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P.A.S Chapter 222: The Most Dangerous Criminal

Marine headquarters.

In the top office.

“Why did you send them to kill Ron!? How did it come to this Sengoku-San? Did the people of the world government lost their minds?!”

Gion stood in front of the desk, speaking angrily.

Sengoku replied in a deep voice: “It was an order issued by the five elders. The government must have discovered something. We must trust their decisions.”

“Trust what exactly?!”

Gion gritted his teeth and said: “Not long ago, Ron assisted us in destroying the Big Mom Pirate Group! Joining with the Revolutionary Army to overthrow the world government!? What a ridiculous conclusion!”

The order for the elimination of Ron was issued by the world government. In addition to Tokikake, Gion also received the order, but she did not comply and went directly back to the marine headquarters to meet Sengoku.

She fought side by side with Ron on Whole Cake Island. With Ron’s assistance, she managed to kill one of the sweet generals. The marines literally managed to destroy the Big Mom Pirates thanks to Ron, which made the decision to get rid of him impossible to accept for her.

“Are you questioning the world government?!”

Sengoku raised his voices, scolding Gion.

Gion’s clenched fists trembled for a while, turned to look to the side, and said: “Garp! How can you ignore this matter!”


Garp was sitting on the sofa, slowly eating his rice crackers, and then said: “If the government issued such an order, then Ron must have crossed some line, engaged in taboo activities.”

“But still…following the government’s orders.”

The Great Staff Officer Tsuru had her hands crossed behind her back, stood there with a deep gaze, and said: “Ron is not what you think he is. He killed Doflamingo and annexed the Don Quixote family, no matter what his purpose was. He has changed…He is not what he used to be.”

“Ron wiped out Three Shichibukai and assisted the marines in destroying the Big Mom Pirate Group, which is certainly a contribution to justice, but they were also his enemy. Nothing is clear…We don’t know if his ultimate objective was actually justice or something else…But his actions disturbed the sea stability.”

“Since he set foot on the sea, except for East Blue, which was in peace thanks to him for a while, the entire grand line has been in turmoil. Although it may appear that he was serving justice on the surface, I am afraid that was just a mask to hide his true ambition.”

Hearing Tsuru’s words, Gion couldn’t help saying: “But that can’t…”

Her tone has weakened.

Tsuru glanced at her and said: ” I’ve always had this theory that maybe the war between the marines and Big Mom was planned by him. At first, I thought it was impossible to orchestrate such a plan, but after he creates the spiritual cultivation system, the possibility that the war was his doing became very high.”

Gion’s face changed when she heard this.

When Sengoku saw Gion calm down by Tsuru’s words, his serious face eased a little. He sat back behind his desk and said: “No matter what, Ron has to be eliminated. At least to maintain the balance of the sea. His existence disturbed the balance of the world.”


Gion was speechless for a while, then finally sighed.

Her struggle was meaningless.

Even if she did not support this course of action, she couldn’t change what was about to happen.

Two admirals, Kizaru and Akainu, admiral candidate Tokikake, former admiral Zephyr who volunteered to join, plus the high-level members of CP-0, such fighting power could be used against an entire fleet of the four emperor pirates, let alone killing Ron…

But Ron’s name will not disappear completely, because it was no longer possible to contain the mental power cultivation method, and it has already spread all over the world.

Even if he died on the sea, his name will remain known as long as people are using his creative spiritual power cultivation method, which most probably will not disappear for hundreds of years.

Despite what Tsuru said, at least in Gion’s view, everything Ron has done so far has contributed paved a solid foundation for the world.


Ron stood alone in the middle of the street.

He just looked at the admirals around him, CP0. There was no fear in his eyes, but instead, he became very calm.

No one made a move. Everyone was staring at Ron. The CP-0 trio locked Ron with their sight, and Akainu was standing with his usual angry face, with fists melted into magma.

This was an impenetrable siege. After all, Ron was just a Shichibukai, and everyone present could be regarded as a strong man standing at the top of the sea. But, Pride was in the way!

“So, who’s first?”

Ron spoke lightly.

Neither the Tokikake nor Kizaru had any intention to do anything. Akainu’s melted fist gradually spread to the entire arm, but before he made a move, someone took the lead and walked towards Ron first.


Former admiral Zephyr.

“Maybe this old man really despises you, Ron.”

Zephyr stepped towards Ron and slowly said: “Maybe this old man is too stubborn, and the path you chose was not completely wrong, and it has its merits.”

Although Zephyr’s heart and mind were almost distorted that he wanted to wipe out all the pirates, Ron was not one! He spoke his own mind.

Ron created a spiritual power training method and became a basic course for the marines. This was a huge achievement. Zephyr cannot erase it, nor will he belittle it because of his personal emotions.

“It’s not easy to get your approval.”

Ron looked at Zephyr who came by and said lightly.

Zephyr walked in front of Ron and slowly said: “You are outstanding. You have taken an alternative but meaningful path. You proved that my previous evaluation of you was wrong…I recognize you… But you became a danger to this world, your excellence marked you as a man to be eliminated.”

Along with the order issued by the government to kill Ron, there was a report on everything Ron had done, and Zephyr went through it all.

Ron broke his pride and made him realize that his path wasn’t the only righteous one, but at the same time, after learning what Ron had done…It made him more certain that Ron was a threat…

If Ron didn’t create the mental power training method, in his opinion, he wouldn’t be able to surpass the level of the Shichibukai. He would never become a top power without exercising his physical skills and increase his proficiency in the use of Haki. At that time, even if the government issued an order to kill him. He would not come.

But as things stand, being able to create a spiritual power training system, in the future, in his opinion, Ron truly has the talent and aptitude to become a top power.

Such a danger must be eliminated, and there must be no mercy.

It was a kindness that screwed Zephyr after all.

“Leave this matter to this old man.”

Zephyr’s stretched out his left hand from the coat, armament Haki aroused and condensed, making his arm pitch black in an instant.


In the next moment, Zephyr’s figure flickered came to Ron, and hit him with a fist.

He threw a punch at Ron with all his might. He didn’t hold back as he did in their first fight in the marine barracks. He really went all out, not just knowing that Ron has become stronger, but this time he was after Ron’s life!


Zephyr swung his fist towards Ron, but it did not reach Ron’s body. It fell on the void armor that Ron had already released. The void armor that was invisible to the naked eye rippled, but it was not broken. Not even cracked.


Ron didn’t make any move, he didn’t even lift his hands, just stood there looking at Zephyr, and sighed.

When he first joined the marines, Ron was like a small ant compared to the admiral’s strength which seemed like a massive mountain. Zephyr at that time could easily defeat him even without using all his power.

But now.

Zephyr couldn’t shatter his void armor even with a full swing. He didn’t even make him take a step back.

With his current condition, with a missing arm, Zephyr’s strength was nothing compared to the current admirals. Age got the better of him, plus he has not fought against a strong opponent for many years… He was rusty.

Zephyr’s current strength was probably not even as good as the admiral candidate Tokikake over there.

Zephyr time has passed! He lost his edge…

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