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P.A.S Chapter 232: Holy Mark

“No problem.”

“For the sake of our safety, I won’t use my spiritual power for the time being. You will tell me what’s happening outside, and I will stay here to recover and practice.”

Despite the dire situation he was in, Ron sounded a little excited.

He was actually thrilled with the new turn of events and content with the current level he reached. Just moments ago, when he came in to help Nami get rid of the two vice-admirals, he was using mental perspective in the full state!

From that perspective, he could observe things at the level of cells…Being in that state, he realized that if he still had his own body, he would be able to completely decompose and reorganize it, transform it to look exactly as Nami.

As a magician who reached the legendary level, his spirit has already surpassed the material.

Even if he didn’t have some kind of life magic to control flesh and blood, he could easily imitate such kind of magic relying only on his mental power.

The fourth level was astonishing.

Ron believed that even in a different world of magic, there wouldn’t be that many magicians at his level, as for the fifth-level? Reaching such a level, he will be considered a demigod!

Ron, even though he was in Nami’s spiritual world. Her thought was so transparent in his eyes.

Ron’s mental power was stronger than that of Nami, so she couldn’t see his thoughts when he deliberately hides them. So, from her perspective, she subjectively believes that Ron, like her, can only get information through spiritual communication.

Of course, Ron wouldn’t say it. Nami would probably freak out.

“In this case, agreed… But if you violate the agreement, I will kick you out immediately!” Nami said threatening.

Ron said helplessly: “I should be regarded as a seriously injured patient now. You shouldn’t treat your patients like that, plus I always abide by the agreement. Have you ever seen me break an agreement?”

“That’s good.”

Nami snorted, her consciousness returned to the outside world.

She doesn’t have that strong elemental affinity like Ron, and she can’t communicate at that deep level of water. She was barely hanging there using her mental power to repel the nearby water.

“Where to go next?”

Nami asked Ron in the spiritual world.

Ron pondered for a few seconds and then said: “Hum, this part is very close to the Red Line… First, we go to the Calm Belt, and then we go to the fish-man island. “

“Why would we go to the Calm Belt?”

Nami asked strangely.

“Shouldn’t we be going to meet Robin? Or at least to the sky island to meet Perona and the others, or even to Alabasta, where a new base is rebuilt”


Ron responded with just that one word.

That’s right, it’s fishing! It is time to hunt those giant sea kings.

The achievement of hunting the giant sea kings has not been achieved yet. Last he went to the Calm Belt, Ron didn’t have enough strength, and then there was no time to waste on fishing with all the troubles with Big Mom pirates and Doflamingo.

Ron’s next plan was to clean up the various achievements in the achievement system one by one. The plan was to rely on the achievements, devil fruits, etc., to quickly breakthrough to 500 mental power, and then resurrect himself!

At that moment, Ron needed to rely on hundreds of wizard towers to fight against one of the Four Emperors.

However, once he breaks through the 500 points of mental power, without the need for wizard towers, the four emperors will not have a chance against him, and he will finally board the apex of this grand line!

Dharma is back!!


Nami was still puzzled, but she followed Ron’s instructions and headed towards the Calm belt.

Ron invoked the achievement system.

The achievement system was something merged with his soul from the beginning, but even with his mental power exceeding 300 points, Ron still couldn’t find its origin or capture its existence.

It seemed that the system was embedded at a different spiritual dimension.

Ron didn’t know the specific origin of it, but since he couldn’t find it at all, he didn’t think about it because it didn’t make much sense.

Opening the system, there were a lot of accomplished achievements.

The Dressrosa’s battle allowed Ron to complete many achievements at once.

[Achievement: Dangerous situation (severely injured in battle)]

[Achievement: Son of Destiny (Enter the near-death state in battle and eventually survive)]

[Achievement: Perfect Reflex (Dodge Borsalino’s Light Speed Kick)]

[Achievement: Voldemort (the body is completely destroyed, leaving only the soul and parasitic on others)]

In the battle alone, four achievements were directly accomplished.

Among them, Dangerous situation and Son of Destiny brought 2 and 3 achievement points respectively, while Perfect Reflex and Voldemort brought 1 and 2 achievement points, totaling 8 achievement points.

Although not a lot, Ron’s total achievement points reached 152 points. According to Ron’s judgment, 150 spiritual attributes should get him another chance to draw.

Ron wasn’t that excited to extract new magic unless it was time magic, otherwise, in his current state, it would be that very meaningful. What he wanted more was whether to improve the magic marks or to extract a stronger wand. Something that can instantly improve his strengths.

After adding the achievement points to the mental attributes, Ron switched to the career system interface.

[Hint: Your total achievement points have reached 150 points! You are granted a holy magic mark! Also, you can create two high-level magic marks, four middle-level marks, and eight preliminary marks!]

[Hint: Your total achievement points have reached 150 points! You got a rune draw opportunity]

As soon as he switched to the career system interface, two prompts appeared immediately.

Seeing the hints, Ron’s spirit suddenly brightened. That’s was what he desired!


At the moment the prompt appeared, a bright golden light emerged from his soul, covering Ron’s entire soul in an instant, making the soul that was originally like the sun even shinier and holy, and even Nami was slightly affected.

Ron noticed that his mental power began to improve.

After about dozens of seconds, the golden light inside his soul dimmed, and the improvement of mental power began to slow down. Ron could feel that his mental power had increased by at least a dozen points!

Looking carefully at the personal interface of the career system, his attributes have changed dramatically.

Occupation: Supreme Dharma God.

Owned Mark of Magic: Holy Order (Spiritual Attribute +100)

Owned magic marks: high-level (up to 2), intermediate (up to 4), elementary (up to 8)

Resonance: mental attribute +26 points

Total runes: 57.

Possessed wand: Dragon Wand.

Element Affinity: 50%

Total achievement points: 150 points.

The spiritual attribute boost provided by the holy magic mark was 100 points, which means that the high-level magic mark was converted into the holy magic mark, which directly brings 50 points of spiritual attribute improvement to Ron!

Ron already had 345 points of mental attributes before, and with this improvement, he has directly reached 395 points! Only 5 points away from 400 points!

Among them, 152 points were derived from achievement points, 60 points were derived from the devil fruits, 100 points were derived from the magic mark, 26 points were derived from spiritual resonance, and 57 points were derived from his training!

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