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P.A.S Chapter 225: Pure Magic

“They are almost there……”

Facing the joint attack of Akainu, Borsalino and the Zephyr, Ron’s mental perspective swept across half of Dressrosa, and then he whispered.

Dressrosa was a country with a lot of ordinary people. Even if Ron and the admirals’ made sure to control their attacks, their power was so overwhelming and wide-ranged that could easily cause casualties.

[They are almost safe!]

From the beginning of the battle, civilians started evacuating, fleeing far away from the fierce battle. Just a little bit longer and he wouldn’t have to worry about anything.


Borsalino appeared on Ron’s side, landing a kick. He clearly noticed that Ron’s speed was slowing down, and directly hit the Void Armor covering Ron’s body.


The golden light exploded with a roar. the Void Armor suffered a lot of damage since the fight started and as it absorbed the last attack, water ripples started showing! The Void armor faintly started to break.

Seeing Ron slowing down, unable to avoid Borsalino’s attack. The latter raised his leg mid-air, looked at Ron, and said: “Any last words?”

“Huh, Last words…!?”

Ron looked at Borsalino. A scarlet wand appeared in his hand, then he said: “I bet you are all still wondering about my devil fruit ability!”

Hearing these words, Borsalino didn’t attack Ron, and said with some interest: “I am really curious.”

Even Akainu, Tokikake, and the others stopped and looked over.

They all wanted to know an answer to Ron’s ability.

“The truth is, I haven’t eaten any Devil Fruit.”

Ron, holding his hand, spoke slowly and calmly.

Upon hearing this sentence, Borsalino and the others showed a look of disbelief. Not far away, one of the CP-0 trio said solemnly: “Non-devil fruit user?! Then how come you can move like that?! How did you manage to make the weapons?”

“It is pure magic!”

Ron held the magic wand and slowly drew a semicircle in the air, saying: “Magic is another form of power, like physical strength, swordsmanship, and even Haki… The cultivation of mental power is the foundation of magic, and the magic weapons are just an extension of it…”

Ron’s words made Borsalino and others frown.


Some people used to refer to the devil fruit’s abilities as magic, but obviously, Ron was talking about something completely different from the devil fruits.

As Ron’s voice fell, Borsalino and the others had a vaguely unpleasant feeling, as if something was about to happen.

Tokikake not far away seemed to have predicted something in advance, and his complexion changed suddenly.

“The light of magic will illuminate the apex of the world…”

Ron’s voice was so smooth, not loud but was so clear.

As Ron’s words fell, Borsalino and the others’ expressions changed.

The big figures of various forces who watched this battle of Dressrosa through the video Den Den Mushi were all shocked by Ron’s words… Their faces turned pale!

“Did he say magic?!”

“What a joke…”

At that moment, In the broadcasted scene, Ron’s figure was floating in the air, the dragon wand in his hand was bursting with light. He was surrounded by colorful lights, covering the sky.

The red light was a crimson flame, layered on top of each other. A beautiful Fire radiating intimacy, passion, and sensitivity.

The cyan light was like a Hero’s waving his sword, releasing endless wind blades.

The white light was frost covering thousands of meters as if it was a snow age.

Looking from the top, Dressrosa was covered with hundred spots of light illuminating the island like stars, A hundred light spots light up the whole island like stars, forming a bright and dazzling star map, just like a huge magic array connecting heaven and earth.

Borsalino’s expression changed.

All the present people’s faces changed drastically at that moment.

“Ron! You bastard!!”

The CP-0 trio looked at Ron, drew out their swords, and released Flying Slash Attacks at Ron.

The attacks broke through the Void Armor, which collapsed and shattered into countless pieces, however, the flying slashes were blocked by Ron’s mental power.

Ron did not evade. At that moment, he was doing his best to control Dressrosa’s 100 wizard towers. The pressure was greater than he thought. If his spiritual attribute didn’t break through the 300 points, he probably wouldn’t be able to achieve complete control over the 100 towers.


Under the shocked gaze of Borsalino and the others, magic fell down like rain.

The released magic was at best a third level, however, the attacks superposed, the wind, fire, and earth elements were intertwined and combined! The cumulative power was even comparable to that of the fourth level.

What’s more terrifying?! It wasn’t just a wave, but successive waves of explosions! Centered on this area, forming a devastating bombing!

Boom! Boom! Boom!!

Flaming wind blades and burning lava fell from the sky. Earth was constantly shaking and cracking, and everyone including Borsalino was the center of the attack.

Ron’s figure disappeared silently as soon as the attack fell. After a few flashes, he appeared thousands of meters away, looking at the center of the bombing from a distance.

What a terrifying scene!

Violent roars, earthquakes… It seemed as if the island was about to be completely destroyed! The shockwaves destroyed the buildings in all directions.

Whether it was the civilians of Dressrosa or the high-level leaders of the major forces who watched the battle through the video Den Den Mushi, they were all stunned…

Completely speechless!

“Damn it.”

At the center of the bombing, Akainu yelled and slammed a punch angrily! It was no longer a matter of suppressing the power of the attack! His life was in danger! He had to use his full strength!

Akainu’s fist turned into a towering magma, like a volcanic eruption, bombarding upward, piercing through the layers of magic one after the others, swallowing the wind blades, and evaporating the ice.

But! It wasn’t enough!

His blow failed to break through all the magic layers!

Ron was facing a terrifying lineup with two admirals! He didn’t have the luxury to take it easy and went all out releasing all power of the 100 towers!

If he was facing just an admiral, at most dozens of wizard towers, released at the same time should be enough to surpass him! But it definitely would suppress this many people.

During this first round, Ron released a thirty-layer of third-level magic! Thirty wizard towers were deployed!

The power of third-level magic is enough to defeat a pirate who has a bounty of more than 200 million berries! Even if those pirates with a bounty of 300 million or even 400 million, must go all out to stop it!

The superposition of 30 third-level magics! Even if they didn’t fall at the same time because of the time lag, they kept intertwining…combining! Their additive power was too frightening!

Comparable to several fourth-level magic bursts!

Fourth-level magic… that is ten times the power of that of the third-level magic. It was a burst comparable to an admiral’s all-out strike. Imagine a stack of them released towards an enemy! Even if Akainu went all out, there was no way he could break it with a single blow. He was completely suppressed!

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