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P.A.S Chapter 231: Spirit

The bottom of the sea.

Nami swam in the water like a mermaid. The current was alive supporting her body to dive continuously, gradually sinking deeper and deeper, and things became a lot dimmer.

In Nami’s spiritual world.

She could see a group of souls. A soul with warm white light at its core, wrapped by a larger golden ray of light, another soul.

The soul radiating golden light looked a little sluggish, and there was not much left of its mental strength, but even so, it was still bigger than the white soul.

No words were needed.

The pale golden soul was undoubtedly Ron’s, while the pale white one was Nami’s.

The mark-mark fruit ability is locked to the body, and it cannot be eliminated unless the body is destroyed, and Ron was also very decisive. He gave up his body and put on a show, while his soul shuttled away and went straight to Punk Hazard.

In the case of ordinary people, it was very difficult for Ron to attach his soul to someone else. Either he must completely defeat the opponent’s spirit, or he must find a way to achieve resonance.

But Nami was different.

As one of his magicians, relying on the connection made by the magic marks, their souls resonated at all times, so there was almost no repulsion! Their souls accepted each other.

When Nami was about to be knocked down by Gion, Ron’s soul arrived just in time, instantly entered Nami’s body, took control over her body, and used the last remaining power to knock Gion and Onigumo away, and then jumped into the sea.

Nami may not be able to stay underwater for a long time on her own, but for a magician of Ron’s level, he can resonate with the elements, control them at will. He could survive and breathe even underwater.

“What’s going on?”

The soul of Nami, whose mental energy has been exhausted, was gradually recovering over time. Her consciousness seemed a little confused. She could feel the surging power, a power that does not belong to her wrapping her soul, but it was a warm feeling…with no sense of rejection.

She also judged that this power should be Ron’s…After all, she would not mistake Ron’s soul power, after the countless spiritual exchanges they had in the past.

Ron’s soul slowly let go of Nami’s soul, no longer controlling her body, and he communicated with her: “Being locked by the ability of mark-mark fruit, I couldn’t escape from Dressrosa without letting go of my physical body and fake my death.”

Nami was still in a dazed state and said: “That means your body has been destroyed… Then what are you going to do now?”

“That was my only way out…”

Ron said helplessly: “I suspect that the top level of the world government has the special ability to lock my existence, and with the mark-mark fruit locked on my physical form, I had to even discard my other physical copies…”

“little Ron” copies were derived from his original form. They were clones, hence, they shared the same identifier, and facing someone with the mark-mark fruit, Ron found himself obliged to get rid of the other copies to avoid unnecessary doubts about his death.

Also, the world government wants to obliterate him at all costs, and such order wasn’t issued by the five elders, it was coming from a higher existence, Im.

Ron didn’t know the opponent’s abilities, nor did he know the cards it had. The safest way for him was to create the perfect death.

Well, he was actually dead.

For ordinary people, physical destruction was equal to death.

But Ron was different. His powerful soul allows him to remain alive in this world, but just in his spiritual form, even if his body was destroyed.

Of course, even if his spiritual power was more than 300 points, he would not be able to only rely on his soul to exist independently forever. His spirit will continue to be lost and eventually be lost without a body.

Ron certainly didn’t want to rely on the wizard towers.

He chose to be Voldemort for the time being and rely on Nami for a while.

When his spiritual attributes exceed 500 points, he should be able to absorb various elements and vitality from the outside world and reshape his own body.

If the world government can even lock his soul and continue to chase him over, then he can only rely on his own ability to continue entangling with the other party, but Ron thought it was unlikely.

Moreover, at the moment, his soul was completely hidden in Nami’s spiritual world. As long as the perception and communication with the outside world are cut off, even if Robin and the others communicate with Nami on a spiritual level, they will not be aware of his existence.

“So, you are safe…”

Nami breathed a sigh of relief.

Although the loss of his body was very troublesome, for Ron, the magician, there was always a way to find a solution, to overcome such a hurdle.

Nami asked: “Still, how can you recover?”


Ron pondered for a moment, and said: “If I am seeking full recovery, I will need either a high-level magic to control flesh and blood, life magic, or wait till my mental power breaks through 500 points or more, that way I may be able to restore my body.”

Nami frowned and said: “Mansherry?! Can’t she help you…”

After getting the magic mark and becoming a magician, Mansherry ‘s healing abilities were greatly improved, but even a severed arm cannot be regenerated, let alone a complete body, it is almost tantamount to resurrect the dead.

“In fact, it is not that difficult to survive.”

Ron said: “With the help of Necromancy magic, I can create a magic puppet with the energy source and then used it as a temporary host, but I am worried that the government still has the ability and method to lock my soul, so to be on the safe side, I will live with you for now.”


Nami was confused for a moment and then said: “Live with me?”

“Well… I can keep you safe this way too. I can take action when you are in danger. I can still use magic depending on your body…That’s how I stopped Gion earlier.”

“No way!!”

Nami decisively refused.

Ron sighed and said: “Other ways of living will be dangerous… Huh, I will think about it, let’s go meet with Robin, I will discuss this with her…”


Nami fell silent.

“…Let me think about it, um… it’s not completely impossible… But when if I let you stay, you stay in the mental space and you are not allowed to come out!”

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