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P.A.S Chapter 238: Possibilities

First of all, the threat of Big Mom has not been solved by the marines.

Second, Kaido’s retaliation…

Ron wondered if the marines and the world government would choose to avoid a great war. It was also a possibility on the table. The decision is mainly in the hands of the world government…It depends on the decision made after capturing Ace to be precise…If the government followed the same path as in the original plot…no one will be able to stop the Whitebeard Pirates from going to his rescue…

The possibility of launching a great war was still great because the government needs a victory in a great battle to stabilize the situation and prevent further deterioration in the world’s situation!

Still, if the four emperors started taking action at the same time, chaos will be inevitable, and the revolutionary army will grow stronger. It could be said that all aspects will develop in an extremely unfavorable direction to the world government.

“What is certain now is that Ace will be defeated by Blackbeard.”

Ron groaned.

Ace is chasing Blackbeard, no matter what, the two will definitely meet, and once they meet, Ace will be defeated.

With his Yami Yami no Mi, Blackbeard is definitely stronger than Ace when it comes to ability powers. Even physical strength-wise, he once managed to leave scars on Shanks’ face relying on pure physical power. His body is out of Ace’s league…

Once Ace is captured, Blackbeard will definitely choose to hand him over to the marines. For him, it was meaningless to just kill Ace. Blackbeard’s objective is chaos, the bigger the better!

So, Ace will be handed over to the marines by Blackbeard, and the latter will secure a Shichibukai’s position, replacing the vacancy left by Ron, and start planning for his prison break.

If you look at it this way, there was still a high probability that the great war will happen!

And Ron predicts that, in case such war occurred, it may be larger than that in the original plot! This war may not be limited to the Whitebeard pirates, Red hair, and Blackbeard only, there is a huge possibility that the beast Kaido will join the party.

To conquer this world! To build the new world he wants! Ron has to participate in this great war!

It will be a war between the strongest forces in the seas! And the winners, if any, will stand at the top of this world!

“There are two options. The first is to kill Whitebeard myself. First, to prevent Blackbeard from getting the Gura Gura no Mi devil fruit, then I will be able to get the strongest undead ‘Whitebeard’.”

“Or help Whitebeard rescue Fire fist Ace, make the situation on the sea more chaotic, and get more benefits from the chaos.”

Ron pondered.

He was actually a little inclined towards the former, but once Whitebeard dies, then no matter whether Blackbeard dies or not, the situation in the New World will tend to stabilize.

Getting read of the major nuisance, the world government immediately will dispatch troops and deal with Albares, and the situation will be extremely severe.

By that time, he probably won’t be able to break through 500 achievement points, and he won’t be able to protect the forces under his command. Even if his life will not be endangered, Robin and the others will be in danger.


Ron gradually made a decision.

His participation will be an extremely critical part of guiding the direction of the sea because he knows all the plots, and he also has enough strength and the ability to change the situation.

Thinking about it for a while, predicting all the possible scenarios, Rom made his mind.

“That’s it then!”

After Ron made his decision, he sent a message to Nami, saying: “Pay attention to the news related to the Shichibukai. Once you hear something about Blackbeard joining the Shichibukai report to me.”


Nami responded to Ron and continued to talk with Elder Nyon.

After Ron made a decision and gave instructions, he continued to practice.

After hunting down that giant sea king, he finally achieved the final achievement of that series gaining 3 achievement points.

Originally, his total mental attribute had reached 395 points, and thanks to the practice hours of the last few days, he gained an extra point. With the 3 achievement points, he has already reached 399 points, which is only 1 point away from 400 points stage.

Ron began to meditate and stopped investigating and thinking about the external affairs.

Few days passed with Ron only focusing on his training!

And finally, he rose to 400 points of mental strength.

As Ron expected, his thinking speed increased a little, his recovery ability also increased a little, his insight and scope of observation also increased to a certain extent, of which the greatest increase was the degree of spiritual cohesion.

After his mental power broke through 200 points, it ushered in a huge transformation which made his mental power attack no less inferior to ordinary magic.

With a condensed spiritual fist, the sweet commanders would be able to resist a full power slam without using his armament Haki. The key was that the bombardment of mental power also has a spiritual impact effect!

After that, the breakthrough from 200 points to 300 points is a further step. Even a former marine admiral like Zephyr couldn’t stand still and resist with his armament Haki. At least he would be blown a few steps away from the shock.

Now that it has broken through 400 points, the degree of cohesion has become stronger!

The density of mental power that could be compressed and condensed was already tens or hundreds of times that at 50 points. Ron became able to condenses his mental power into a needle-like shape, that people as strong as Hancock will not be able to resist, even while using armament Haki. She will be definitely pierced!

His pure mental defense has surpassed the guardian system’s second-level magic elves ball!

“Ho, that’s interesting… with this, the sweet commanders, the all-stars…can be easily defeated by just mental power and space magic.”

“Elemental affinity seems to have improved slightly.”

Ron murmured in his heart.

He felt that his current strength, even if he did not rely on the wizard tower, he should be able to fight a battle one-on-one with an admiral! And even gain the upper hand in a short time.

He finally reached the level of a marine admiral in terms of power, but he is still lacking when it comes to endurance, that is, the amount of mental power.

If he has the support of the wizard tower, he definitely became able to win against an admiral! However, without it, if he can’t finish the fight in a short time, he will lose.

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