can literally rewrite the fkn world!

Ron with his system surpassed the marine’s Rokushiki!

Kizaru, Akainu, and the others were unable to keep calm. They were all aware of the impact of the spiritual power cultivation system on the world.

At that moment, Kizaru thought of something and suddenly lifted his chin.

“Ron created a basic training course! Teacher Zephyr won’t be happy.”

The marine headquarters’ barracks.

Zephyr, who just finished a training session, returned to his office.

“Whitebeard and Red hair met…”

He picked up an intelligence document on the table with a solemn expression in his eyes, then shook his head again.

He was no longer an admiral.

He was just the chief instructor of the boot camp.

He was only responsible for teaching the recruits. This kind of matter was no longer one of his concerns. It is Sengoku’s problem to deal with.

Zephyr continued to read the documents.

Turned to the news about the rapid development of Albares.


Zephyr’s face changed drastically.

It has annexed the Don Quixote family and has developed extremely fast in the world, and its ambition is obvious!

He always kept warning Sengoku…Ron’s ambition was definitely not justice. The kid had his own objectives, which was definitely a path different from justice.

“That kid should have been arrested when he rebelled against your orders…Sengoku. Things won’t end up well with that kid wandering free.” Zephyr said with a cold face.

He kept warning Sengoku, but he never listened to him.

He was really disappointed with Sengoku management at that time.

His actions were not decisive enough.

Zephyr kept reading for a little longer, then closed the document, and threw it to the corner of the table.

He had enough!

With Ron’s current development speed, it wasn’t impossible to see him as one of “Four Emperors”! He wanted to see Sengoku’s face when that happens!

Zephyr took a deep breath and leaned back on his chair.

At that moment, there was a knock on the door.

“Come in.”

Zephyr opened his eyes.

The door was pushed open, and a marine lieutenant came in with a document in his hand and placed it on the table in front of Zephyr.

He reported: “Zephyr chief Instructor, during the last meeting between the higher officers, it was decided to add a new basic course for the marine recruits. This is the course content.”


Zephyr sat up, picked up the file on the table, and said: “Spiritual cultivation?”

He showed a thoughtful look, then opened the file.

“It’s not that the government and the marines are falling behind without the use of such methods.”

The document didn’t include all the details about the method of cultivation, but the effect of such a system on various officers.

Zephyr, who didn’t care that much at the beginning, gradually sat up straight, showing a somewhat solemn gaze.

He was the chief instructor, so he knew this better than anyone! He instantly knew that the effect of this mental power cultivation method was extremely terrifying.

After reading the report, Zephyr breathed out slowly.

When he was young, if he had obtained this kind of cultivation method, followed it, he definitely would become an admiral several years earlier!

Many tragedies wouldn’t happen if he was stronger back then…

Zephyr continued to look through the document.

He flipped through the follow-up details about spiritual power training methods.


After reading the last word, he closed his eyes and thought for a moment. Although he didn’t try it yet, he could perceive that there shouldn’t be a problem with this method of cultivation.

As for the evaluation’s results, even if the effect was a bit exaggerated, the training method must be effective, and it can indeed reduce the difficulty of controlling Haki, especially with the Kenbunshoku Haki (Observation Haki).

“Not bad.”

Zephyr wanted to say it was good, but still, he was short of words.

He actually felt a little awkward, as the chief instructor of the new barracks, he actually wanted to create his own unique cultivation system, such as adding one more form to the marine’s Rokushiki.

It’s a pity that he spent a lot of energy on that but he never managed to come up with something suitable for recruits to practice, only forms suitable for people who already had a certain level of strength.

That was one of his regrets.

It was a great honor to add one form to the marine’s six powers, to leave a mark in the history of the marines that no one can erase.

Zephyr closed the document, looked at the lieutenant next to him, and said: “Who created this cultivation system?”


[It shouldn’t be him, his brain is just full of muscles, where does this creativity come from.]

[It is definitely not Sengoku, and the current three admirals were all my students… Maybe it was sent from the world government.]


[It’s possible.]

As Zephyr thought about the source of such a cultivation system, he reached out and picked up the teacup by the table.

“It’s from Albares… It is said that it was sorted out by that magician, the Shichibukai.”

Zephyr’s eyes widened, and he had that intense look on his face.

The teacup in his hand was fixed on his lips, just two centimeters away. It seemed as if he froze, unable to move a muscle.

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