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P.A.S Chapter 218: Who to Provoke

“I still have no clue about the third-level space system magic.”

Ron rubbed his brows.

During the last period, he was exploring the space magic, but unfortunately, he didn’t make any progress, failed to find a lead to unlock the third-level space magic.

However, this last period confirmed Ron’s judgment, that is, his current mental power was still not enough to explore the new level of space magic.

Eternal magic was so complex after all. The exploration difficulty of space magic was a bit higher than that of the guardian and necromancy system.

The mental attributes of more than 300 points were enough to explore the fourth-level of the elemental systems, the fourth-level of special systems, and the third-level of guardian and Necromancy systems, but it was not enough to explore the third-level of the space system.

“Is it necessary to break through 500 spiritual attributes to be able to explore the third-level magic of the space system? No, there shouldn’t be such a big gap… 400 points should be enough.”

Ron thought in his heart.

Stepping from 200 to 300 points, there was a small improvement, so, most probably stepping from 300 to 400, he should witness a better development. Although it wouldn’t be as large as the transformation he had stepping from 50 to 100, or from 100 to 200 points, it would definitely help to discover the higher levels of magic.

Ron’s total mental attribute reached 335 points, and after he completely annexed the Don Quixote family, more and more devil fruits should be collected. In addition, his total achievement point has reached 144 points, and it was not very far from the expected next extraction, at 150 points. His strengths will evolve soon!

Ron pondered, soon, all the wizard towers on Dressrosa’s side should be completed, leaving Miss Goldenweek and the others in charge, he should be able to go out a little bit.

It was time to go out, clean up the achievement that could be accomplished, boosting his achievement points.


Although the exploration of the third-level of space magic was a bit frustrating, he successfully explored another second-level space magic.


Yes! The newly mastered second-level space magic was pure spatial movement!

There was no need to carry out any coordinate replacement between substances, as long as it is within the range covered by his mental perspective, he can flash there in an instant!

This was the ability Ron has always wanted most! He has finally mastered it.

With this ability, it can be said that even if he was in the territory of one of the Four Emperors, the headquarters of the marines, he would dare to break in alone, and easily retreat after making a riot!

Although Ron has not yet reached the apex of this world, in terms of defense and the ability to protect his own alive, only a few people in this world could surpass him.

“I really want to make a scene in one of the Four Emperors Territories…”

Ron looked out the window and couldn’t help but smile.

Even though his spiritual attributes were far beyond ordinary people, even if his thinking speed was no longer comparable to that of mortals, his mind, ideas, and perspectives still have not changed much! He still has human blood and passion.

Relying on his ability to forcibly break into the territory of one of the Four Emperors, making a riot, and then leaving under the angry gazes of the Yonko and his captains, was a fancy idea that made Ron’s eyes twinkle with excitement.

[As soon as Dressrosa’s defense line is completely settled, why not?]

Ron thought to himself.

[Whom to attack?]

Big Mom was already a lost cause. So, the remaining choices are either Whitebeard, Red Hair, or Kaido. Whitebeard was already alerted, and about to start the Paramount War, so it is a bad idea to meddle with his affairs at the moment. That leaves Red Hair and Kaido.

“Kaido… or Red hair?”

Ron pondered for a moment.

He was most familiar with the Beasts Pirates, as for the Red-haired Pirates, he didn’t know that much about them…but Albares was still having some business with the Beasts Pirates.

In comparison, he had no relation with the Red hair pirates. Ron should be able to fight a few members of the Redhead Pirates with no problem.

“To resist one of the four emperors’ attack and retreat unscathed was already sensational. Let alone invading their territory and making a fuss! Such an event will probably occupy the whole front page of the newspaper?”

Ron touched his chin and thought.

To be the talk of newspapers was one of the achievements, and also prestige was something Ron needed.

It’s settled then!

“It’s a pity that this ability consumes a lot of mental power…”

Ron stroked the armrest of the chair, the whole person disappeared with a click, reappearing by the window. His fingers lightly swept across the windowsill as he looked at the sky outside.

This ability of teleportation had neither cooling time nor release time, it was similar to Switch in a way.

If there was any shortcoming, it would be the mental strength consumption.

Compared with the enhanced version of Switch, teleportation consumes more mental power.

The cost of the second-level magic of original eternal systems is higher than that of the third-level of the elemental system, which is basically similar to the third-level of special systems. The magic consumption of teleportation was even greater. It was somewhat close to the consumption of the fourth-level of elemental magic.

Even Ron, who had a mental attribute of over 300 points, couldn’t afford such consumption. Hence, he wouldn’t be able to use this ability as he pleases.

Fortunately, teleport wasn’t the only ability he got on his sleeve. ‘Switch’ can still be used.

The cost of Switch was much smaller, and Ron could use it casually. Ron decided to keep teleporting as his ace ability, and that he wouldn’t use it unless a coordinate replacement was not suitable.

Ron looked up at the sky outside the window.

After a while, he suddenly narrowed his eyes and moved his gaze to the door of the room.


Ron’s figure disappeared out of thin air.

Outside the room.

Robin was about to push the door! And out of nowhere, a hand touched her shoulder abruptly, making her stiff instantly.


Without hesitation, Robin rushed forward into the room, exuded mental power instantly toward the back, and at the same time crossed her arms to activate the Hana Hana no Mi ability.

Robin’s mental power directly collided with the stranger’s strong aura, and it was blocked in an instant, however, she managed to catch and restrain the ‘attacker’.

But seeing the attacker’s appearance clearly, Robin suddenly sighed.

“Ho! Not bad! That was even a bit scary.”

Ron didn’t care about the dozen or so arms that came out of his body that restrained him, looked at Robin, and said: “I’m relieved. It is been a while since the last time you encountered any crisis, yet you didn’t lose your touch! You became a true magician..”

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