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P.A.S Chapter 223: Ron vs Borsalino

Swinging a punch with all his strength, getting stopped by an invisible force…and being unable to make Ron move…Zephyr was stunned, his gaze was in a daze.


How can it be?!

Looking at Ron, standing in front of him, standing with his hand crossed in front of him, and taking his fist motionlessly… That scene took Zephyr back to the time when they first fought in the marines’ barracks.

At that time, Ron used his strongest spell to attack Zephyr, yet the latter dispersed his attack by just a casual swing of his arm while standing firmly in his place.


This time the roles were reversed!

Zephyr’s full blow could not even make Ron take a step back.

Suddenly, Zephyr sensed something was coming using his Observation Haki and tried to parry and resist, but he only had one arm, the punch he threw and was stopped. It was too late to retract his arm to defend.


A fist condensed by pure mental power slammed into Zephyr’s body.

Instantly, Zephyr’s chest and abdomen were covered in Haki. Sparks were splashing, but Zephyr was slammed back a dozen steps.

“You are getting old, Teacher Zephyr.”

Said Borsalino as he watched that scene, then added: “You should go and rest. We will finish this battle.”

Zephyr, who was in a trance, as soon as he heard the annoying voice of Borsalino, blue veins appeared on his forehead. He gritted his teeth and said angrily: “Kid!”


In the next moment, a bright golden light flashed.

Borsalino’s figure came to Ron in an instant. He dashed at him at the speed of light throwing a kick directed toward Ron’s head.


is power…”


From Borsalino’s perspective, he saw that Ron’s figure disappeared abruptly when his foot was a millimeter away from his head.

Borsalino’s pupils shrank slightly.


He was hit from behind!

Ron didn’t use magic again, it’s just a bombardment of pure spirit power. A pure spiritual attack that would reach its target even in its devil fruit’s elemental form.

Borsalino’s figure flew forward.


Less than a few meters away, Borsalino’s body shattered into countless golden lights, and then flashed abruptly, recondensing from the side.

“You can even avoid my flash kick, instant movement ability? That’s really scary, how did you reach such a level in a short time?”

Borsalino looked at Ron, although his tone was still a bit casual, his expression looked a lot more solemn.

He had not participated in the battle to destroy the Big Mom Pirate Group. He only heard a little bit of Ron’s ability from the intelligence, but now he is witnessing it firsthand.

“You never learn…You rely too much on your devil fruit ability, Kizaru.”

Seeing Borsalino being pushed back by Ron, Zephyr’s original anger subsided a bit.

Borsalino squinted his eyes, and said in a slightly mocking tone: “You will have harder times with your rusty movements, Teacher Zephyr.”

Zephyr snorted, his figure flickered, and rushed towards Ron.


Another punch.

Ron’s expression was calm, he showed no sign of resistance. He disappeared in a flash and reappeared behind Zephyr. Releasing his mental power, he swept past Zephyr horizontally, sliding out several meters.

[Heh the admirals’ armament Haki is still very hard to deal with…]

Ron shook his head slightly.

With his spatial ability and his ‘God Mode’, he could easily avoid Borsalino’s flash kick, and counterattack faster.

But the attacks released by his 300 mental power could not completely break Zephyr’s armed color defense, nor that of Borsalino who activated his Haki at the last moment.

As he expected.

Without the use of offensive magic, relying on pure spiritual power, he could dodge the admirals’ attacks, but his attacks didn’t have that much effect too.

To break the defense of people at the admirals’ level, the use of at least fourth-level magic was a must.

The situation in the field fell into a short period of stagnation.

From Zephyr’s punch to Borsalino’s kick, only a few minutes passed. Although they were just casual attacks, Ron’s display made everyone look a lot more serious.

This will be tough!

Whether it was CP-0, Tokikake, or Borsalino, they all gave such an evaluation.

Being able to calmly react to Borsalino’s light speed, Ron’s observation Haki was undoubtedly extremely strong, plus Ron also could move instantaneously in space. With these two abilities combined, catching Ron’s off guard will be extremely difficult!

No wonder Ron could retreat unscathed facing one of the Four Emperors!

No wonder Big Mom attacked Ron’s base and failed to catch him!

“This explains why the world government sends this many of us…”

Tokikake murmured. He originally felt that the government had paid too much attention to Ron and that he would just accompany the admirals to avoid unnecessary nagging.

But as things stand, it seems that he really has to do his best.

Way things are, Zephyr and Borsalino alone might be able to fight Ron, but in the end, he would retreat calmly and they wouldn’t be able to suppress him…stop him.

“This won’t be that easy, he is the man who created that cultivation method after all…”

Borsalino squinted slightly.


Borsalino struck again.

His last attack was casual, but this time, Borsalino was dead serious. Relying on his observation and armament Haki, he completely locked Ron.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Borsalino flashed to Ron’s side, kicked, but Ron’s figure disappeared instantly and appeared on the left side of Borsalino. The latter once again turned into an arc of light and flashed behind Ron.

The intersection between the two was dazzling.

It was a competition between space movement and flashing speed, a pure speed competition.

Snapped! Snapped! Snapped!

After more than a dozen dazzling flashes, with a kick, Borsalino released an arc of golden aura, piercing the street in front of him.

He still didn’t manage to land a hit on Ron.

Borsalino’s body was instantly enveloped by Ron’s mental power and suddenly squeezed inward.


Borsalino’s body exploded, bursting out a bright golden light.

Akainu, Tokikake, and the others all jumped back to avoid the explosion.

“Oh, oh, it’s really tricky…”

At the center of the explosion, golden light once again gathered into the figure of Borsalino, without any injuries, Ron’s final mental attack was blown away by his fruit power.

Ron’s figure appeared ten meters away.

Also unscathed.

In terms of speed, Borsalino’s short-range movements were basically similar to Ron’s instantaneous movement, and in terms of perception, Borsalino’s observation Haki was similar to that of Ron’s in his mental perspective.

The difference between them lies in the attacking power.

Ron’s fourth-level magic is not that inferior compared to Borsalino’s attack power, but the problem was that magic requires time to activate. Ron cannot use magic simultaneously while moving in space, while Borsalino can launch his with no delay, at any instant.

“He is a marine admiral after all…”

Ron said as he looked at Borsalino.

In his judgment, even if his mental power broke through the 400 points, most probably he would not be able to use pure mental power to cause actual damage to the admirals.

Unless it is over 500 points!

If his mental power breaks through 500 points, even if he does not use offensive magic, he will be able to fight and even has the upper hand against Borsalino, using just teleportation and pure mental power!


It felt strange for Ron, as a magician, to use his mental power to conduct close-range combat. This is not how a magician should fight!! Range! Range is everything when it comes to magic. Ron wanted to change the situation.

However, thinking about it, in the future, Ron will definitely master higher-level imprisonment magic, granting him the ability to imprison even Borsalino, bombarding him with fifth-level magic.

Ron had a smug face. That’s how a magician should do it! Elegant fight style!

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