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P.A.S Chapter 227: Mark fruit

A powerful magic weapon!

Magic to manipulate the dead!

To this point, Ron’s abilities have already shocked countless people, and with the addition of these two factors, he left them more speechless!

“Necromancy…this is terrible.”

A cadre of the revolutionary army couldn’t help but mutter these words with a slightly trembling voice. Among the resurrected, there were three were former Shichibukai, as well as elite top powers like sweet commanders.

The most incredible thing was that Ron was holding his grounds against a terrifying lineup led by two admirals! The people watching the battle couldn’t think of another person capable of such a feat, even the Four Emperors! They have no chance against this lineup!

Ron could do it!

More than an hour has passed since the battle began!

People thought that this battle would end in less than ten minutes, but everyone was greatly shocked by the results. The means Ron showed had already far surpassed all intelligence and rumors!

On the battlefield.

As soon as his corpse surged from the pitch-black ground, Doflamingo’s figure flashed and reappeared in front of Tokikake. His five fingers were stretched out and then swiped down, releasing five silk threads that were almost invisible to the naked eye.

That’s how terrifying the third-level necromancy magic is! The summoned corpses, those top-tier fighters were still capable of using their devil fruit abilities!


Tokikake frowned, blocking Doflamingo’s attack.

Enel met Borsalino in mid-air, and with a wave of his hand, the crackling thunder fell and enveloped Borsalino in it.

The latter turned into a golden light and vanished, and soon his figure flashed to Enel’s side, kicking it violently!

Enel’s upper body shattered with a bang turning into nothingness!

“Oy Oy, What a scary ability… This guy had the thunder devil fruit, but it seems he can’t use his elemental form. They are slow to act.”

Borsalino’s eyes gradually recovered his calmness after he broke Enel with a kick.

But in the next moment, his pupils shrank slightly.


He saw Enel’s upper body, which was completely destroyed, taking shape again! The broken powdery fragments quickly gathered and reunited…

It wasn’t an elemental ability. It was something more terrifying, they had immortal Bodies!

Unless it is a purification light ability or a soul type ability, all attacks would not have an effect on these immortals!

At the same time, Akainu blasted Moriah’s body, but soon the shattered parts by magma returned to their original state.

“It seems we need to attack the caster’s body…”

Borsalino narrowed his eyes and looked in Ron’s direction.

Whoosh! Yata no Kagami!

Borsalino formed light between his hands and released it towards Ron’s direction. He then transformed into the light, instantly appearing in Ron’s vicinity.

However, Ron’s body turned into a stone…


Ron, who appeared again, waved his magic wand, and a large number of magic towers burst out, releasing magic. Magics cut through the sky like meteorites and fell towards Borsalino.

Borsalino turned into golden light, dodged the attacks, and kept pursuing Ron.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The two fought fiercely again.

Maintaining the summoned undead imposed a certain burden on Ron. It made it difficult for him to use other magic except for the coordinate replacement “Switch” of the space system. He could only rely on the wizard towers to attack, but it was enough.

The wizard towers made up for his burden and inability to use offensive magic.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Ron and Borsalino continued to fight fiercely, flickering around like shooting stars.

Using his space magic abilities, Ron could travel about one or two kilometers, however, Borsalino spanned that distance in a flash.

“Can’t get rid of…”

Ron murmured in his heart judging the speed of his enemy.

Two admirals… and capable people like Tokikake, who’s able to use observation Haki to predict the future. He could judge Ron’s flashing place in advance.

Ron found himself obliged to use the Necromancy magic to contain Tokikake and the others, otherwise, relying on just his space movement, he wouldn’t be able to completely avoid such lineup’s attacks if he was cornered. But that didn’t solve Ron’s problems entirely… using the Necromancy magic, he wasn’t able to escape Borsalino’s pursuit.

It became a war of attrition.

Relying on the wizard tower, which relies on energy sources runes to continuously accumulate spiritual energy, to fight a war of attrition against Borsalino and the others.

After all, the government wasn’t joking about killing him…it dispatched an extraordinary combination of powers.

Borsalino with his speed, Akainu with his horrifying attack range, Tokikake with his observation Haki, the elite swordsman from CP-0, and it seems that one of the remaining CP-0 agents has some kind of devil fruit ability that enables him to freeze seawater…

The ability of the last person was unclear.

This lineup was almost capable of completely sealing any escape root…Whether on land, at sea, or in the air.

If Ron was lacking just one of his assets, whether his space abilities, the necromancy magic, and the wizard towers, he would have been killed ages ago.


Although Ron was having trouble facing this lineup, in Borsalino and the other’s eyes, Ron’s abilities were already inexhaustible. His abilities were almost the most troublesome and tricky among the countless strong men they had seen and fought in countless battles!

With their different abilities… even one of the four emperors wouldn’t be able to escape!


Ron was able to fight them to such an extent alone! Even with everyone exerting all their strength, they had not been able to catch Ron off guard!

Ron was tricky! Harder to deal with than Whitebeard and Kaido!

This wasn’t just the evaluation of Borsalino and the others, but also Morgans, the Revolutionary Army, and some other underground forces’ assessment.

“If the magician manages to escape this time…no one will be able to stop him in this sea.” Morgans took a deep breath and said with a hint of excitement in his eyes.

He was thrilled! As if he was witnessing the rise of a new king of the sea after Roger!

But the question was… Will he be able to survive today?!

The battle continues.

The last agent in CP0, after nearly two hours of fighting, finally decided to make a move. It seemed that he wanted to keep his ability hidden, but since Borsalino was unable to catch Ron, he found himself obliged to reveal his powers.

Mark-Mark fruit!

This fruit makes the user capable of aiming at whoever they touch with their hands. After the user’s hand is imprinted with the memory of the target, the user is able to target the person from any location and at any time with anything at ease, regardless of whether or not they are aware of the target’s actual location. Even if the targets move away from their current locations, the thrown objects will keep aiming at them, immediately changing their trajectory in order to chase targets around!

This was the ultimate assassin sent by the world government in order to kill Ron. His devil fruit was undoubtedly a countermeasure to Ron’s spatial ability revealed in the war against the Big Mom Pirates!

Speed, range, prediction, swordsmanship, freeze control, mark ability… plus Zephyr.

Desperate lineup!

Faced with such a blockade, no one can escape!

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