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P.A.S Chapter 233: Yonko’s Reaction

New world.

Wano country, somewhere.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, the deal with the magician also collapsed?!”

The drunk Kaido gave out a howling sound like a madman, grunted, and said: “Who is gonna make the smiles to form my invincible army, now?! Huuh! That’s it. Is… Ah…”

Many of Kaido’s subordinates kept looking at each other, all with a little nervous expression.

Someone couldn’t help but said: “Ron’s strength was beyond everyone’s expectation… but no one also expected the government to be so ruthless. It dispatched two admirals and CP0…”

“No matter what, the government has ruined my deal!!!”

Kaido put down the Sake gourd abruptly and let out an angry roar, with Conqueror’s Haki faintly mixed in his voice, several nearby pirates’ eyes turned white and collapsed.

He opened those palpitating eyes and stared at one of his subordinates. “They ruined my deal! Did the government and the marines forget who I am?! Do they think they can do whatever they want in this sea?!”

“Boss Kaido, calm down…”

When a pirate saw this, he couldn’t help but tremble.

Kaido grumbled again and said: “Calm down!? You said!! They ruined my deal and plan, the government and the marines must pay the price!”

Another sea area.

The Red-haired Force was slowly sailing on the sea, the wind was not strong, but the sea was a bit turbulent.

Shanks was sitting on the deck, his brows furrowed, and he was silent.

The newspaper about the Dressrosa incident has not been delivered to the world, but he has already got the news from his own channels in advance.

“Unexpected decision, the government…”

First mate, Benn Beckman, stood by, holding a cigar between his fingers, and said with deep eyes: “They should be aware of our upcoming meeting with Whitebeard, still, they decided to attack the magician. So, for the government, to deal with the magician was far important task than to find out the details about a meeting between two Emperors of the sea…”

Shanks lowered his head and continued to be silent as if he was thinking about something.

Two admirals, together with Zephyr… Toikake and CP-0! Such a huge force was mobilized. Although the five elders are capable of making such a decision, their main purpose is to maintain the balance of the sea. To suddenly and decisively give such an order was so unexpected…

That means… Did that person foresee something?

“Ron was indeed a genius.”

A person next to him walked over and said: “The mental power cultivation method he has developed can greatly reduce the difficulty of practicing Haki. Stuff like this, spreading in the sea, has an unpredictable impact. Perhaps the government just wanted to erase him at all costs, to prevent further disturbance.”

“That should be just one of the reasons.”

Beckman spoke slowly while looking at Shanks. Seeing that Shanks didn’t seem to have any intention of speaking, he shook his head slightly without saying any word.

He knew what Shanks was thinking about, and since he didn’t seem to want to talk about that matter, Beckman chose to keep quiet too.

At this moment, someone jumped from Crow’s nest, landed beside them while pointing forward.

“Boss, we don’t have time to think about Ron now, the Whitebeard ship is ahead!”


Hearing these words, Shanks stopped contemplating, stood up, and looked forward, faintly seeing a ship with the flag of the Whitebeard Pirate Group fluttering in the distance.

He put a hand on the hilt of his sword, walked toward the bow, and left the thing about Ron behind, and said: “Get ready! where’s the sake we brought for him?”

“it’s here.”

Someone came over carrying a huge sake gourd.

A few days later.

News about the Battle of Dressrosa spread all over the world.

Followed by the news that the Red Hair and the Whitebeard Pirates had met, and that the Beast Pirates had taken action.

The world was shocked!

The government sent a terrifying lineup to destroy a Shichibukai was enough to shock countless people… And coupled with the news of the meeting between Shanks and Whitebeard and the actions of the Beast Pirate Group, people were terrified!

The government, the marines, the four emperors, and the Shichibukai…almost all took action in a very short period of time. Even though the only real outbreak was the battle of Dressrosa, almost everyone became aware of the signs of imminent collapse!

All the forces standing at the top of the sea starting acting!

Many forces were horrified! They knew that the sea was going to be chaotic, and it was going to be a complete mess.

It may even turn into a huge wave sweeping the world!

After such a huge wave, major changes will occur!

Shifted power balance!

The whole sea will be completely changed!

At the same time.

In the first half of the grand line, somewhere in a small town.

“Zehahahaha… it’s great, it’s great!”

Blackbeard, who was being tracked by Fire Fist, was sitting in a store, holding a large piece of meat in his right hand and a newspaper in his left hand, grinning.

The newspaper was about Dressrosa’s incident and the emperors’ movements.

” Zehahahaha! There are countless opportunities! Zehahahaha “

Laffitte held a goblet in his left hand, took a sip of red wine elegantly, and then opened his mouth with a ha ha ha smile.

“Chaos, the more chaotic the better, Zehahahaha…”

Blackbeard grinned and said: “Let them fight! Let the world be in chaos! And I will be the last standing! This era belongs to me… Zehahahaha!!”

Laughing loudly, Blackbeard stuffed the meat from his right hand into his mouth. After chewing and swallowing, he sipped his drink and slapped the greasy newspaper on the table.

“It’s a pity, that magician! I thought he would be a very strong competitor, didn’t expect him to be decisively wiped out by the world government, Zehahahaha! As expected, luck is on my side.”

“For the time being, that’s true, captain.”

Laffitte laughed and said: “With Ron gone, maybe it is our golden opportunity to take the seat of Shichibukai. With all upcoming chaos that will sweep the world, Shichibukai’s status should be very convenient.”

“Yes, Ron just made room for me.”

Blackbeard grinned and said: “Having the position of Shichibukai, while the marines and the government paying attention to the four emperors, we can proceed with our plan for Impel down. It is about time to find strong subordinates. After all, our objective is to dominate the new world! Zehahahaha!”

“Come on, let’s have a drink to honor Ron’s death, Zehahahaha! That guy’s wish was definitely world domination, I will do it for him, Zehahahaha!”

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