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P.A.S Chapter 239: Magic Spear

After losing his body, Ron found that his training speed became much faster than ever. In just a few days, he had increased his mental power by 2 points and broken through the 400-point barrier.

Ron thought that there should be two reasons for this. One was that after losing his body when he started practicing, he was fully engaged, he went all out that he wasn’t even feeling the passage of time. His concentration can be said to have reached 100%.

On the other hand.

Without his body, he doesn’t need to waste time on things like eating, taking a bath, and so on… He was practicing all day long, “Zero wasted time”.

As Ron conjectured, the body is indeed a kind of shackle and bondage to the spirit.

The body brings restraints!

Time flew by.

Ron’s mental strength was constantly increasing.

1 point … 2 points … 3 points…

Ron entered into a deep level of meditation. His consciousness was in a trance, unaware of the time passage.


It has been half a month since Nami came to Amazon Lily Island.

Except when they first came, Ron gave her some instructions, however, after taking a look at the Historical Poneglyph, interpreting its content, he didn’t even contact her.

Nami knew that Ron was in a meditation state, so she thought it would be better to not disturb him. She stayed in Amazon Lily according to his previous instructions and tried to develop the power of the Kuja tribe.

“Okay, it’s done.”

Somewhere on open grass, Nami held a sword in her hand and inscribed the last rune on its blade. She sighed and then gave out a relieved smile.

There were many Kuja warriors nearby watching.


Hancock’s younger sister, Sandersonia, stepped forward and looked at the sword in Nami’s hand with a little twinkle in her eyes.

These days, Nami has made a lot of magic weapons with the materials provided by these worriers. The power granted by these weapons was so shocking, yet satisfying at the same time.

“Well, let me try it.”

Nami held the hilt of the sword and poured her mental energy into it, activating the rune inscribed on the blade.
The nearby warriors immediately separated to the sides, leaving an open area.


With a swing of the sword, the air suddenly twisted and burst out.

It wasn’t a Flying Slash, but it was like a trusting impact that twisted the air and ejected forward. In a moment, the ground in front was hit by this projectile, and a crack of nearly ten meters in length and width broke out.

“Not bad.”

Nami was satisfied with the quality of the magic weapon.

Compared to Nami’s satisfaction, the Kuja warriors and Sandersonia looked at the crack with a shocked expression. This kind of power was very exciting for them!

Apart from Sandersonia, few of the people present were able to launch such powerful attacks. Although most people may not be able to exert the same mental power as Nami with this magic weapon, even if they can reach half of it, it was a considerable improvement!

“Well, here you are.”

After trying it, Nami handed the sword in her hand to Sandersonia.

A warrior walked over, took a towel, and wiped the sweat on Nami’s forehead. Then she said respectfully and kindly: “Have a rest, Nami-Sama?”

Some time ago, Amazon Lily and Albares reached an alliance. Although the alliance was not open to the world to avoid unnecessary complications and troubles, Nami’s status within the Island was second only to that of Hancock.

On one hand, the strength that Nami showed was enough to gain the tribe’s respect, and on the other hand, Hancock, the empress, was treating her as equal or even more! She truly respected her!

Nami and Hancock have become close friends, but Nami always felt that there was still a gap between them, and she couldn’t really understand the empress’ thoughts.

Maybe it’s because Hancock was the emperor of this Island?

She didn’t think so.

She felt that there was some kind of hidden secret because when she talked to Hancock about the world government and the Celestial Dragons, she could clearly see a little bewilderment in her eyes…

“I have just started.”

Nami smiled, took the water glass handed over by the female soldier, and after drinking it, she looked at Sandersonia and said: “By the way, are the materials for the weapons ready?”

“Oh, oh, it’s ready.”

Sandersonia looked to the rear and gave an instruction to her people, and immediately someone brought over a few Kairōseki bars. The purity of the Seastone reached the highest level of quality.

Among all the people on Amazon Lily Island, apart from Hancock, Sandersonia and Marigold were the strongest. Naturally, they were more than capable of using advanced magic weapons, at least the second-grade ones.

“Okay, let’s get started.”

Nami looked at the materials that were brought in front of her, showing concentration!

For her, ordinary first-grade magic weapons could be made at will, and the error rate was extremely low, but she was not very skilled at making the second level, and she needed to be so focused.

In fact, she wanted Ron to do it, but Ron had been in deep meditation and didn’t wake up, so she decided not to disturb him.

Nami stirred the material and started the process.

What made her a little helpless was that her first try failed, the error rate for her to forge a second-grade magic weapon was quite high.

Fortunately, enough materials were provided. After two consecutive failures, the third time was finally a success.

The magic weapon made for Sandersonia was a spear, which could release wind blades. This was also the type of magic that Nami selected to assure the highest success rate.

“Got it…”

After confirming that the ruin was inscribed perfectly, Nami breathed a sigh of relief. She looked at the female warriors nearby and said: “Stay away, a little further this time. I want to test its power.”
After looking at each other, the warriors retreated, leaving only Sandersonia and Marigold beside Nami.

Nami’s eyes flickered and boom, she waved the spear forward.


The air instantly distorted, bursting out more than ten blue wind blades, bombarding the ground not far away, and an area of nearly 30 meters was full of giant holes!!

“…hum, that’s good.”

Seeing the result, Nami was relieved.

Although not as good as Ron’s product, it was indeed comparable to the second-grade weapons, and it’s suitable for both Sandersonia and Marigold.

“Who’s going to take it?”

“Me.” “Me.”

Sandersonia looked at Marigold, then came forward and took over the magic spear in Nami’s hand with a lot of excitement.

As if she had obtained some kind of treasure, she kept on flipping it in her hands and looking at it from all the angles. Then she got so excited that she poured all of her spiritual power into it.

Seeing Sandersonia’s excited look, Nami smiled, but then her expression changed slightly and she tried to warn her:



Nami’s warning was a little late. Sandersonia was too excited to control the release of the magic. In an instant, she burst seven or eight wind blades around her.

Nami’s first reaction was to use Switch to retreat, but thinking of those behind her, she released a magic barrier to block the upcoming projectiles.


Several wind blades blasted the magic barrier, which resisted for a while then finally broke…

Nami blocked the Wind blades on her side, but Marigold’s side was uncovered. However, she used Busoshoku Haki to protect her body, but because the distance was too close, things happened too suddenly, and her Armament Haki was not fully formed. She was not able to cover all of her body, just barely protecting her head and some vital spots.

Whoa! Oh!

There were three wounds on Marigold’s body, and her clothes were shredded.


Sandersonia hurriedly dropped her spear and rushed to Marigold. She supported Marigold to stand up, and Nami flew over immediately.

After looking at Marigold’s injury, Nami breathed a sigh of relief and said: “Did you use Armament Haki? Fortunately, your injuries are not that serious… Using magic weapons without concentration is very dangerous! “

Seeing that Marigold’s wounds weren’t serious, Nami scolded her sister.

Sandersonia looked apologetic and ashamed.

Nami shook her head when she saw her like that and didn’t intend to reprove her more. When she was about to call the medical staff, she suddenly stared at Marigold’s back.

Marigold’s clothes were torn from her shoulders, and from the gap, she could just see a mark on her back, some kind of a hoof.

“Is this…”

Nami frowned slightly.

Sandersonia noticed the change in Nami’s expression. Looking along Nami’s line of sight, she suddenly froze and turned pale.

The medical staff had been summoned. Just as they were about to come over, they heard Sandersonia yell: “Don’t come closer!”

The doctor stopped immediately.
Sandersonia looked at Nami with a pale face, and soon Marigold realized that something was wrong.

“Please, please don’t tell…”

Marigold whispered. She spoke with a voice that only Nami could hear with a pleading expression.

The mark on her back was the Hoof of the Flying Dragon.

It was the imprint of being a slave of the Celestial Dragons, which can’t be erased for a lifetime. The shame of being a slave would accompany them forever.

If the truth about the sister’s childhood is revealed, then they will not be able to keep a foothold on this island.

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