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P.A.S Chapter 236: We Meet Again, Beautiful


“Watch out!”


Although the ship did not turn over, the heavy shaking still threw many female warriors from the ship and they fell into the sea.

Hancock did not save her subordinates! She actually wasn’t able to save them. With the help of her pet snake, she stabilized her figure and fell back to the deck.


Hancock showed vigilance and alertness in her eyes, looking at the sea king in front of the sea.

Giant sea king!

A giant sea king of more than 3,000 meters!

This kind of sea king is rare to see and it is hard to deal with… You need to be extra careful or it would end your life with just one blow.

And just when Hancock was extremely alerted, she saw that the back of the giant sea king suddenly burst out with a crackling sound, like some ice block cracking.


Countless frozen ice pieces exploded and splashed in all directions.

Looking closely, she noticed that the upper body of this sea king was almost all white, completely frozen into the ice by some kind of extreme cold force!

Immediately afterward, she saw a figure of a girl with orange hair, coming out from the back of the fragmented giant sea king class. With one hand lifted up, a historical Poneglyph appeared from inside the sea king, floating out by some invisible force.


Ron, who broke through the sea king’s back, saw the ship on the Kuja pirates not far away, and Hancock on the deck. He couldn’t help but feel a little surprised.

[The Empress?]

This was their second encounter in the Calm belt.

Ron went to the Calm Belts only four or five times, and he met the Empress twice. Is this the so-called fate? Ron couldn’t help but chuckle.

No, that was not the case. Judging by the location, they should be very close to Amazon Lily island. It was not particularly surprising that they encountered the Kuja pirates.

This giant sea king wasn’t completely down.

Even with Ron’s fourth-level ice magic, released from the inside and nearly destroying its entire upper body, the remaining vitality still made its huge body twist and churn, setting off waves on the sea.

Ron snorted and waved down his wand.


Fourth-level fire magic burst out again, blasting in the giant sea king, intertwining with the frozen flesh and blood.

The collision between the extreme cold and heat made a massive explosion, solidifying the body of the giant sea king for a moment, and then it started shattering and exploding inch by inch.

This scene drew almost all the female warriors’ attention of all the female warriors.

Even Hancock blinked repeatedly.

She never met Nami in person, but that did not prevent her from realizing her identity!

“You are… one of Albares’ ministers, the magician Ron’s subordinate…”

Gloriosa, Elder Nyon, appeared behind Hancock. Seeing how Nami crushed the giant sea king, jumped onto the historical Poneglyph, and floated on the sea, her pupils shrunk slightly.

Ron’s subordinate?

Hancock couldn’t help but flicker when she looked at Nami.

With the uproar that has been circulating in the sea these days, she naturally knew about what happened to Ron… But she didn’t know what taboo Ron violated to make the world government that pissed, dispatching a terrifying lineup led by two admirals to destroy him at all costs.

Even if he was like an unimaginable powerful force, he still fell in front of the huge power of the world government.

“Sorry, I almost overturned your boat.”

Ron and Hancock looked at each other, even though from Hancock’s point of view, it was just Nami. They couldn’t help but smile. With a wave of the magic wand in his hand, the many female warriors of the Kuja pirates who fell into the sea were lifted up by an invisible force. Flew out of the sea and fell back to the ship.

“It’s just an accident, don’t worry about it.”

Hancock spoke to Ron.

The gaze at Ron was somewhat relieved.

She hated men but didn’t have a thing against women. What’s more, she was standing on the opposite side of the world government, she was also a woman whose ‘home’ has been destroyed by the government.

Moreover, Nami showed a strength that was not inferior to hers. She was even a little amazed.

Elder Nyon eyes kept flickering and then said:

“I thought the government had ruined Albares. It seems that the situation is completely different from what I expected…you are… just a cadre, still, you have the strength to shock the sea.”

“We’re not going to lose.”

Ron spoke lightly, saying: “Even if the enemy is the world government, we won’t go down that easily, Albares will not lose…”

Ron’s words struck Hancock, making her eyes twinkle. She took a step forward and couldn’t help but say: “Why…why is there no fear in your words? We are talking about the world government here! You are facing the whole world. Aren’t you scared of that?”

“Scared? Why would we be scared?! We are thrilled to stand against such a government. If it wasn’t for the government’s intervention, we might have surpassed the major forces and even the four emperors in no time. It’s true that the last incident made it a little harder, but that won’t change the final outcome.”

Hancock looked at ‘Nami’ and said: “But your leader is dead!”

She had met Ron twice, but she considered him slightly different than other men. He was a person who was different from those disgusting maggots, courageous and humble. When she heard the news of his death, she was a little bit stunned. A man with that kind of courage dead like that.

“His light will never dim.”

Ron shook his head lightly and said: “Because he was chosen by the gods.”

Ron’s words made Hancock slightly startled.

She couldn’t help but think about Ron’s actions. In her eyes, Nami’s bearing and strength were so admirable. What’s more, the fact that such a strong woman had that much faith in Ron… Even after hearing about his death.

Hancock fell into a daze there, and Nami’s spiritual world over there was already tumbling.

She witnessed Ron’s statement in amazement.

[The bastard, used my body to praise himself in front of Hancock!]

‘That was shameless!!’

Nami even started wondering whether she should get back control of her body or not!

“The Pirate Empress hates the government, and the Kuja tribe are fighters by nature, and they are very suitable to become a force under Albares…”

Ron chuckled at Nami in the spiritual world: “And the empress hates men, but she doesn’t have such an aversion to women. You can contact her. Oh, yes, she must have a Den Den Mushi. You can borrow it to contact Robin and the others, um, I’ll leave it to you then.”

Nami: “…”

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