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P.A.S Chapter 242: Ron appeared

“What’s happening?”

Hancock and the others were taken aback by Nami’s sudden scream and looked at her strangely.

Nami’s face was a little stiff.

If they had an eye on the spiritual world, they would see Nami slapping Ron at that moment, however, she couldn’t stop him.

“What’s going on?”

Ron was also a little surprised and looked at Hancock who was sitting in front.

Nami’s movements were too fast.

However, Hancock’s charm can really eclipse everything. If they had a charming scale, Nami, Robin, and the others are above 90 points at most, while Hancock’s attractiveness has reached the full value of 100 points.

Even Ron’s heart was pounding fast.

But his mental power far exceeds that of ordinary people. After a short period of fluctuation, he calmed down and said to Nami: “Tell me what happened.”

Seeing that she couldn’t stop him from coming out, Nami felt helpless.
Knowing that Ron will do something awkward anyway, Nami thought it was useless to stop him, so she gave up blocking him and stated the previous events.

“Oh, that’s it.”

Ron knew…

The communication between him and Nami was on a spiritual level. It was only a brief moment in the outside world, and Hancock and the others were still surprised by Nami’s abrupt reaction.

At the next moment, they saw a wooden chair in the palace suddenly twisting and falling apart, into countless pieces of wood. The pieces floated in the air and started forming a strange figure.


Hancock looked alerted for a moment.

The old lady and the sisters even jumped up.

“Don’t be afraid… it’s the president.”

Nami stood up and said this to calm them down.

Immediately afterward.

In the surprised gazes of Hancock and the others, they saw that the wooden chair was transformed into a puppet as if they witnessed the reincarnation of Pinocchio the wood puppet.
“We meet again, Hancock.”

Ron attached his soul temporarily to the wooden body. There was a crack in the lower part of this rough face. He laughed with it, but there were no teeth inside.

Hancock and the other females were terrified, especially the Empress. She looked at the wooden guy in astonishment and couldn’t help looking at Nami next to him.

Nami nodded to Hancock.

“I have already said that the president didn’t die, but this fact should be kept secret. Just like yours, this shouldn’t be spread out.”


Upon hearing Nami’s words, Gloriosa’s face showed an expression of shock that could not be concealed.

Although she always got a strange answer from Nami that Ron would return, and although Albares was also spreading the fact that Ron would return to the world sooner or later, she always thought that it was just the cadres saying this to keep the guild from collapsing!

But at that moment, she witnessed his return! Saw him possessing a puppet!


It should not be said that he was resurrected, Ron didn’t even die in the first place, he should’ve survived through some weird ability or some devil fruit ability!

After a brief shock, Hancock took a deep breath and said: “How did you… get this form…”

“This is just one of my abilities.”

Ron laughed and said: “Poor world government tried their best to kill me, but it won’t be that easy to get rid of me… I am a bit disappointed actually. I didn’t have much hostility to the government. I didn’t expect that they would suddenly launch a devastating siege and suppression against me, forcing me to fake my “death” to get out of sight. “

“Hancock, are you interested in working with me to change the rulers of the world?”

Ron smiled at Hancock.

Change the rulers of the world!?

The seemingly understated words, like thunder, exploded in the palace, which made both Sandersonia and Marigold’s faces change dramatically. Even Gloriosa’s pupils shrank violently.

“Do you… know what you are talking about?”

Hancock took a deep breath and said.

What Ron means by this sentence is to challenge the world government, to challenge the Celestial Dragons who dominate the world government!

“When someone attacks me, I will fight back. It’s that simple, no matter who the other person is…even it’s the government itself.”

Ron said calmly.

This sentence was said directly, without any emphasis on his tone.

But as these words fell, Hancock looked at Ron’s eyes, and a complex expression gradually appeared.

Before, she had seen Ron’s temperament and courage, but she was so arrogant and didn’t think that he was superior to her, but at that moment, she knew that they can’t be compared…He was just something else…

She didn’t dare to even think about taking her revenge on the government.

She only wanted to hide her past as a slave, and never thought to take revenge on the Celestial Dragons.

After all her suffering, she chose to lay low and hide, instead of confrontation.

Seeing Hancock fall into silence, Ron chuckled again and said: “I’m just talking about future plans, don’t start overthinking things. Don’t worry, I will never put you in danger… It will take us at least a few years before we really go against the world government.”

Hancock looked at Ron in silence, then said after a while: “I’ll think about it.”

She still couldn’t give him an immediate answer.

After all, this was something that she has been avoiding for many years. It is not so easy to bring up the courage to face it in an instant.

“Nami has told me a lot about you.”

Ron looked at Hancock and said: “Do you want to get rid of the mark on your back?”

Hearing this, Hancock’s gaze suddenly changed, revealing a ray of light, and said: “Yes, can you… do it?”

“I can try.”

Ron walked towards Hancock.

After a little hesitation, Hancock turned her back to Ron.

Ron looked at the hoof of the flying Dragon on Hancock’s back. From a spiritual perspective, this part of her skin was instantly magnified countless times. After reaching the level of the cell, he went further.

“Is that so…”

After a brief observation, Ron’s mind was a little dazed.

Nami’s mental power was not strong enough, and her insight was much worse than him. She couldn’t see everything, but he could notice that some parts of her cells have been changed.

This should have been Vegapunk’s deeds.

Mostly it was a by-product of gene clones made by Germa 66. He had used the Lineage Factor to rewrite the genes of this part to create a fixed shape, so even if the skin was removed, the newly grown cells will still bear this mark.
It’s a bit interesting to say that the world’s science and technology has reached such a point, energy and transforming humans, as well as cloning and modifying humans… Some of these technologies are too advanced.

If it was not for the Devil fruits and the Haki abilities that were too powerful and completely obscured the glory of technology, it would be possible for this world to develop into a semi-sci-fi world with a unique style of painting.

“…Can it be done?”

Hancock turned her back to Ron, her eyes closed, her white shoulders were trembling slightly.

Ron thought for a few seconds.


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