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P.A.S Chapter 220: Just Leave

Ron carefully went through what happened in the last period.

Feuding with Doflamingo, becoming a marine, leaving the marine, killing the Moria, killing Crocodile, destroying the Big Mom pirate group, and finally the assassination attempt…

After thinking about it for a while, the only person who held a grudge against him should be Big Mom, but she was still in the run…being chased by Kuzan, and the most important thing was that Big Mom wouldn’t give him that dangerous feeling.

The feeling of being spied on…Big Mom would go on a rampage if she ever faced him again….

For Ron, who had strong mental power and extremely keen perception, he felt like being stabbed by a needle, clear and obvious, and very dangerous.

Magic weapons…

Spiritual power training system…

The marines and world government…

Ron thought about everything, one by one. At last, he thought of something vaguely, and his eyes couldn’t help blinking.

“Is that it…”

“It should be!”

“Only those guys would make me feel that way!”

After thinking about it, Ron took a deep breath. He stood up and left his room. He spread his mental power instantly throughout the guild, reaching Nami, Robin, and all the cadres.

Whether they were making magic weapons, drinking tea, reading a book, or bathing, the moment they were touched by Ron’s mental power, they all raised at once and rushed over.

A few minutes later.

Nami, Robin, Perona, and the others all came to the top of the guild.

“All of you should leave at once.”

As they arrived, without delay, Ron said those words in a deep voice. The expressions on Nami, Robin, and the others’ faces changed slightly.

“What happened?”

Nami couldn’t help asking.

Ron was so serious, something went wrong, and it was obviously not a trivial matter to have all of them leave the guild.

“Not sure yet, but something very dangerous is about to happen…”

Ron looked at Nami and said: “You must leave this area. The grand line isn’t safe either. Go to one of the four seas!”

Hearing Ron’s words, the eyes of Nami and others changed completely.

That was not a joke!

The fact that they had to leave the guild and not even stay in the grand line shows that the danger was probably unimaginable.

But they couldn’t understand it! All the wizard towers had been built and placed, and even the Four Emperors shouldn’t be able to have their way. Still, Ron felt it was so dangerous?

What the hell is happening?!

“The world Government? Ancient weapons?”

Robin stared solemnly and uttered two words.

Even if the Four Emperors couldn’t threaten Ron and them at the moment, the only force that would make Ron act that way is the world government!


Ron nodded and said: “I’m not sure, but there is a huge chance that this has something to do with the world government. Still, no matter what, it is extremely dangerous for you to stay here. “

“This time the danger must be directed at me. They wouldn’t care if you leave… Also don’t go directly to the sea, fly to the sky island first.”

Hearing Ron’s words, Nami couldn’t help asking: “The world government? Why? You helped them defeat one of the four emperors, and we also concluded the magic weapon deal with them, why would they come after you?”

“I am not sure as well.”

Ron said slowly: “But things aren’t looking good.”

Robin looked at Ron and said: ” Since it’s so dangerous that we can’t do a thing even with the magic towers, you’d better leave with us, President.”

“No, I have to stay.”

Ron suddenly chuckled and said: “I am the enemy’s target. I am the one who is locked in. You aren’t safe unless we go in separate ways.”

“And if I leave this place, there is a risk that they might go after you, to force my hand. It’s better if I stay here. Also, it is not easy to deal with me.”


Nami bit her lip.

Since that time, when she initially rescued him from Arlong, Ron has been repaying her kindness. He already did more than enough to pay his debt, that she feels that she is the one who owes him a lot.

Yet, in the face of unknown danger, Ron did not hesitate to let her leave first.

Robin closed her eyes slightly.

Ron was her president, a leader different from anyone she has ever encountered. Whether it was Crocodile or anyone else, in case of danger, the first idea that came to their mind is to sell out their subordinates or to sacrifice them to buy some time to flee, to protect themselves. They were all selfish. They would break others down to build themselves up.

But Ron was different.

In a dire situation, in times of danger, he puts everyone’s interest above his own. He would put himself in danger just to make sure everyone is safe…

“Go away.”

Robin closed her eyes briefly, then looked at Nami with a stern look.

Nami couldn’t help but say: “What are you talking about, Robin?”

“We will only drag him down if we stay here. We may become his weakness. We will be used to threaten the president…it is better if we leave here.”

Robin slowly said: “You should be the one who knows best what our president is capable of. He is so strong and without us, he would be able to fight free and retreat at will if things go south.”

Nami couldn’t help gritting her teeth.

But she knew that Robin was right. She knows well that among them only miss Goldenweek was qualified to stay and help Ron.

“Just leave.”

Ron also spoke slowly and said: “When it is over, I will come to find you.”

Perona, Mansherry, and the others looked at each other, and they all could notice how worried everyone was, by the look on their faces.

“I will stay.”

Nami took a deep breath, made her mind, and then said: “No matter what happens, someone must stay to relay information.”

Her eyes were firm.

Ron and Nami kept looking at each other.

At that moment, there was no need to say a word, the look on Nami’s face was enough to make Ron see her determination. A determination that will not waver in any case.


Ron finally nodded and said: “However, if you are willing to help, you need to go Punk hazard, which is not far from here.”

After a few seconds of silence, Nami nodded.

“Everyone else is leaving.”

Ron looked at the others, said without letting out a single sign of doubt.

Robin looked at Ron quietly for a few seconds, then said: “Everyone should go the sky island as the president said. I will go to Kaido to deliver the new artificial devil fruit.”

Robin was aware that all the cadres shouldn’t just leave at once and that at least one of them has to attract a little attention.

Ron looked at Robin and nodded: “Okay, Miss Goldenweek will accompany you.”

It was true that Miss Goldenweek could help him if she remains, but Ron thought that he should clean this mess alone this time. As for Goldenweek, she would be of great help assisting Robin.

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