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P.A.S Chapter 226: The Dead March

“Is this the power of magic? This is terrible! Yasakani no Magatama!”

The tone of Borsalino was indescribable, but at the same time, it carried a trace of dignity. Seeing Akainu unable to break through the dense layers of magic, Borsalino crossed his arms in front of him and used both hands to fire a torrent of deadly light particles to assist him.

Boom! Boom! Boom!!!

The golden light particles in the sky blasted towards the countless magic attacks covering the entire area. Deafening explosion sounds filled the island, just like countless missiles blasting against each other.

“Meteor Volcano!”

Akainu also brazenly shot again.

Tokikae and the others couldn’t keep standing watching their doom. They all went all out.

As for the CP0 trio, they didn’t move a muscle except for their swordsman who casually repelled the aftershocks caused by the explosions.

The two admirals went all out, together with Zephyr and Tokikake!

Finally, the devastating magic bombardment covering the entire area was broken open.


The fire clouds covering the sky were torn apart.

“Huh as expected, thirty weren’t enough.”

Ron, holding his wand, looked at this scene and shook his head slightly.

To kill him, the world government really spared no effort. The two admirals and their companions completely exceeded the standard.

This kind of power could be dispatched to deal with the forces of the two emperors Kaido and Big Mom combined! They would be suppressed with such a lineup…and the power deployed by Ron would hardly be enough to deal with one of the emperors.

“Then thirty more.”

Ron’s eyes flashed and waved his wand.


Thirty wizard towers burst out with light, and the accumulated spiritual energy was transformed into magic through the magic runes in an instant. From all directions of the island, bright meteors appeared one after the other. Piercing the sky at a high speed, in no time, they were just on top of Akainu, Borsalino, and the others’ heads.

They just broke the first wave of attacks…Yet, here they were covered by the second wave of attacks without delay.

“Oy Oy! Are you kidding me! Again?!”

As soon as Tokikake was about to rush out of that area, he saw the second wave of attacks headed towards them. He couldn’t help showing a ghostly look.

What a joke!

This kind of attack, if he was there alone…No, even if there was two or three of him out there, he was afraid that he would only resist reluctantly and eventually be completely suppressed… What a terrifying show he was witnessing…

Ron had shown such power when he dealt with the Big Mom Pirates, but at that time, he was definitely not as strong as he was at that battle. He was more than two or three times stronger than back then!

At their previous encounter, Ron was slightly behind Tokikake in terms of strength…But, this time, it is clear as day that he completely surpassed him! The size of the gap between them wasn’t even funny!

And the most incredible thing was that he doesn’t think Big Mom wouldn’t survive such an attack!

If Ron has such strength, how did Big Mom destroy his base in the first place…Shouldn’t it be the embarrassed escape of an emperor instead?!

“It should be some kind of overdraft ability.”

Borsalino watched the fall of the second wave of attacks, slightly narrowed his eyes, and said: “If such an attack can be used continuously, no one would be able to stay on his way. It is something he prepared in advance. “

“…It’s a bit like the magic weapon he made.”

One of the CP0 trio spoke in a hoarse tone, and said: “Maybe it is a large-scale magic weapon prepared in advance to bombard this area.”

Hearing these words, Tokikae nodded his head in approval.

It made sense.

If this were Ron’s pure power, that could be released at will, it would be simply terrifying, even prime Whitebeard may not be able to stop it.

“Get out of here and attack him.”

Akainu spoke in a deep voice, magma overflowing all over his body.

As Akainu’s voice fell, his figure rushed forward first.

Borsalino’s figure flickered and matched Akainu’s speed.

Tokikae and the others followed them.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

With Akainu and Borsalino in the front line, the seven of them rushed through the second round of bombardment, rushing out of the area covered by the magic.

Then without delay, as soon as they left the area, relying on their observation Haik, they locked Ron.

Borsalino turned into a flicker of golden light and came to the front of Ron.

“It was quite the mess out there. If the government didn’t send such a lineup, I am afraid they would have been wiped out in no time… This was completely unexpected. I even felt that the government went overboard…at first.”

Borsalino with one of his hands in his pocket pointed at Ron with the other. Golden light from his fingertips gathered and a laser beam was condensed.


The laser beam was released towards Ron and exploded with a bang.

“Too much……”

Ron’s figure appeared from the explosion. Looking at Borsalino, he sighed and said: “This is too much for me to handle alone if you ask me… In this case…”

As the voice fell, Ron, squeezing the dragon wand and then let it go suddenly, letting it float in front of him.

The top of the wand burst out with a dark glow, it started spinning slowly and finally stopped went the dark glow was directed towards the ground.


The wand fell instantly and the upper end of the wand was inserted into the ground.

Pitch-black darkness, shadows covered the surrounding earth in an instant, and a gloomy and unknown aura spread out in all directions.

Akainu, Tokikae, and the others just rushed over. Seeing such a scene, they had a bad feeling. It seemed as if the gates of hell were just opened.

At that moment, no one dared to be careless, all showed a little vigilance and did not act rashly.

At first, when they were assigned to this mission, they didn’t feel any pressure, and they even felt that it wasn’t needed to finish the job with such a lineup… They thought they would just stick around till the job get finished.

But at that moment.

Everyone’s’ image of Ron was completely rewritten. He is an extremely tricky and dangerous existence. Anyone who would face him carelessly will be in great trouble!

“This is……”

It seemed that Tokikake foresaw the future, suddenly showing a bit of shock as he looked around.

Neither Akainu nor Borsalino had a top-notch color observation to predict the future like Tokikake, but when they noticed the expression on his face, both of them frowned slightly.

Immediately afterward, the eyes of these seven changed slightly.

The ink-like earth ground showed dark ripples, and an extremely cold and silent breath came from below.

“This is Necromancy.”

Ron stretched out a hand and slowly said: “Third-level Necromancy magic…The Dead March.”

“Huh, I didn’t want to use it now, but there are too many of you…”

The Dead March!

It was the third-level Necromancy magic that Ron has mastered not long ago. Holding this magic, even if he did not rely on the wizard towers, he was more than qualified to fight against an admiral.

The power of this magic was as its name implies. The Dead March…Awaken the dead, Awaken the people who met their end under his hand!


The darkness covering the ground was surging like boiling water, and then a group of figures appeared, drilling out from below, withered corpses.

Even though they were a bit rotten, they could still be vaguely distinguished…Enel, Crocodile, Moonlight Moria, Cracker, and even Doflamingo…

The more dead people summoned, the greater the mental power consumed, and the greater the burden on the summoner. Besides, to bring back small fries to fight an admiral was meaningless, so Ron did not summon that many! He only summoned the existence that could confront an admiral.

Exactly Ten!

In addition to the mentioned seven, Charlotte Perospero, Big Mom’s eldest son who has a reward of more than 700 million berries was summoned… It was a fit lineup to conquer an emperor fleet!

As the last person drilled out of the pitch-black underground, all the corpses opened their eyes, revealing pitch-black ink-like pupils that were palpitating, staring at Akainu and the others.

“So… the battle continues.”

As Ron’s voice fell, Doflamingo and the others rushed out towards their designed opponents!

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