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P.A.S Chapter 221: They Think Highly Of Me


Next to the King’s Plateau, the Flower Hill.

In the garden, Rebecca, Princess of Dressrosa, wearing a white princess dress with light yellow shoulders, sat on the grass and looked ahead attentively.

In front of her, Ron was sitting with one hand stretched towards the sky.

In his palm, countless streams of water flowed and converged, separated into drops of water, clear and transparent, just like gems, and then they quickly gathered and surged towards the sky, like a yearning water spirit.

As the water rose to the top of Ron’s head, a cold current surged, slowly transforming the water into ice. After a few seconds, the ice cracked and grew into frost flowers.

Ron swept over the frosty flowers with his right hand, and picked the largest and most delicate one from the top, shaking his fingers gently, letting the frosty flower fly towards Rebecca.


Rebecca looked at the approaching ice flower with sparkling eyes, then opened her palms to hold it.


Rebecca’s eyes were full of excitement as she looked at the crystal flower.

Ron came to the palace as a guest, and then she accompanied him for a walk around the King’s Plateau. During their walk, Rebecca was talking passionately about the fact that Ron was a magician, and that she has been waiting for a while, to have a chance to see his magic. As a consequence, Ron made that performance to please the princess.

Ron smiled slightly as the remaining ice flowers in his hand melted into water.

“Want to learn?”

“Oh, can I?”

Rebecca looked at Ron cheerfully.

In fact, Rebecca’s talent was also good. After all, she managed to use the Observation Haki without anyone teaching her a thing. Combined with her speed and reflexes, she was even able to avoid Cavendish’s slashes in his Hakuba version. There was no doubt about her spiritual talent.

Although this was due to the extensive training she had with Kyros, but she wouldn’t reach such a level without an unexceptional will and talent.

Unfortunately, there was no more magic mark to grant.

“Of course.”

Ron smiled and took out a small notebook from his pocket. With a flick of his finger, a pen appeared in his hand, and then he started writing notes.

In a few moments, a piece of spiritual power cultivation method was written.

Although there was no magic mark, Ron thought of letting Rebecca cultivate spiritual power first, wait until he gets more achievement points, get more magic marks, and then grant her one.


Ron handed the notebook to Rebecca.

Rebecca took the note with great joy, and said with excitement: “…thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

Ron lightly smiled and said: “Everyone can learn magic, and I will make sure that everyone will have a chance to. Hum, I should go back.”

“Are you leaving already?”

Rebecca stood up with Ron, a trace of regret flashed in the depths of her eyes, but she still smiled and said: “Then I will send you back.”

Ron waved his hand with a faint smile and said: “No, I will go on my own, still, if you want to learn magic, you need to practice hard.”

When the voice fell, Ron flew away.

Rebecca silently pressed the note to her chest as she looked at Ron’s figure gradually disappearing.

Leaving Flower Hill, Ron did not return directly to Green Bit, instead, he wandered in Dressrosa streets.

After Doflamingo was overthrown, the toys disappeared and without them, the country of Deressrosa indeed lost a lot of laughter. The number of visiting princes and nobles decreased drastically.

Letting toys work and promote the economy of the entire country was certainly unfair to the people who become toys, but it really made Dressrosa an economically prosperous country.

And at that time, even though King Riku was trying his best to seek development, the current country state cannot be compared with that when Doflamingo was king.

Ron sighed softly.

But it’s okay.

The transformation of the great magical world has begun. This country will become a pioneer country of magic, and so will Alabasta.

Once it becomes the birthplace of magic, no matter how poor the country is, it can prosper. Dressrosa will recover and reach new heights.

Ron walked the street without concealing his presence. All the people who saw him looked at him with respect.

“…It’s Mr. Ron!”

“Mr. Ron, would you like to come in and try some cake?”

Many people greeted Ron kindly and respectfully.

Ron smiled and waved.

This was what he wanted, to be respected wherever he goes. He liked that feeling.

As Ron continued to walk forward, the street gradually quieted down.

Many people on both sides of the street stopped their movements, and their eyes moved from Ron to the front of the street where several figures in white robes appeared.

Their faces were covered by masks, and no one could see their specific expressions and appearances, but their identities were known to all.

The strongest intelligence organization under the world government.


Among the Cipher Pol’s organizations, CP-0 to 8 were all public, and CP-0 was the highest force. Only CP-9 was a secret organization hidden in the dark.

“That’s… CP0!”

“What are they doing here?”

The many people watching the scene were stunned.

Ron also stopped and looked at the three CP-0 members who appeared ahead.

“At last.”

Ron’s eyes were calm as if he was expecting them, he just looked at the CP-0 agents, unfazed.

The CP-0 trio was glaring at Ron.

After a few seconds, one of them stepped forward, looked at the people on the street, and slowly said: “The Shichibukai, Ron the magician, maliciously started a war, destroyed the stability of the world, cooperated with the revolutionary army, and secretly plotted to overthrow the world government. He is now considered as the most dangerous criminal in the world!”

“Hereby, the world government deprived him of his title as a Shichibukai! Arrest him!”

The voice was not loud, but it exploded in the street like thunder.


“This this……”

“Cooperate with the Revolutionary Army? How could Mr. Ron…impossible?!”

The people on the street were almost in an uproar, and countless people showed incredible expressions.

Ron looked calm.

He was not angry. Since the government decided to attack him, it was normal to splash mud on his image. To deprive him of the title of Shichibukai, it was necessary to give a reasonable reason.

“Just you?”

Ron looked at the CP-0 trio in front of him, and slowly said: “Are there others? Come out together.”

Since they want to arrest him, there was no way the world government would just dispatch three agents of CP-0 to get him.

With Ron’s voice falling.

A slightly helpless voice came from the side of the street, saying: “Huh, I didn’t want to participate in this, but It can’t be helped… It is an order from the higher-ups…”

A man wearing a yellow plaid shirt and a marine cloak of justice came over, having a helpless look on his face.

Vice-admiral, admiral candidate…Tokikake!

Ron looked at him silently.

A bright golden beam flashed.

A figure draped in the marine cloak of justice appeared on the roof of the building to the left of Ron.

“For the government to declare you the most dangerous criminal in the world was a little bit beyond my expectation, but when I think about it carefully, I may agree with that. This old man didn’t want to come to handle such troublesome matter.”

Marine admiral…Kizaru!

Ron glanced at Kizaru, but did say a word, looked to the right, and at the end of the street, he saw another tall figure wearing a marine justice cloak walking slowly.

He was wearing a dark red suit decorated with what appears to be a pink rose on his left buttonhole.

Marine admiral…Akainu!

Ron looked at Akainu who walked over without saying a word, suddenly smiled and said: “Hoho! The world government really thinks highly of me! Two admirals, one candidate, plus CP-0… Oh, and another one.”

Having said that, Ron looked diagonally to the street on the left.

He saw a one-armed man with purple hair slowly approaching.

Former admiral…Zephyr!

Three CP-0 seniors, two admirals, an admiral candidate, and a former admiral! That was the lineup send by the world government!

Seven enemies, standing in all directions. Even if there was no momentum, even if no one had acted, an atmosphere of despair filled the whole street.

This is a lineup the world government would send to destroy something at all costs!

This is a lineup to face one of the Four Emperors!

With Aokiji chasing Big Mom, the remaining two admirals, CP0, as well as Tokikake and Zephyr were dispatched…Even the fleet admiral does not have such great authority, and the five elders wouldn’t make such a decision on their own leaving Mary Geoise, the marine headquarters undefended.

It was clear as day for Ron, such a decision could only be made by the real supreme existence of the world government, Im-Sama! The individual bearing the highest sovereignty within the World Government, whom even the Five Elders bow down to.

Only that person would make the Five Old desperate, issuing unprecedented instructions to completely obliterate Ron at all costs!

Bodyfall sfx.

Someone fell to the ground with a shock on his face.

Almost all the people on the street had an unbelievable look at that moment.

They could recognize CP0 and the epaulets of the admirals. Even if they couldn’t recognize Zephyr and Tokikake, the formation they could recognize was already breathtaking.

What a scene is this!?

Two admirals cooperating with CP-0 to surround Ron alone!?

“Sorry, in order to avoid unnecessary accidents, please leave here soon…” One of CP-0 turned his head to look at the people on the street.

The people with dull faces and trembling gazes, after hearing CP-0’s words, barely recovered, and then almost all of them started running away.

At that moment, no one had the luxury to think about Ron as a criminal or a traitor colluding with the revolutionary army.

Their minds were almost blank.

They could only think about what was about to happen! Something big was about to happen!

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