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P.A.S Chapter 217: Change of Plan


The teacup in Zephyr’s hand couldn’t bear the pressure of his fingers. It shattered into pieces and scattered everywhere. The tea dripped between Zephyr’s fingers.

The lieutenant next to him fell silent immediately, he felt a terrifying aura resonating from Zephyr. He was confused, he didn’t understand what was going on.


Zephyr didn’t speak, nor could the lieutenant say a word.

No matter who created this mental power training system, he would praise him for his brilliance, whether it was Garp, Sengoku, or the government.

But since it was Ron alone who made it, he couldn’t accept it.

Zephyr and Ron’s ideologies were completely contradictory from the beginning.

Just like those swordsmen who just value kendo, and those people who value the ability of devil fruits, the former thinks that kendo is the strongest and the latter thinks otherwise, that devil fruit’s abilities are the most powerful.

And at that moment it felts as if Ron was trying to force his hand, to make it seem as if his ideology was the right one to follow.

How could he accept that!?

What he has been struggling to do for ages, one of his ultimate regrets was easily done by one of the people who disagreed with his opinions. Isn’t this proof that everything he believed in, what he did was complete nonsense that could be thrown away?!

Shame, anger…

Zephyr’s spirit became a little trance.

World government.

In the top office.

The five elders were also discussing the issue of the spiritual power training system.

“He really came up with something dangerous…”

“We reacted too late.”

Their expressions were extremely solemn.

The idea of the spread of such mental power cultivation system on the world and its impact was so terrifying.

It was more terrifying than the existence of the Four Emperors!

Even more terrifying than the revolutionary army!

With their internal conflicts, the Four Emperors were not a threat to the world government ruling, and at most, they would rule the new world separately.

Although the revolutionary army’s objective was to overthrow the world government, with their current strength, they weren’t considered a major threat. They could only act secretly underground, maybe in three- or five-years things might change.

But the mental power training system was different.

Once it spreads, it would inevitably lead to a surge in the number of strong people on the sea!

The mental power training system did not have much effect on the top powerhouses, but once the strength of the medium and low-level pirates increases sharply, the strength of the upper-level powers will increase accordingly. The top powerhouses like the Four Emperors will have more followers, their crews will be several times larger!

This definitely will shake the whole world!

If they were aware of this one month earlier, they would have pressed down the mental power cultivation system at all costs, just like they erased any information about the void century, or just suppress it and make it completely under the government’s control.

But at that time, it’s too late, it’s already spread all over Albares, and Ron didn’t restrict the spread of the spiritual power cultivation system from the beginning, that large number of sea forces obtained this system.

“Sengoku decided to incorporate the mental power training system into the basic curriculum for the marine recruits.”

“That’s the only solution we have in hands.”

Although the five elders wanted to completely suppress the spread of the training system, they were aware that it was too late and the decision made by Sengoku was for the best.

After all, the pirates are chaotic and difficult to organize.

Although this kind of training system will bring about tremendous changes to the world, the government and the marines can still be a step ahead of everyone.

Letting the mental power training system become a basic course for recruits will increase the strength of the marines as quickly as possible…

As long as they are the leading force, even if the number of strong men in the world increases sharply, their soldiers would easily suppress the situation.

“Just like the marines, it is planned to incorporate the new system in the basic course for government escorts and spy agencies. In addition, we must try our best to limit the spread of this system in the sea.”

The five elders discussed and gradually made a unified decision.

And just when they were about to give orders, suddenly a guard pushed open the door of the hall, walked in, then saluted the five elders with a solemn expression:

“…Imu-Sama summoned you.”


When the five elders heard that, their expressions changed.

After looking at each other, all five of them stood up immediately.

“It seems it’s time…”

One of the five elders spoke in a deep voice. With a respectful expression on their faces, the five elders followed the guard out, all the way to the depths of Pangaea Castle.

In a room full of trees and flowers, a figure was standing quietly, behind it, a sword was inserted diagonally into the ground, piercing a photo.

“Imu-Sama, they are all here.” Said the guard.

At that moment, five figures walked in and as soon as they saw the black figure, they kneeled down.

The five elders noticed the sword inserted on the ground between them and saw the picture pierced by it.

It was Ron’s picture.

Green Bit.

Inside the Albares Guild, in the highest room.

Ron was sitting on a chair, holding a fruit with a strange pattern on the surface. The fruit was shaking constantly, withering and blackening at a speed visible to the naked eye.


Ron took a deep breath with his eyes closed and then threw the fruit, which became rotten, on the ground.

The rotten fruit quickly turned into black smoke and dissipated.

It was a devil fruit, collected by the Don Quixote family… No, it should be said that collected by the Albares Guild. A new devil fruit obtained through the channels of the Albares Guild.

When Ron first defeated Doflamingo and took control of Don Quixote, he found three devil fruits hidden in the castle safely.

In the past few months, he obtained two more through follow-up channels. The one he just swallowed was the third one, raising the number of swallowed devil fruits to 12 in total.

Relying on the Devil Fruits, Ron got a 60-point spiritual increase so far.

Ron almost explored all the magic systems he could explore with his current mental strength, and since the space system was very difficult, for the last period, Ron focused on his training in improving his spiritual power, which enhanced by a lot…reaching 56 points derived from personal cultivation.

The total achievement points reached 144 points.

In the process of annexing the Don Quixote family, two achievements were completed, ‘Prestige I’ and ‘Children of the Sea’. The former’s condition was to protect an island from pirates, that they would not dare to invade, while the latter’s condition was to live in the sea for 1000 days.

In addition, with Mansherry becoming one of the guild ministers, Robin, Nami, and others’ mental powers breaking through the 100-point limit, brought him a total of 25 spiritual attributes.

Ron’s total mental attributes have reached 335 points!

Everything was going as he expected. After the annexation of the Don Quixote family, the improvement of his spiritual attributes entered an explosive stage. In just a few months, it was increased by more than 30 points, which should help him to explore new forms of magic.

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