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P.A.S Chapter 237: Shelter

“That man must be something…Even people like you trust him so much…”

Hancock looked at Nami for a few seconds, hesitated, then asked aloud.

Nami changed her expression and said: “That guy is a jerk!”

Hancock: “what?”

Nami flew down to the deck and brought the historical Poneglyph, and said helplessly: “Although sometimes he is a jerk, he is indeed a trustworthy and reliable president…Do you have a Den Den Mushi here? I want to borrow it.”

Hancock was a bit confused, paused, lowered her chin slowly, and said: “Yes, we have a Den Den Mushi here…Is that a historical Poneglyph?!”

After instructing her subordinate to go fetch the Den Den Mushi, Hancock kept staring at the historical Poneglyph. She put a finger on her chin and said thoughtfully.

“hum, yes.”

Nami nodded.

Hancock took two steps forward, and said: “Amazon lily Island also has a stone of this kind, which cannot be destroyed even with Haki.”

“Huh? You got one on your island too?”

Nami was slightly surprised.

“There is indeed one, but we can’t interpret the information carved on it.” Elder Nyon walked over with her snake stick, her eyes flickering slightly at Nami, and said: “you people seem to be able to interpret the words on the stone tablets…”

Nami thought for a while, and did not hide it, saying: “Ohara’s only survivor, Nico Robin, is our vice president.”

Albares was known around the world…especially after Ron’s training system and since Elder Nyon was concerned about the world situation, naturally she knew about Nico Robin, and she was not surprised by Nami’s answer.

She thought for a while and said: “Can you interpret the content of the historical Poneglyph on our island?”

“No problem.”

Nami asked Ron in the spiritual world and got an affirmative answer.

Hancock, who was standing on the side, showed a friendly gaze when she heard the words and said: “Perfect, let’s have dinner together today.”

For Nami, who stands on the opposite side of the world government, as someone not afraid of the world government, showing astonishing strength and courage, Hancock’s friendliness has reached at least 80 points.

“Thank you for the hospitality.”

Nami responded with a smile. She was more than thrilled about the dinner idea… She was already tired and sick from eating grilled fish for days.


The Den Den Mushi was sent over.

“Do you want some privacy?”

Elder Nyon asked with a smile.

After Nami asked Ron, she smiled and said: “I trust you, and it’s not a secret that needs to be concealed…”

While talking, Nami dialed Robin’s Den Den Mushi.

As soon as the communication link was established, Robin’s first question was “Where is Ron?”

“President…He died in that battle as the reports say, but he can be resurrected and get everything back using the Necromancy magic.”

Ron took over the communication with Robin, and through Nami’s voice, he conveyed to Robin this message that even if it was tapped, it didn’t matter. Such massage could only be understood by a magician.

When Robin heard Nami’s words, she was relieved and her brows eased.

“In the near future, Albares should be fine. The world government and the marines will not be able to spare elite troops to deal with us, they got other priorities for now! So, keep your head down for now and hide.”

“As for the problem of instability after losing the President…Take charge of the guilds for now as we previously discussed. I will contact you when it is time to make a move.”

According to Ron’s instructions, Nami relayed several messages to Robin.

Robin has heard them all.

“Next, the Whitebeard Pirates may make a big move. No, it should be said that all the four emperors may make a move. I will visit Perona and the others in some time to plan some things. Before that, Robin, you can stay in Kaido’s territory temporarily, it is safe there.”


Robin nodded.

“That’s all.”

Nami hung up, looked at Hancock, and said: “Thank you.”

“You are welcome.”

Hancock said: “If you are troubled, you can use Amazon lily Island as your temporary hiding place. I will help you.”

With her past as a slave, with all the suffering she went through in her childhood, Hancock has fears engraved in her bones for the Celestial dragons and the world government. But seeing Nami, daring to stand up against the world government, she was moved and was willing to help.

Elder Nyon hesitated for a second but did not stop Hancock.

She actually felt that it was not a good thing to get involved with Albares! After seeing Nami’s strength, she felt that Albares probably will not fall easily.

It may seem like the Kuja tribe is just providing some protection to Nami, but in fact, it was a semi-alliance relationship, which has both advantages and disadvantages for the tribe.

The key was that Albares has a new type of magic weapon!

Also, their president was the creator of the mental power training system. To have your hands on such a system as well as the magic weapons will indeed benefit any force.

If the Kuja warriors can get that kind of weapon, they will probably get an explosive increase in their strength. In that case, if they occupy a favorable terrain in the Calm belt, they won’t be afraid of any marine and world government attack!

“Thanks a lot, then.”

Nami responded with a smile. She also had a good impression of Hancock, but her good impression came from Hancock’s charm, of her capability to seduce both men and women.

If Nami’s mental attributes had not reached more than 100 points, and had enough resistance, if Hancock deliberately used her charm on her, she would probably be affected.

“By the way, I want to know what happened in the sea recently. These days, in order to avoid the marines, I have been out of touch…” Nami looked at Hancock and tilted her head.

Hancock looked at Elder Nyon.

Elder Nyon, with her hands under her chin, remained silent for a while as if she was thinking about something. After tidying it up, she said: “A lot of major events has occurred on the sea recently…In addition to Ron’s battle and denouncing Albares as a criminal organization, there are words that Whitebeard and Shanks made contact, and there is news that the beast Kaido started moving.”

“Does it mean that all the Four Emperors started acting?”

Nami was slightly surprised.

This was almost exactly as Ron expected.


Elder Nyon nodded and said in a deep voice: “World order is gradually falling in chaos… All four emperors have taken action. A big storm will soon hit the seas… The world is about to change, but as things are, it is better for your current situation.”

Nami’s spiritual world.

Ron, who had received updates about the outside world, began to think.

The contact between Whitebeard and Shanks means that the great war was about to break out. However, things changed a lot compared to the original plot, nothing is sure! It is still unknown whether there will be a great war or not based on the current situation.

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