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P.A.S Chapter 235: Big Guy

“Water magic… is quite effective against ordinary abilities, but unfortunately it is not the ability I want most, and the significance at this stage is not great.”

Ron shook his head slightly.

The first-level magic of the water magic was ‘flow restraint’, magic used for restraint, which was like a super weakened version of the six-rods light prison, which was basically useless.

As for the second-level, because he was stuck in Nami’s mental space, Ron has not yet explored it, but he estimated that it would be either confinement or a healing spell.

A second-level water imprisonment magic is definitely not as good as the second-level guardian system’s six rods light prison, but in case it is a healing type, it could be helpful. Ron thought that he should give it a try once he has time.

Speaking of which, Nami has always wanted to learn water magic.

There were three magics that Nami wanted to learn the most. The first one was wind, the second was thunder system, and finally water. These three magics were a perfect fit for a navigator.


Just when Ron was thinking about teaching Nami how to use water magic, he suddenly froze.

In his spiritual perception, the windless sea was no longer calm. Currents were surging! And not a simple one! They were so powerful!

The purpose of this trip to the Calm belts was to hunt a giant sea king, but it has been more than a day since Nami and Ron came here, and they haven’t tracked it yet. But what Ron had just sensed underwater…

It was something he never witnessed before!

Currents at this scale were definitely brought by a gigantic sea king!

“Finally! It is here…”

Ron’s thoughts flashed in his mind, then he said: “Nami, there is a little movement under the water, please let me borrow your body.”


Nami, who was eating the barbecue, sighed, and then she felt Ron’s expanding in her spiritual space, entwining her soul in an instant, disconnecting her from her body.

It was her body after all. She could break Ron’s blockade forcibly at any time and get full control, but since she was aware of what’s happening, she did not resist, and just watched Ron’s actions.


Ron took control over Nami’s body briefly, his eyes flickering, and in a flash, he dived into the water, following the surging ocean current on the bottom of the sea.

After mastering the water magic, Ron’s perception of water elements became stronger than before. He was almost like a fish swimming underwater, swimming even faster than a fish-man… It seemed as if there were no resistance, the body was in unison with the water.

Following the ocean current, gradually, a huge black shadow started appearing in front of Ron.

“Sure enough, it’s a big guy…”

Ron’s eyes lit up when he saw the huge black shadow.

It was a giant sea king, with a size that exceeded three thousand meters! The Lord of the Coast!

This kind of existence…. even the average vice-admirals would have difficulties dealing with it. It has enough power to shatter islands! And no armament Haki would be able to block a hit from its tail!

Even Ron, with his current state, relying on the most powerful fourth-level ice system, probably would not be able to kill it with a single shot, he will cause heavy injuries at most.

“So big……”

Looking at the giant sea king ahead, Nami couldn’t help but open her mouth in shock.

She didn’t know what Ron was going to do, but it seemed as if his ultimate objective was to take down this giant sea king, which made her a little puzzled.

Ron didn’t explain things to her, and after his gaze flickered slightly, he swam directly towards the sea king.

The sea king was too big, that even the gaps such as its nostrils were huge enough to accommodate a small boat. So, Ron could easily get inside.

At least two rounds of fourth-level magic must be released from the outside to take this massive creature down, but once this giant sea king starts struggling madly, it will be very troublesome. So, Ron naturally intends to solve it with one blow from the inside.

When Ron got inside the body of the giant sea king, he was surprised by what he found! Ruins!

The ruins were about a hundred meters in range, destroyed walls everywhere, but in the center, there was a squared stone standing there, with neat ancient characters inscribed on it.

“This is…A historical Poneglyph!”

Nami looked at the stone in a daze.

There was a historical Poneglyph hidden in the body of the giant sea king!

No wonder Ron would come to the Calm Belts, be obsessed with tracking the sea kings. A historical Poneglyph is of great value. Aside from the information recorded on it, the material itself could be used to create more delicate magic towers.

That what Nami thought! But Ron actually was also a little surprised. He didn’t expect to find a historical Poneglyph in the body of a sea king. Although it was not a Road Poneglyph, to him, a Poneglyph was equivalent to magic towers, high-quality magic towers!

“Heh, here it is.”

Although he was surprised, Ron didn’t show it. He twisted his right hand and pulled out his dragon wand.

With a wave of the wand upwards, he put a void armor on Nami’s body first.

Immediately afterward, Ron held the magic wand in his right hand and stood upright in front of the Poneglyph, gently lifting it upward. The top of the magic wand was shining in the darkness, emitting dark blue light.

“Ice realm!”

With a wave of the magic wand, the fourth-level ice magic burst out.

Click! Click!!

The majestic force of extreme cold swept there in an instant, erupted from the body of this giant sea king, and brazenly spread to the top, instantly freezing the seawater flowing in its body, transforming the flesh and blood into condensed inches of ice.

Even with a huge body over three kilometers, facing the bombardment of fourth-level ice magic from inside, this giant sea king was helpless, yet, it made a scream that shook the sea.


The huge body broke through the sea, setting off huge waves.

Visible to the naked eye, the upper half of its huge body, at least a kilometer away, has turned into white, frozen into ice, as well as the nearby seawater.

On the sea.

A ship with two Yuda tied to the front steering the ship was sailing. It was the Kuja pirates!

“Sister, it seems that something bad is happening.”

Said Sandersonia as she stood next to Hancock on the deck. She was vaguely aware of something, and couldn’t help frowning.

Hancock seemed to be lost in her thoughts, and when she heard Sandersonia’s words, she came back to her senses. The moment she sensed Haki’s release, her expression changed slightly.

“Stay back!”


Almost as soon as Hancock’s voice fell, the sea exploded, and a giant sea king rushed out of the sea. The deafening Sea king scream made people faint, and the huge current rushed toward the ship. It was about to be overturned.

Without hesitation, in an instant, Hancock intervened. She jumped in the air and with a sudden kick, a shockwave was released, covering the ship like a spider web.

She forcibly nullified the massive currents heading toward the ship’s hull.

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