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P.A.S Chapter 230: Taking Down Albares

Punk Hazard.

Inside the base.

There were several huge screens on which live scenes were projected from Dressrosa. Nami, Caesar, and others were standing in front of the screen with extremely nervous expressions.

Caesar obediently submitted to Ron after Doflamingo’s death, and continued to produce the artificial devil fruits and sell them to Kaido.

Seeing Ron finally liberating all the wizard towers, releasing the final blow, then being completely annihilated by Borsalino and the others’ attacks, Nami’s expression changed drastically.


“It’s over…”

Caesar was clutching his head on the side. He knew from the beginning. The moment he saw that terrifying lineup sent by the world government, he knew that there was no chance of survival, even though Ron’s demonstrated strength that shocked the world.

Nami bit her lip fiercely, but she hadn’t shed any tears! Since she was Ron’s subordinate, she could feel that there was still a connection with him.

She could feel it!

Ron didn’t die!

At that moment, a roar suddenly came from outside the base!


A flying slash swiped through tearing the steel wall of the base in an instant and then several figures rushed in, behind which were a large number of marine troops.

The officers in front were wearing a marine justice cloak! they were all vice-admirals of the marine headquarters!

“Vice-admirals!? They are vice-admirals of the headquarters!”

Seeing the several vice-admirals leading that a large number of marine officers, rushing in, Caesar’s subordinates’ faces changed drastically. Some took up weapons in an attempt to resist, but they were easily defeated by the vice-admirals in the blink of an eye.

After Momousagi (Gion) killed several people with her sword, she held the sword in both hands and said solemnly:

“Arrest all of them! Kill anyone who resists on the spot!”


Numerous marines rushed in response one after the other.

The battle broke out in the base. Although Caesar’s subordinates weren’t that weak, they didn’t have a chance to face the elite marine officers, especially the vice-admirals, and they were almost defeated.


Nami condensed her emotions and looked outside with a cold face. She held her wand and waved it, and a whirlpool was released outside.

Gion and the other vice-admirals, sensing danger relying on their observation Haki, their expressions changed, and they shouted at once: “Be careful! Everyone back off!”


The third-level magic vortex storm of the wind system exploded.

In an instant, an area with a radius of 100 meters was swallowed.

The vice-admirals tore the whirlpool storm open, and rushed out to the core area, and looked at the place where Nami was. One of them said: “One of Albares’ ministers was here…”

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The vice-admirals went after the people trying to escape. A flying slash tore through the steel wall, revealing the figures of Nami and Caesar.

“The marines… Damn it!”

Caesar cursed secretly. He was a scientist wanted by the world government. He always avoided getting arrested by relying on the Shichibukai system. Now that Doflamingo and Ron have fallen, he has no protection…He has none to defend him against the marine assault. The hostile relationship was restored.

Nami didn’t expect that the marines would send three vice-admirals there, let alone one of them was an admiral candidate. Still, after releasing the third level magic, Nami without hesitation waved her magic wand, and shot a giant wind blade, split the top of the base, and flew out of the base.

The three vice-admirals of the headquarters weren’t something she could handle alone.

“You go after her and leave it to me here.”

Vice-admiral Strawberry, holding two swords in his hand, squinted at Caesar. He recognized him.

Gion and Onigumo nodded and immediately used moonwalk chasing after Nami.

“Damn you! marine!”

Caesar looked at Gion and Onigumo chasing Nami with an ugly face, knowing that even if he tried to escape with Nami, he would have to face the two vice-admirals. It was better to stay and face the one in front of him.

He raised his hand, the gas fruit power was activated, and oxygen was drawn into his hand, condensed into a Blue Flame Sword.

Strawberry’s facial expression changed slightly. He noticed that he is having a hard time to breath normally. Without hesitation, he immediately jumped out to the rear and escaped from the area close to Caesar. At the same time, he waved his sword towards Caesar releasing a flying slash.


Caesar swung his sword to resist.

The flame and slash nullified each other.

The two quickly fought together.

“Marine’s vice-admiral…”

Nami held the elf wand in her hand and flew all the way out of the base. Seeing Gion and Onigumo behind her, her expression was extremely serious.

If there were many wizard towers on the base side, she wouldn’t be afraid to face a vice-admiral, but unfortunately, Punk Hazard’s base was not yet equipped with wizard towers.

It’s hard to deal with one vice-admiral, let alone two.

“Ice storm.”

Holding the wand with both hands, Nami raised it high, turned around in the air, and swung it down towards Gion and Onigumo.

The sky darkened in an instant, countless spears of snow suddenly appeared covering hundreds of meters. It was a violent storm, pouring down toward the two vice-admirals.

Gion and Onigumo’s faces changed slightly.

However, both of them were well experienced, even if they were in mid-air, they weren’t afraid of being violently attacked, and without delay, they swung their sword into the sky.

Two flying slashes, were releases instantly, intertwined and covered, continuously cutting through the ice that poured down directly above, but few spears passed through their defensive circle.

Slash! Slash!

Several bloodstains appeared on Gion and Onigumo.

Nami managed to land a strike, but her expression was not relaxed yet. The Ice storm was the strongest attack she could use in those conditions. It was third-level frost magic, but still, it wasn’t enough to take down the enemies.

If she was facing just one vice-admiral, Nami might have a chance to win, but with the combined efforts of the two vice-admirals…Her best attack barely caused minor injury…

There was no chance of winning!

“Ron should be fine…”

Such a thought flashed in Nami’s heart. Feeling the connection between her magic mark and Ron, she could clearly perceive that Ron was not dead. She was slightly relieved, but soon she became tense again because even if Ron was all right, she was in big trouble.

The two vice-admirals were chasing her, and she had no option but to run away with all her might.

Using the ice storm to slow down her opponents, Nami continued to fly higher and higher.


Gion’s eyes flashed, and she swung her sword out suddenly.

Gion’s flying slashes range wasn’t as good as top sword masters, like Mihawk, but to take down a hundred meters away target wasn’t that hard for her.

The flying slash was directed towards Nami’s back, which was forced to avoid it, but she was still slightly scratched.

Fortunately, she used defensive magic while evading, and she was not injured.

Hoosh! Hoosh!

Onigumo rushed into the air and waved his swords.

As a vice-admiral of the headquarters, he was so experienced. Judging Nami flying ability and speed, he speeds up, forced his way, and blocked Nami’s escape direction.


Two flying slashes smashed into the elven ball released by Nami.

“Give up your useless resistance…”

Gion said solemnly: “Ron has been deprived of the title of Shichibukai, and the admirals are currently dealing with him. Enough with your stubbornness, you will only get yourself killed.”

“Ron will not die that easily.”

Nami spoke to Gion, and then suddenly she waved her magic wand, and a Six-rods light prison imprisoned Onigumo and then attempted to fly away from his direction.

However, Gion’s eyes flashed, and immediately swung her sword to stop Nami.

Nami exhausted her mental power. However, with a trace of sweat on her forehead, after relying on the elven ball to resist Gion’s strike, she confined her using a Six-rods light prison at her.

But Onigumo over there already managed to break free of his restraints, and swung his sword at Nami, once again preventing her from escaping.


Nami couldn’t shake off her pursuers…she was continuously blocked, and her mental energy was quickly consumed.

The three struggled constantly in the sky, and Nami couldn’t get rid of the two vice admirals. With the consumption of mental energy, her forehead was covered with sweat and her expression became very difficult.

No way!

She must not get caught!

She knew Ron might be okay, but if she was caught by the marines, he would definitely come to her rescue and would be in danger again.

Nami gave up escaping from the sky and flew down. She thought about using coordinate replacement to escape.

But she didn’t have that much mental power making her reach not large enough. After reaching the bottom, she forced herself and used seven or eight coordinate replacements, and escaped to a place close to the edge of the island. She was so exhausted and even starting losing consciousness gradually.

“It seems she reached her limit.”

“She almost escaped though.”

Onigumo and Gion caught up again, finding Nami’s figure swaying on the shore. She was not able to fly. She was even a little unstable, unable to stand straight.

Nami struggled to stimulate the little mental power left and flew forward with her body. She wanted to at least reach the sea.

“Wow! She didn’t give up yet.”

Gion shook her head and flashed toward Nami’s location in an instant. Using her sword’s hilt, she tried to knock Nami out.

The marine headquarters orders were clear. It would be better to catch the Albares ministers alive, but in case things went south, killing them was permitted.


Nami noticed Gion getting closer, but she no longer had the strength to move forward.


Just when the hilt was about to fall to the back of Nami’s neck, an invisible force suddenly appeared, stopping Gion’s hand.

at the same time.

Nami, who was looking dizzy and shaky, suddenly her eyes widened, a bright light flashed in her eyes. She raised her right hand and turned to push Gion behind her.

Gion’s pupils suddenly shrank, only to feel that an invisible fist slammed her into the chest and abdomen, sending her whole body flying backward, flying out dozens of meters away, with a trace of blood spilled from the corner of her mouth.

Nami’s eyes twinkled with a demonic light, and her expression became indifferent. She stretched out her hand and a mental shock instantly invaded.


Gion and Onigumo felt a buzzing in their minds for an instant, and the world in front of them became blank. They were all engulfed by some kind of force sending them flying backward again, flying hundreds of meters, hitting a mountain with a bang. Their bodies slammed into the mountain, spurting blood everywhere.

Nami looked at Gion and Onigumo from a distance. She slowly took back her hands, turned around, wrapped her body with mental strength, jumped into the sea, and disappeared.

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