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P.A.S Chapter 224: Spread Of the News

Dressrosa’s people were alerted.

Although Borsalino and the others came in secret, they lost their cover the moment they made a move and started fighting with Ron.

With those earth-shaking clashes, the news spread throughout Dressrosa in a very short time, making the kingdom in an uproar.

Although the government wanted to wipe out Ron, the several accusations against him were unbelievable, but the lineup that arrived at Dressrosa to finish the mission was even more shocking.

Two admirals!

A former admiral, an admiral candidate, plus CP-0!

To deal with Ron, a Shichibukai, the world government dispatched such a luxurious lineup! It was really shocking, even a little unbelievable.

Such a lineup should be used to deal with one of the Four Emperors!

“This is absurd!!”

In Dressrosa’s palace, Rebecca, who had just left the King’s Plateau, shouted almost immediately after hearing the news from the world government.

“Mr. Ron saved this country! how could he be seen as a criminal!?”

“What the hell is going on?! What the world government is thinking…”

King Riku’s face was gloomy.

To say that Ron intends to subvert the world, that’s unbelievable. King Riku couldn’t believe such accusations! Ron didn’t just save the country but tried his best to help this country raise again.

“The world government…”

“How could the government issue such an order?!”

“They even dispatched such a terrifying lineup…Even two admirals!?”

King Riku gritted his teeth and took out the Den Den Mushi to call the world government, but he received a notice not to interfere with the fighting and let all citizens take refuge.

“Damn it!”

King Riku could not accept this kind of answer. He wanted to help Ron, but he couldn’t think of a way. With the attitude of the government, it was impossible to change their minds with just a call…and also, the fight already started. It was a battlefield with two admirals in play… It was indeed necessary for all citizens to evacuate.

King Riku clenched his fists, and quickly issued an order for the people to evacuate, including Kyros who wanted to assist Ron, who was forced to maintain refuge and order.

At the same time.

Many forces around the world have received information about Dressrosa’s accident and the world government plot to get rid of Ron.

The first reaction was incredible.

Two admirals!

A former admiral, a candidate who is likely to succeed them, plus CP0…This kind of terrifying lineup was employed just to eliminate Ron, how could this be possible!

But even if they couldn’t believe the news… The broadcast in front of them, the live scenes transmitted by the projecting Den Den Mushi made them speechless! It was really happening!

Because Dressrosa, Green bit precisely, became the new base of Albares Guild, and with the addition of magic weapons, many forces have already planted spies in the kingdom.

Just name it, the revolutionary army, big news, and intelligence agency, and even assassination organizations…

Almost all of these spies took out various kinds of Den Den Mushi and passed the information to their superiors. Among them, there were even some visual Den Den Mushi, which directly transmitted live scenes of the battle.


Somewhere by the sea.

The president of the World Economy News Paper and one of the emperors of the Underworld, Morgans, who was on vacation and basking in the sun, the moment the fight broadcast started he jumped up.

“Big news!”

“This is big news…”

He showed unprecedented excitement.

A certain country.

The infamous Supreme Commander of the Revolutionary Army, Dragon, wearing a green cloak, was discussing something with a group of people. Suddenly he received a call, and his face changed immediately as soon as he answered.

Immediately afterward, a video Den Den Mushi was turned on, and a broadcast was projected onto the wall.

“The world government……”

Watching the scenes, Dragon’s face became dark.

In the last meeting, he was discussing with his subordinates the theory of contacting Ron and see if they could reach some kind of cooperation.

However, it seems the world government took action before it even started.

“Two admirals… and CP0, what a joke!”

One of the revolutionary army’s officers couldn’t help it and started yelling: “Is this about the magic weapons? Or the method of spiritual power training! The government certainly lost its mind… Dispatching this lineup!”

Dragon calmly looked at the projected broadcast, then said slowly: “I have made up my mind! We will help Ron survive at all costs.”

At the same time.

Similar situations occurred all over the world and spread quickly.

On the side of Dressrosa, the battle has gradually become more intense from the initial casual attack tentatives.

After Zephyr and Borsalino made their move, Akainu also made his move.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Akainu’s power was so overwhelming. He was deliberately suppressing a part of it, yet it was enough to turn the several nearby streets into a sea of magma, into a raging fire burning everything.

But even with the addition of Akainu, they still failed to catch Ron off-guard.

Because most of Akainu’s attack was wide-ranged ones, Ron used Switch to evade continuously. Akainu’s attack didn’t put any pressure on Ron, instead, it made the situation even harder for Zephyr, who almost got himself injured by the surrounding magma.

The scenes were transmitted by the video Den Den Mushi, which shocked countless forces.

There were two admirals and a former one!

Such a lineup could finish Ron quickly!?

Even if Ron’s movements were limited… Even if he could only dodge constantly without striking back, he survived a continuous assault from such a lineup! It one-vs-three, still he held his ground! Ron’s abilities were terrifying! So far, he made it clear that he was already standing on the top of the sea!


Ron’s figure reappeared, and Akainu struck again, very fast.

“Inugami Guren!” (Dog Biting Crimson Lotus)


Ron’s figure shook again and turned into a stone, avoiding the blow, leading it towards Zephyr who came from behind.

Zephyr was on guard. Still, his figure flickered and by a hair, barely avoided Akainu’s attack.

“His abilities are so tricky, but how long can he hold on? Whether it’s the devil fruit ability or whatever, it will be consumed…”

Zephyr avoided the blow and spoke slowly.

The people present were all top powerhouses. At first, they were confused by Ron’s ability, but soon they figured out a way to deal with him.

To take turns and avoid any confusion. Everyone is only responsible for one round of attack. Wherever Ron appears, whoever is closest to him should attack. It was simple, yet efficient.

This way Ron would not be able to use his ability to move in space and let them attack each other.

Although Ron’s space abilities were very tricky, they all possess top-notch observation Haki and senses, which made it easy for them to spot him then attack.

“…He should be nearing his limits.”

Tokikake shook his head as he looked at the battle.

Being able to hold this long against two admirals, a former admiral, and even embarrassing the three of them in a short period…such a record was enough to shock the sea.

Still, they were the best of the best of the marines…the most powerful figures who have experienced many battles, who fought against countless types of devil fruit abilities. Their coping ability, their rich experience helped them to found a way to deal with this prodigy.

Sooner or later, Ron is going down!

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