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P.A.S Chapter 228: He can’t escape


On some building’s roof, Ron appeared.

The CP-0 agent with the marking ability appeared behind Ron in an instant, pushed his finger at a very high speed towards Ron’s shoulder,

“Shigan!” (Finger Pistol)


The finger pistol pierced the invisible barrier and kept drilling inside bit by bit with difficulty.

Ron blocked the finger Pistol of the CP-0 agent. Then, with a wave of his wand, several wizard towers lit up and covered the nearby area.

The moment the magic fell, Ron disappeared again.

“…There is no use.”

The CP-0 agent muttered with an indifferent facial expression! He covered his upper body instantly with armament Haki and resisted the wave of magical attacks. As soon as he negated Ron’s attack, he activated his fruit ability again, locked Ron’s position, and continued to chase him.

At the same time, Borsalino was moving in his elemental form, running through the battlefield also chasing Ron.

“Mark-Mark Fruit…huh.”

Ron’s figure appeared on the shattered street.

They finally took him by surprise. With Tokikake’s ability to predict the future, they found a precise opportunity, to make the CP-0 agent touch him when he landed. A mark was placed on his body!

If it was just Borsalino, Ron had a chance to escape his pursuit with his spatial abilities, but now, he found himself in a dire situation…He had no chance to shake off his pursuer.

Even if he somehow manages to leave this battle, as long as he is marked, the other party can chase him. He can’t even join Nami, Robin and others, because he would put their lives in danger.

The Mark-Mark fruit ability is really the most suitable power for an assassin to have.

Anyone marked, whether they are sleeping or doing anything else, must be alert all the time. It would be a living hell. Being marked is almost equivalent to being branded by the god of death. This ability is way more annoying than that of Borsalino’s speed and Tokikake’s observation Haki.

“You can’t escape, Ron.”

Borsalino’s figure appeared behind Ron pointing his finger at him, then said: “You are marked by that guy’s devil fruit ability, we are done here, sooner or later.”

Ron avoided the beam released by Borsalino.

The members of CP-0 flashed behind Ron again, saying: “Your abilities are much more complicated and difficult to handle as mentioned in the intelligence, but you are not the only one who has tricky abilities… It is a matter of time now.”

Boom! Boom!

Ron continued to use the wizard towers and bombard the place.

The flames and wind exploded, and Ron’s figure flashed out of the center of the explosion.


Borsalino turned into a golden light and flew out.

“he is getting slower and slower.”

The golden light flickered behind Ron and kicked him over. Ron blocked it with mental power, but he was sent away by the kick’s power.


Ron was thrown away at a building, smashing it, then hitting the ground, making a massive hole.

“Leaving this island, you’ll no longer be able to use those weapons of yours. But If you don’t leave asap, you will fall in no time. Even if with your ability to move in space, it will end here.”

The members of CP-0 flashed to the edge of the gravel.

Ron flew out. The broken bones and torn flesh wriggled, blood was squeezed out of his body, and his face looked pale.

It was not a healing power, nor it was regeneration, but only temporarily removing dead cells from the body.

Ron wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth.

“You are right, it is really difficult to get rid of your ability.”


Ron’s eyes gradually calmed down, and he said: “It’s impossible to kill me without paying a price.”


As the voice fell, Ron’s figure disappeared again.

He no longer sought the edge of the island, to find a chance to leave, instead, he returned to the center of the island, where the others were fighting the undead.

The ten undead were barely restraining Akainu and the others.


Tokikake’s, who was fighting Doflamingo, eyes flickered. He turned his head looking to the side, and then soon Ron’s figure appeared there.

“Weren’t you planning to escape?”

“Huh, I can’t.”

Ron smiled softly as he floated in the air.

He didn’t look like someone facing a desperate scene. His expression was relaxed and free, with no sign of panic, making Tokikake and the others a little bit startled.

[Is he laughing?]


[He can’t escape, why did he laugh?]

Just as Tokikake and the others were slightly stunned, Borsalino, the CP-0 trio arrived, forming a circle of seven people, surrounding Ron.

The revolutionary army and underground forces on the battlefield were watching the battle through the video Den Den Mushi. Seeing Ron’s expression, they were also a little startled.

“He can’t escape…”

“He was marked by that weird devil fruit ability…. Facing such a lineup. It is impossible for him to escape! Yet… he is still laughing! What’s going on…?!”

Someone couldn’t help muttering.

The leader of the revolutionary army, Dragon, stared at Ron in the podcast. He could see that Ron’s smile wasn’t forced. He was pretending, it was indeed a pure, even relaxed smile.

He had seen such a smile before! In a similarly desperate situation!

At Roger’s execution!

During the execution of the Pirate King Roger, at his last moment, Roger showed such a smile, facing death with a smile, starting the era of the pirates.


Borsalino and the others didn’t act immediately, they just surrounded Ron while looking at him closely.

It was obvious that Ron had no way to escape this situation. They wanted to hear his last words though.

Ron chuckled lightly.

“Magic will not die. It will be passed on. I have already sown the seeds, and soon it will be harvest time.”

“Death is not the end, it is just the beginning.”

Along with the words, Ron’s figure rose slowly, with his arms stretched out, as if he was embracing the sky. All the wizard Towers of Dresrosa flickered, together with the ones in Green Bit.

Hearing Ron’s words, Borsalino and the others frowned, but as Ron’s figure vacated, their complexions changed accordingly.

No way!

All the bodies of Doflamingo and others turned into mud and scattered. The ten undead disappeared, leaving only Ron’s figure flying higher and higher.

“This is bad!”

Tokikake’s face changed drastically. Since the battle started, he never attacked Ron! But, at that moment he went after him!

At the same time, Akainu, Borsalino, and the others sensed the danger and all shot together! The seven people’s attacks merged into the air directed towards Ron.

Click! Click!

A translucent armor covering Ron’s whole body emerged. It was a void armor he prepared beforehand, but he was attacked by seven people at the same time, and dense cracks appeared in an instant.

Ron didn’t use his spatial ability to escape and didn’t care about the armor constantly cracking. He just looked at Akainu, Borsalino, and the others below.

Countless meteors gathered and pierced the sky. It was the magic released by all the wizard towers! Dressrosa’s sky was completely shrouded.

“Let me draw an end to this journey.”

With Ron’s chuckle, the void armor shattered completely, golden light, magma, impact, and flying slashes swallowed his body in an instant. Ron’s body was completely annihilated, perish from the bottom to the top, but his smile remained unchanged.

With Ron’s body completely annihilated, the dense red-light spots in the sky, with Akainu and the others at the center, all smashed down.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom….

Dust rose up!

Deafening sounds were heard!

The entire island shattered from the center!

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