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P.A.S Chapter 243: Mark Removed

Hearing Ron’s answer, Hancock’s heart surged with joy, but she didn’t show it right away, instead, she asked: “Do you… have any requirements?”

Ron smiled and said: “I could say forming an alliance is the requirement, but forget it, you are Nami’s friend, so I won’t ask for anything from you. Whether you agree to the previous proposal is up to you.”

Having said that, Ron stepped forward as if he was about to pounce on Hancock’s back, but just halfway through the action, the puppet-like body suddenly lost its soul and scattered towards the ground.

Ron’s soul, radiating a faint golden light, fell on Hancock’s body, which was invisible to the naked eye, but for Hancock, who had observation Haki, could feel his presence.

“Don’t resist.”

Ron pounced on Hancock’s body and directly invaded her mind like an illusion. At the same time, his thoughts passed directly into Hancock’s mind.

Hancock’s body stiffened a bit, and there was obviously a strong sense of discomfort, but she still squeezed her fists and endured it without making any resistance.

Ron’s behavior seemed to her to be quite rude, but in order to remove the mark on her back, she was willing to cooperate even if it was the case.


Ron’s soul entered Hancock’s body. His mind was concentrated on the brand on her back. After a few seconds, Ron’s mental power was released, covering the area where the brand was located.

Hancock has no magic mark, nor does she have a spiritual resonance with Ron, so he just entered Hancock’s body without meddling with her spiritual space, yet, Hancock has already had a very strong sense of conflict and discomfort.

However, due to Hancock’s forcible patience and cooperation, she forced down her almost natural outburst of domineering power. In addition, Ron’s soul was strong enough to stabilize inside, to take control, and began to treat the skin on Hancock’s back.


As if a bubble burst, a very slight sound resonated in the palace.

Along with it, the red mark on Hancock’s back melted quickly as if it had been sprinkled with some dissolving agent.


Sweat oozed from Hancock’s forehead, but she still forcibly endures it, only humming slightly.

If it was his own body, Ron would freely manipulate all perceptions and eliminate pain, but in this form, it was impossible for him to do so without completely taking control over Hancock’s body.

Ron was powerless about this unless he enters Hancock’s soul.

But this pain should be nothing to the empress.

Ron was not distracted and focused on his work. After about three minutes, he finally dissolved all the red-branded skin on Hancock’s back into countless red water drops, suspended in the air.


Ron’s thoughts moved, and the red drops of water fell on the ground, spilling like blood, staining the ground red.

The damaged part has been extracted by Ron, and the rest was to mend the damaged area. Ron continued to maintain his focus. This part was a bit harder.

Ron was a perfectionist, and also, he wanted to impress Hancock. He had to restore her back to a completely normal state, without any defects.

It took Rom more than ten minutes to meticulously extracted the cells around the wound, to compensate and recover the damaged part.

If it was his own body, such operation could be achieved in just a few seconds, but it was different for others, especially Hancock, who was still hostile and conflicted with his soul. He had to stabilize his soul while manipulating the cells.


The moment he made sure that there were no flaws, Ron’s soul left Hancock’s body without delay.

He flew out and rushed to the puppet on the ground.

Having a soul again, the puppet started shaking and stood up.


The two sisters, Sandersonia and Marigold, watched the whole process by the side and as soon as they saw the puppet moving again, the two hurriedly brought the mirror.

There were still a few fine beads of sweat remaining on Hancock’s forehead. She looked in the mirror, turned her body slightly trembling, twisted her neck, and looked at her back in the mirror.

White as jade, flawless.

No trace of the Hoof of the Flying Dragon could be seen anymore, and every inch of her skin was so smooth.

“It really disappeared…”

Hancock looked at her back in the mirror, her body trembling slightly, barely holding her tears from falling.

The traces of shame, the painful past, everything that she wanted to erase, finally disappeared! She was no more obliged to carry that damned mark for the rest of her life.

“Thanks, thanks……”

Hancock spoke to Ron, with a little choking in her voice, without her usual domineering presence.

Gloriosa laughed while watching from the sidelines, and said: “I haven’t seen you show your true feelings for a long time. I thought the empress really turned into an iceberg.”

Hancock didn’t say a word and just stared at the old lady.

Hancock looked at Ron again.

From today onwards, only a few people, including Ron, will know about her secret. She hesitated in her heart. She wanted to ask if Ron would despise her because of her past as a slave, but she didn’t ask in the end.

The thing is, when Ron helped her get rid of the mark, there was a mental conflict between the two, and that conflict was some sort of communication, communication beyond the language level.

She could feel that Ron held no contempt for her.

There were only a few people in this world who wouldn’t care about such matters.

She met Nami first, and then Ron. Both of them were kind, and they didn’t belittle her or look down on her because of her past. They were different from the rest of the world…a noble soul.

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