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P.A.S Chapter 241: Painful Past

“That’s what happened…”

Hancock sat there with her eyes down, biting her lip. She was no longer that domineering empress, her eyes revealed agony…pain because of that unforgotten past.

Nami fell silent.

Nami’s childhood was miserable too. She lost her home and became an orphan at a young age. And even after meeting her adoptive mother Belle-mère, she suffered all kinds of misfortune because of the fish-man Arlong.

If she didn’t meet Ron, no one knows what might happen to her by now…. But most likely, she would be still suffering…Arlong taking advantage of her while threatening the lives of the villagers.

But compared with her past, Hancock’s past was even more painful.

Nami didn’t know the cruelty of the celestial dragons, but from Hancock’s words, she could understand how the slaves in the Holy Land were treated.

“I thought my past was already very painful… I didn’t expect you to have a more difficult past to look back on…”

Nami looked at Hancock and sighed.

Hancock raised her head and said: “We have to keep this secret hidden at all costs… I never want to go back to those horrifying days…”

“Don’t worry!”

Nami comforted Hancock and said: “You are now a Shichibukai and the Pirate Empress! You have enough strength to break free from that past.”

Hancock looked at Nami. She hesitated a little. She wanted to ask her if her thoughts of her changed since she discovered her secret…that she was a slave, but she didn’t have the courage.

No, it was better to be left unasked.

They both talked about their past. Although Nami had, considerably, a better childhood than Hancock, she was actually dominated by Arlong, being treated as a prisoner.

They both had a past dominated by others, still, they managed to survive and to gain great strength. At that moment, Hancock finally regarded Nami as a companion.

It was the same for Nami. She understood that Hancock was not as domineering and indifferent as she seems to be. In fact, her behaviors were nothing but a disguise to hide the pain in her heart. The barrier between Hancock and Nami disappeared.

“That’s right.”

Nami and Hancock were immersed in each other’s past. After a while, Nami suddenly thought of something, raised her head to look at Hancock, and said: “Can you show me that mark again?”


Hancock nodded, took off her shirt, and turned her back to Nami.

Nami looked at The Hoof of the Soaring Dragon on Hancock’s back, showing a thoughtful look. She stretched out her hand slowly and touched it lightly.

The mark was obviously Hancock’s most vulnerable place. The moment Nami’s finger touched her, her body trembled and she moved forward involuntarily.

Nami retracted her finger and started pondering, lost in her thoughts. After a few seconds, she said: “Hankock, this mark, maybe there is a way to remove it…”

“Huuuuh? Really?!”

Hancock turned around and looked at Nami in a bit of astonishment.

It was a mark created by the Celestial dragons using some unknown ability. It cannot be eliminated by any means, even if that part of skin was torn off…It will reappear again…

Hancock has searched for many methods and tried many of them, but all failed. She could do nothing about this shameful mark.

“Well, I’m a little sure.”

Nami nodded and said: “In our guild, the minister of healing, Mansherry, possesses the Heal-Heal Fruit, and at the same time she is a master of the healing magic. Although she can’t make a lost arm grow back again, normal wounds could be healed instantly.”

Hearing Nami’s words, a gleam of light appeared in Hancock’s eyes.

“It is ok to have some hope…”

Although she was not sure whether it can be eliminated, hearing about the Heal-Heal Fruit, Hancock regaining some hope.

Although removing the mark does not mean that her painful past will be erased, but at least the secret of being a slave can be concealed forever, and no one will know about it again.

Hancock and Sandersonia, both looked at Nami. Hancock pursed her lips and said: “I have always wanted to get rid of this mark of shame…”

Seeing Hancock’s appearance, Nami hesitated, but finally said, “Even if Mansherry couldn’t do it, the president should be able to do it.”

She knew that Ron could control flesh and blood at will with his magic, but she was a bit hesitant to suggest that.

After all, Ron is a man and Hancock probably wouldn’t accept his treatment. Nami knows exactly how much Hankook’s aversion to men has reached


Hancock was startled slightly, then said: “That man?”

Nami nodded and said: “The president is very nice, and he will never discriminate against anyone because of their past… But if you can’t accept it, just forget I said so.”

Hancock hesitated for a while, gritted his teeth, and said: “If this brand can be really eliminated, I will accept anything…”

Nami exhaled in her heart.

In order to remove the mark on her back, even her extreme dislike of men can be suppressed, which shows how much Hancock wants to erase that painful past and history.

In fact, Nami was overthinking the matter. Hancock had already met Ron, and more than once, and she also knew Ron’s temperament and courage. He was one of the few men if any, she didn’t feel disgusted when seeing them.

Just when Nami was hesitant to call Ron to verify if he could do it, he recovered from his deep meditation, and his voice appeared in her mind.

“How many days have passed?”

Nami froze for a moment, and quickly replied with her mind: “Fourteen days.”


Ron’s thoughts seemed to be in a bit of disarray, but as time passed, it was as if the gears started connecting, and his soul like a golden sun began to stretch.

After fourteen days of deep meditation practice, Ron could feel that his spiritual attributes had improved by at least 6 points, and his total spiritual attributes should have reached about 408 points.

“Are you still on Amazon Lily?”

Ron asked Nami, and at the same time his spirit poked out.

“Um yes…oh, wait!”

Nami responded subconsciously, and soon realized what’s happening and tried to react, to stop Ron.

But she was a bit slow.

Ron’s mental perspective has been activated, passing through the entire palace, gaining awareness about his surroundings.

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