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P.A.S Chapter 244: leaving!

Next, Ron handled the marks of the two sisters.

Perfection wasn’t needed in their case. There were some flaws and they couldn’t be seen. It was done in ten minutes.

When everything was over, Hancock finally calmed down her emotions, as if she had completely forgotten everything from the past, and she seemed to have a high spirit.

Without the need to use their mental perspective, Ron and Nami could clearly feel that Hancock’s mental power had increased a lot… This was nothing but a small step forward after getting rid of that mark which weighted her heart. She will get stronger and stronger as time passes, that what Ron thought at that time.

If Hancock practices more, her improved mental power will also be converted into domineering power, and Hancock’s strength should be improved.

Originally, she was inferior to Doflamingo, but since her shackles were broken, she got room to improve, to surpass him.

On her own, Hancock should not be able to surpass the admiral’s level of strength, but if she becomes a magician, that bottleneck may be surpassed.

It just so happened that Ron’s magic mark was promoted, and at the moment, he possessed a lot of extra magic marks.

But Ron was not in a hurry. They just started to know each other’s, and Hancock wouldn’t get over her feelings towards men that easily. After all, once she became a magician, Ron will have some degree of control over her, and that part won’t be agreed upon by Hancock easily.

Hancock, who calmed down, put on a cheongsam again.

She quickly asked Ron’s current status.

“I am in a good state now. I can create a temporary body, like this puppet. However, I still want a pure flesh and blood body. After all, many things can only be done with a normal body.”

Ron’s puppet was sitting on a chair and opened its mouth, looking a little funny.

Hancock put a hand on her chin, and asked in deep thought: “How can you regain a normal body? It seems that no devil fruit can do that…”

“It can be done with magic, but I haven’t mastered it yet.”

Ron smiled and said: “Eliminating the mark on your back is actually a very high magic ability. If I further improve this ability, I will have the ability of shaping and regeneration, which is similar to the elemental form of the devil fruits.”

Hancock shook her head and said: “It seems I can’t help you with that.”

After pondering for a while, Hancock asked: “What are your next plans? You said that you don’t intend to take revenge on the world government in a short time…”


Ron said: “It is still early to go into a full-scale war with the government, but we give them some hard times. Still, most likely, I plan to find my subordinates first, regroup my forces, and then take them to see the Whitebeard.”


Hancock’s eyes dimmed.

One of the three legendary pirates, Gol D. Roger’s rival! One of the current Four Emperors who was regarded as the most terrifying existence among them, the monster among the monsters!


Ron slowly said: “As I see it, Whitebeard might soon launch a war against the marines. Although I am in a bit awkward situation and in no shape to participate in the war against the department, it is a great opportunity to make some deals with Whitebeard.”

“If the Whitebeard pirates and the marines go to war, I will definitely participate. And probably you won’t be able to avoid it either. The government will definitely summon the Shichibukai.”

Hearing Ron’s words, Gloriosa’s complexion changed slightly.

She couldn’t help saying: “Whitebeard and the marines will go to war? Are you sure?”

“Eight out of ten.”

Ron said: “I was not very sure at first, but you just told me that Blackbeard teach took over my position and became the new Shichibukai, then I am almost sure about it.”

“Blackbeard became a Shichibukai, after defeating Ace and handing him over to the marines. And since the world government won’t let such existence roam free, they won’t release him, and then Whitebeard will definitely make his move.”

Speaking of this, Ron’s puppet’s body was leaning forward slightly, and the black wooden eyes seemed to show a little deep gloom, saying: “This war will be unprecedented, and it should be the biggest war since the era of the pirates.”

Gloriosa and the others were a bit stunned hearing those words… It was too much to process. It gave them the shivers, just thinking about such large-scale war.

Ron’s credibility was undoubtedly extremely high, and indeed the recent situation on the sea, gradually developing into chaos and terror, confirmed his ideas.

Whitebeard is going to war with the marines!

The world government will summon the Shichibukai, and Ron also intends to participate, and the other four emperors may also take their own actions!

“After this war, the world will change!”

Ron spoke slowly but firmly under the shaking gazes of everyone.

Ron did not intend to remain on Amazon lily.

After knowing that Blackbeard had become a Shichibukai and Ace had been handed over, Ron decided to act.

At this point in time, the world government’s attention was all focused on the Four Emperors. No one would pay attention to him. And even if someone noticed him, Ron would not care.

To get rid of him, at least the same lineup as the last time is needed, and talent with the ability to master the soul-type devil fruit is also needed… It is obviously impossible for the world government at this point to spare such a force.

“Are you… leaving?”

When Ron said that he was about to leave, Hancock couldn’t help but speak. This sentence made Gloriosa next to her look over with a little weirdness in her eyes.

Ron smiled in his heart, but it was not the right time to start something with Hancock, he nodded and said: “Yes, I should leave immediately.”

Seeing Ron’s decisiveness, Hancock hesitated for a moment, but didn’t stop him, saying: “Where are you going? I can take you there.”

“Thank you, we will be fine on our own.”

Ron raised his head slightly and said: “We will meet again in half a month.”

As he finished talking, Ron stood up, and after walking a few steps forward, the puppet fell to the ground.

Ron’s soul flew to Nami again.

“Be careful!” Nami said to Hancock.

As her voice fell, Nami quickly flew out of the palace and disappeared.

Hancock stretched out her hand forward, but in the end, she did not say a word. Instead, she walked to Ron’s previous position and picked up the soulless puppet. (T/N: He even stole Luffy’s Gf xD)

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