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P.A.S Chapter 219: Gaze

“President, your sense of humor is getting worse and worse.”

Robin said blankly.

Ron laughed and said: “I was just testing the new space magic…did the last batch of materials arrive?”

“It was just delivered.”

Robin nodded slightly. She looked at Ron, her eyes gleaming with a strange light, and said: “There is one more thing to report…The mental power training method you created, President, was added as a basic course for the marine recruits yesterday.”

Ron blinked when he heard the words, and then chuckled.

“The marines and the world government are not as pedantic as I thought.”

After all, mental power training was created by a Shichibukai, who had rebelled against the marines. Ron initially felt that the world government would secretly spread this training method to train the middle and lower-level officers of the marines, but he never expected them to publicly use it as a basic course without cover.

But it is understandable.

Mental power training can bring great change to the marines, enough to double its overall strength in a few years. With such a huge improvement to gain, they had to turn a blind eye to the source of the training system. They swallowed their pride for the greater good.

And to stabilize the morale of their army, they would just add a sentence stating that a true soldier should learn from his enemy, to adapt, to finally destroy him.

“President, you really have carved your name in history!”

With one arm in front of her, supporting the elbow of the other arm, she said: “As the founder of the mental training system, even after your death, you will not be forgotten. This is your legacy.”

“Won’t be forgotten after my death?”

Ron curled his lips and said: “I won’t die… But then again, even if I did, not only will I not be forgotten, but I will be regarded as a God.”

It was difficult for a living person to become a god, but once he is dead, is a different story. For instance, take the example of the first sage who created kendo. He was only the world’s number one swordsman when he was alive. He was respected by countless people, but once he died, he became the enshrined deity of that era, and he was regarded as a god for hundreds of years afterward.

But for Ron, it was too early to speak of death and becoming a god.

What he wanted more was to witness the world’s change in person.

“Let’s go.”

Ron walked toward the door.

Robin followed.

The two soon arrived at the port of Dressrosa, where several ships were docked unloading the requested sea stone floors.

Ron stepped forward, put a hand on one of the seastones, and then nodded as his mental energy swept over many of the stones on the boat and on the dock.

“This is a fine purity. We have no problem.”

Saying this, Ron reached out and lifted up a few stones, then flew to the designed spot.

The plan was to set a total of one hundred wizard towers in Dressrosa. More than 80 of them were already built, as for the remaining ones, they were designed for the outer layer.

Ron quickly flew to one of these spots, dropped the Kairōseki to the predetermined position, and then after some adjustments, he inscribed it with the runes.

A wizard tower was built in no time by Ron as if it was a trivial matter.

With enough Kairōseki towers delivered, in half a day, Ron completed the construction of the planned wizard towers, including the ones for Green bit, a total of 150.

Green bit’s 50 and Dressrosa’s 100 towers echo each other, perfectly covering all areas of the two islands.

“That’s it! We are done.”

Flying in the air, looking at the two islands below, sensing the 150 magic towers, Ron stretched his body, twisted his neck, and exhaled.

With these 150 magic towers, as long as it is not one of the Four Emperors Pirate Groups, there should be a problem, even if one of the Four Emperors decided to came here alone, Ron was confident enough to blast him/her out.

Even if he was not there, relying on Nami, Robin, and the others to manipulate these 150 wizard towers, the guild and the two islands should be safe.

“Huh, with this done, I feel so relieved.”

After handling the delivery of the remaining raw materials of sea stone, Robin joined Ron in the sky and took a look at the 150 wizard towers covering the two islands.

Ron nodded in satisfaction, but out of nowhere, he suddenly frowned inexplicably. His facial expression changed.


“what happened?”

Robin noticed Ron’s abnormality.

Ron frowned slightly and said: “I felt that someone was spying on us, strange…”

His 300-point mental power was released, covering a range of thousands of meters with his mental perspective, but he couldn’t find anything.

Was it an illusion?

Ron shook his head and said: “Maybe I was wrong…Let’s go back.”

Robin watched Ron return to the guild with a thoughtful look, but didn’t say anything, and just followed him.

Ron went directly to his room. He laid down on the sofa, releasing his spirit. His soul floated directly out of his body.

He definitely felt something earlier! It wasn’t an illusion, he had this obnoxious feeling before, and his instincts tell him that something was wrong. Something happened!

He definitely felt like someone was staring at him…But he couldn’t find anything earlier with his mental perspective. Maybe the spy possessed some kind of strange ability, which means finding wouldn’t be an easy task.


Ron’s soul floated out of his body, flew over the sea, and went to Dressrosa to investigate.

In this state, as a spirit, his mental perspective was more powerful. His sigh could pass through countless buildings, and the human figures become just outlines.


After a careful search, after even taking a look at the palace bathrooms, he still didn’t find anything unusual.

From waters to mirrors, to shadows… Everything, where someone might hide, was carefully explored by Ron, but nothing was found.

“Can’t find it…”

Ron frowned.

He was almost certain that it was not an illusion! It was real!

Ron returned to Green bit, and the soul returned to his body. He opened his eyes, showing a pensive look, and began to recall everything that happened before.

As a person who foresaw countless events, he trusted his hunches! Ron judged that there was absolutely something happening in the shadows!

What he felt was definitely a sign that something big was about to happen.

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