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P.A.S Chapter 240: secret

In order to conceal the secret, Marigold and Sandersonia had to do anything at all costs, and at that moment, they even thought about

killing Nami… But when they remembered the strength that Nami possessed, they started panicking.


In this world, slaves are the lowliest and inferior existence.

Such prejudice can’t be removed. There aren’t many people in the whole world that can ignore this prejudice… They didn’t pray that Nami will treat them as equal as she did before, but prayed that she won’t say a word about what she saw…

She can look down on them, despise them and even curse them. They were willing to endure any humiliation and behavior, but their only wish was that no one of the island’s people discovers this.


Nami didn’t remember the mark for a moment, but when she saw the frightened appearance of Marigold and Sandersonia, she vaguely thought of something.

Any ordinary person, even a civilian, would probably despise slaves, but she didn’t have this mentality. After all, she was an orphan since childhood, she was raised by her adoptive mother Bell-mère, and If it wasn’t for her, she might have died or sold by human traffickers and become a slave.

Nami never judged people based on their lifestyle…whether they were poor or slaves.

“Don’t worry.”
Nami vaguely understood something and nodded to marigold.

She glanced at the crowd not far away and said to the sisters: “Take her out of here. If you don’t want to reveal the secret, go to a safe place and bandage her wounds.”

Marigold and Sandersonia almost cried when they heard Nami’s words, both of them bit their lips, and shed tears of gratitude from the corners of their eyes.

Sandersonia nodded vigorously, picked up Marigold, jumped up, crossed the crowd, and headed towards the palace.

Nami looked around for a while, then turned her gaze at the materials on the ground. She shrugged helplessly. Countless thoughts flashed in her mind, but then she shook her head.

“It turns out that…I see…”

“Na… Nami-Sama, what’s going on, is Marigold-Sama seriously injured?” A female warrior came over and asked Nami nervously.

Nami thought for a moment and said: “it’s not that serious, but we shouldn’t take it lightly… You keep on bringing the materials needed for the weapons and I’ll go shake on her myself… By the way, I’d like to remind you that you must concentrate when using magic weapons!”

Hearing Nami’s words, almost all the present Kuja warriors nodded.

Even the elder sister Marigold was accidentally injured. Who would dare to be careless? The power of magic weapons is terrifying, but the greater the power, the higher danger!

Nami flew up, past the crowd, and towards the palace.

“Elder Nyon! Elder Nyon!”

Sandersonia, who just rushed into the palace, was a little afraid to face Hancock, so she called for Gloriosa.

Gloriosa quickly came out, frowned, and looked at Marigold and Sandersonia, then said: “What’s wrong? Why all this panic? What caused Marigold’s injury?”

“It was an accident.”

Sandersonia supported Marigold and walked forward…

Gloriosa looked at Marigold’s ripped clothes and frowned: “So careless… Come in, I’ll bandage you, WAIT…”

“The mark on her back… You didn’t allow anyone to see it, did you?!”

Gloriosa’s face changed drastically.

Once the mark of the Celestial Dragons’ Hoof was seen and the news spread on the island, it will immediately reveal the past of the three sisters who were once slaves.

At that time, even with Hancock’s power and overwhelming charm, I’m afraid it will be difficult to completely subdue the people on the island… They used to submit to the charm and strength of Hancock, but if they knew that she had a dark childhood, that she had been a slave, the consequences would be disastrous!
“It was seen by someone.”

Sandersonia said in a trembling voice: “Not by someone from the island, Nami was beside us… She saw it!”

Gloriosa’s face became ugly, and said: “Did she see the whole mark? We are in bigger trouble now! You must find a way to keep her quiet!”

At this moment, Hancock also heard the fuss and came out.

“What happened?”

Seeing the appearance of Marigold and Sandersonia, Hancock first frowned, then saw Nami flying over. Subconsciously, she thought that Nami had attacked marigold and was still chasing her.

Marigold and Sandersonia were pale and afraid to speak.

Gloriosa said with an ugly face: “The mark on Marigold’s back… was seen.”


Hancock, who had originally frowned and looked at the flying Nami warily, heard Gloriosa’s words, and suddenly she felt as if she had been pierced in the heart by an arrow, and her body suddenly froze.

Her gaze changed several times when she looked at Nami. In an instant, she showed pain, struggle, shame, anger, and so on. Her face finally became pale.

“Slave… Slave Arrow…”

Hancock gritted her teeth, her fingers started trembling as she was about to activate her ability.

The mark on their back must never be seen!

Even if she loses everything… even if she loses a friend…

“Wait! Snake Princess!”

Gloriosa saw Hancock’s trembling body, she noticed that she was struggling and willing to attack Nami. She tried to stop her with her snake stick, but the arrow already was cast away.

Without trouble, Nami avoided the pink arrow shot by Hancock and landed in the palace using Switch, saying: “No wonder why I always felt that you were hiding something from me…”

Hancock bit the corner of her lips, and a trace of blood oozed vaguely, still…She continued to attack Nami.

Nami did not fear the world government and dared to challenge the world, which made Hancock admire her. In the past month, she has regarded Nami as an equal, as a friend… But the only thing that she was unwilling to share with her was her dark past of being a slave.

She didn’t how she would face Nami if her secret was revealed one day.

Sadly, that time came too early.

Nami discovered everything…

That urged pain and despair in her heart.

“I’m sorry…I’m sorry… “

Although she was attacking Nami with all her power, she looked like a drained soul…pale.

Nami was startled by Hancock’s continuous attacks, still, she dodged them one after another, saying: “Hey, hey! Calm down! We don’t have to fight! Don’t worry, I won’t say a word!!!”

Nami used a magic barrier to block Hancock’s arrows.

As these words were said, the atmosphere suddenly fell into a short silence.


Hancock’s hands froze in the air while aiming at Nami.

She stared blankly at Nami. Her words were still echoing in Hancock’s ears. She looked at Nami’s eyes and did not see any trace of contempt in them.

“I told you to wait, Snake Princess!”

After seeing this scene, Gloriosa shook her head and said: “You should have noticed her courage and tolerance these days. Maybe things are not as bad as you think…”

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