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P.A.S Chapter 229: dead or not?

Numerous magic spells converged at the same spot.

The roar continued! It seemed like the end of the world!

Watching such a scene, countless people were left speechless, they were silent with widened eyes! Even the leader of the revolutionary army, Dragon, fell silent.

When the aftershocks dissipated.

Dressrosa has broken apart from the center, a rift appeared traversing the entire island, splitting it into five pieces.

Right at the center, Borsalino, Akainu, and the others were standing. Their bodies were fully covered in armament Haki, and they were in a complete mess.


Zephyr’s face was pale, his coat was completely torn, and his whole body was covered with scorched blood. He coughed up a little black smoke, as he half-kneeled on the ground. After struggling for a bit to keep his balance, after holding on for a while, he fell to one side.

Tokiake’s figure was embarrassing, his clothes were torn and burnt.

A crack appeared in the sleeve of Borsalino’s right hand, and he gasped slightly. There was still lava dripping from Akainu, and his face looked a little gloomier than usual.

As for the CP-0 trio, similarly to Tokikae, their clothes were torn apart and their masks were cracked and half destroyed.

“Huh, that bastard wanted to take us with him to the afterlife…”

“He… was far more dangerous than expected…”

“If it weren’t for this lineup, we wouldn’t be able to take him down without losing someone.”

The CP-0 trio spoke as they looked at the sky.

Borsalino stared at the sky with a slight frown. An idea struck him… Is this it?! He suddenly wondered whether Ron was really dead or not? Ron’s last moments gave him goosebumps, he really wanted to end their lives as well!

Ron was indeed hit by everyone’s attacks, completely annihilated, and disappeared, not even a trace of a corpse was left behind.


Tokikae looked at the sky and sighed.

He would not come if he knew it would be so troublesome, but if he didn’t, the CP-0 agent would not successfully mark Ron, and maybe they wouldn’t be able to kill Ron in the end.

It is just……

Is Ron really dead?

The last few words left him a little bit suspicious about this…

However, relying on their observation Haki, the lineup swept the neighborhood, and they did not find any trace of Ron’s existence. Even the CP-0 agent with the mark-mark ability activated his ability and realized that his mark on Ron had completely disappeared.

He looked at Tokikake and the others, shook his head, and said: “It’s done, my mark has disappeared.”

Unless he cancels the mark himself, the mark will never disappear. The disappearance of the mark can only mean that the marked target has been completely destroyed.


Tokikae shook his head. It seems it was really over. Hearing the CP-0 agent’s words, that the marks on Ron have disappeared wiped out all his doubts.

However, just thinking of Ron’s strength, he couldn’t help but feel a little afraid.

Before coming to Dressrosa, everyone didn’t think that highly about Ron. They knew he got potential, but he was never considered a top power. For them, at most, he reached the level of Big Mom Pirates’ three sweet commanders or the Beasts Pirates’ All-stars.

However, unexpectedly, in today’s battle, Ron’s displayed power was so shocking. He surpassed everyone’s expectations, rivaling or even surpassing the Four Emperors. He was so tricky! It was difficult to deal with…Like for instance, Kaido could not be killed even after several arrests, but Ron, it was basically impossible to arrest him!

Ron was hiding his true powers…He was getting stronger and stronger without anyone noticing.

Without this battle, no one would have known that Ron’s power had reached this level, and if a few more years passed… it would give anyone the chills just to imagine the level he could reach…

If it hadn’t been for the government to suddenly issue such an order and send a terrifying lineup to deal with Ron, it would be impossible to stop him in the future.

Such existence was terrible.

Falling here should be the best ending.

The 22nd year of the Great Pirate Age.

The world government launched a campaign of destruction in Dressrosa, trying to erase everything about the magician Ron, the Shichibukai.

This campaign ended with Dressrosa shattered from the center, split into five pieces, split into five connected islands.

The Albares Guild went underground, becoming a dark force, and the world government began to eliminate anyone related to the guild all over the world.

In that battle, the power of magic shocked the world, and the information of magic weapons spread throughout the world, and the spiritual power training system left by Ron also further spread throughout the world.

Finally, the president of the Albares Guild, Ron, died…

However, just like his last word stated, death is not the end, but the beginning, the beginning of another era.

Although Ron met his end as a Warlord, and although the Albares Guild had not yet reached the top of the sea, Ron’s legacy, the spiritual power training system began to greatly promote the progress of the world with the passage of time.

Some people thought that Ron has opened the doors to a new era.

Some others thought that Ron has not changed the world yet.

But at least.

This is where the world began to change.

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