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P.A.S Chapter 234: Last Elemental Magic

“Is he actually dead?!”

“The lineup dispatched by the world government was too exaggerated.”

“That magician’s strength was so terrifying! He was capable to hold his ground even in that situation. I heard that even one of the admirals was injured.”

Countless people on the sea were shocked, talking about the incident in Dressrosa.

At a certain port, Zoro, who was carrying a sake bottle, jumped onto the shore from a ship, heard the discussion. First, he was startled, then the look in his eyes changed as he grabbed one of the guys and asked:

“What are you talking about? What happened to the magician?”

“He is dead…Ah! You, you are…that three-sworded pirate hunter…”

At that time, Zoro was also known in the sea, and his reputation even exceeds that of the other Albares’ ministers.

The man looked at Zoro with some horror, his body was trembling, and then he happened to notice a scattered newspaper on the ground. He quickly pointed to the newspaper and said: “The newspaper…Check it… You will find all the details.”

Zoro picked up the newspaper.

After a glance, his body froze.

Although joining Albares was just a result of a casual bet, since he joined the guild, Ron took care of him and granted him all his needs without asking for a return.

Whether it’s the Haki training method, the appropriate residence, intel, etc., he was almost satisfied. On one hand, he kept challenging Ron. He was always thrilled to face a strong opponent like Ron.

But… Ron died…without having the chance even to win once…

Zoro could not help clenching his fists.

Zoro wanted to defeat Ron so bad, to make the choice himself whether to stay or leave, not forced by an agreement! but now, that agreement was no longer valid, and basically, Zoro was considered free.


Zoro was suddenly at a loss.

Leaving Albares?


Zoro gritted his teeth and couldn’t help cursing.

Somewhere on a warship.

“Ron… is he dead?”

Kuzan was basking in the sun, but after hearing the news, his body stiffened slightly.

He took off his blindfold, looked at the vice-admiral next to him, and then at the sea ahead.


As an admiral of the marines, he knew the inside story, He was aware that the world government’s accusations, that Ron was cooperating with the revolutionary army to overthrow the government were just dirty water.

Although Ron was gradually gaining power, and he seemed to have his own ambitions…at least his actions so far were all on the side of justice.

Yet, Ron was wiped out by the government.

Is the government just?

Kuzan fell into silence. Compared with the first time he joined the marines, he has seen too much darkness in the government ruling, and he has already started doubting the ‘justice’ the government is applying.

But Kuzan finally shook his head.

No matter what, the government is the government after all. If you are not satisfied with things as it is, then you should go one step further and become the marine fleet-admiral. You can always have a position where you can perform the justice you believe in.

Just Ron…


Kuzan sighed in his heart.

Perhaps from the day Ron retired from the marines, his future was sealed, but it was a pity that a talented person like him just died like that, left the sea.

Following Ron’s death, the world government defined Albares as a criminal organization and ordered marines around the world to encircle and capture its members.

But Albares did not fall apart.

Robin, Vivi, and the other magicians had spiritual resonance and connection with Ron, they were aware of Ron’s existence! Then he should be alive.

Knowing that Ron was still alive, Robin was calm and undisturbed. Before the news spread to the world, he first gave orders to the various branches of Albares.

Before the marines began to encircle the branches, most of the members went underground in hiding, or went to the sea! Most of them disappeared in a short time.

On one of the ships.

Someone couldn’t help but speak to Robin.

There was a bit of bewilderment in his eyes.

“Vice-President… The President is he really…”

“No worries.”

Robin said calmly: “No matter what the news says, we shouldn’t panic. We still have a deal with Kaido. Whitebeard and Shanks who also started acting, in addition, to Big Mom who is still free…it’s the government that should panic now. They have to find a way to clean up this mess.”

Hearing Robin’s words, many members of Albares felt a little relieved.

It is true that the world government considered Albarez as a criminal group, but as things stand, the world government is not in a position to spare high-level officers to pay attention to them during this period! The four emperors started acting altogether after all!

Managing to settle things down, Robin returned to her room.

“If the president is okay, he should be with Nami…but she can’t be reached.” Robin showed a thoughtful look.

Robin couldn’t get in touch with Ron, but she didn’t panic, because Ron had arranged a plan for her before that battle, and everything about Albares was left to her to handle.

Plus, she was pretty sure Ron was not dead.

“President, everyone thinks you are dead…”

Robin muttered with a dull look, and she waited for Ron to convey new instructions to her. Before that, she just kept resolving Albares’ problems one by one.

Calm belts.

Somewhere in the sea.

Nami’s body was floating, and in front of it was a small sea king corpse. Part of the corpse was cut off and suspended in front of Nami.

Flames floated below the meat, grilling it, and the aroma of the barbecue was permeating.

“You should practice more, Nami.”

A part of Ron’s soul manifested in the form of a ‘Little Ron’, floating on Nami’s right side, controlling the flames.

To be able to float on the surface of the sea, and to gather the elements of fire to roast the meat pieces wasn’t a small feat. It requires too much detail control, and Nami couldn’t do it.

“I’m just a navigator, don’t think of me as a fighter.”

Nami curled her lips.

She was just a navigator from the beginning but later became a magician. She had to help Ron study the magic and make the magic weapons, which was already beyond the standard.

“Don’t we need to notify Robin and the others?”

Nami looked at Ron and asked.

This was their first chat in the last few days. Ron stayed in the corner of her mental space to recover and practice until she reached the Calm belts.

“Not for the time being, I left some orders for Robin before. So, it wouldn’t be a problem if I disappear for a short time. Plus, we don’t have a Den Den Mushi.”

The little Ron shook his head as he watched the roasted meat. He extinguished the flame and then moved the meat towards Nami. At the same time, he moved his hand, and countless water droplets rose on the sea.

The seawater was purified into pure water droplets, condensed into a water ball, which also floated towards Nami.

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In the previous draw, the drawn rune was…water rune!

The four elements of earth, water, wind, and fire were finally all gathered.

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