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P.A.S Chapter 245: Fish-Man Island

“Straight to the sky island?”

Nami said as she flew out of Amazon Lily.

Ron groaned for a moment, and said: “Pass by the Fish-Man island.”

In the achievement system, among the five achievements of the explorer series, Fish-Man Island and Zou were the only remaining destinations to explore, and one achievement point will be obtained after reaching each destination.

For the moment, for Ron, a one-point increase in his mental power was basically nothing, but the increase in the total achievement point means more chances to draw, so Ron was willing to collect as many points as possible.

Ron expected that by the time his total achievement points reach 175 points, he should get a chance to draw, and most probably it will be a new magic wand.

If he acquires a new wand, a more powerful one than the current dragon wand, even if he does not have 500 mental power and with no wizard tower, Ron was confident that he will be able to compete with a marine admiral. For the moment, an encounter with a marine admiral will be just an endurance and stamina battle.

“Fish-Man Island?”

Nami was a little surprised, and said: “What are you planning to do, Ron?”

Naturally, Ron would not say that it was an achievement. He thought about it, then said: “After seeing the historical Poneglyph in Amazon Lily, I remembered some intel stating the existence of another one in the Fish-man island. We are going to confirm that.”


Nami nodded.

She was very aware of the importance of the material provided by the Poneglyph. After all, it provides a high-quality wizard tower better than that made out of Seastone, and on top of that, it is indestructible. Even the attacks of marine admirals or the four emperors cannot cause damage to those Poneglyphs. As for the Seastone, a top powerhouse, like the Four Emperors, can break them easily with just one blow. Hence, the wizard towers made of Seastone can be considered as a liability.

Nami was flying at a high speed.

She was carrying a Log Pose, and as soon as she approached the Redline, it pointed at the underwater Fish-man Island.

In fact, the Fish-Man island was situated below The Holy Land Mary Geoise, and it can be easily found even without a Log Pose, but it was always better to be on the safe side.

“Holy Land, Mary Geoise…”

Nami raised her head and looked at the Redline with a serious look.

The Red line was far more magnificent than any ordinary mountain, like an uncrossable moat, towering there, dividing the world.

Mary Geoise was called the “land of the gods” by the Celestial dragons, and it’s not just bluffing. The Pangaea Castle, the gigantic castle where the World Government meets and works, was built in the highest place in the world. It was a sacred land…unreachable for ordinary people.

“Sooner or later, I will throw a fifth-level magic to wipe that place.”

Ron conveyed an idea in Nami’s mind.

Ron’s original plan was to slowly develop his power, improve his strength, step by step, let himself ascend to the seat of the ‘Dharma God’ and transform the world.

If the world government didn’t provoke him, he would not show any hospitality towards them. What Ron wanted to shape were theocracy and belief, and the world government represents only rules and royal power.

There was no conflict between theocracy and kingship, and they could coexist in any world.

But after what the world government did, there was no other way around! Such existence should be eliminated!

“Fifth-level Magic…”

Nami couldn’t help but murmur in a low voice.

Long, long ago, Ron had mentioned to her that the highest level of magic is the taboo fifth-level magic. She couldn’t imagine that at that time, but after witnessing the second-level, third-level, and fourth-level at first hand, she started to understand and even imagine how terrifying is the fifth-level magic will be.

The fourth-level magic was so outstanding…

The fourth-level magic of the elemental system literally annihilated everything within a kilometer range. Then what about the fifth-level magic?! it may be ten times more powerful than the fourth-level!

It will definitely be more than enough to wipe out a whole island with just one blow!

And we are just talking about the elemental system… Special magics may be several times greater!


Nami didn’t stay long floating beside the Red Line and soon dived into the water.

Since her spiritual attributes have not exceeded 200 points yet, and had only 120 points so far, as Nami went deeper and deeper, she was under heavy pressure. She didn’t have enough affinity for water elements and was obliged to use magic to resist the water pressure.

After diving for a while, Ron took over.

After breaking through 400 points of mental power, having a powerful elemental affinity, Ron could move freely even in the depth of seven or eight kilometers, and could easily resist or even ignore the water pressure there.

The surroundings were pitch black, but from a spiritual perspective, it didn’t matter whether there is light, Ron could see everything around clearly.

Soon after.

A huge hole appeared in the red line.

Without any hesitation, Ron went straight through the hole, returning from the new world to the first half of the grand line.

Soon after crossing the hole, Ron saw the dreamlike island surrounded by a huge bubble and suspended at the bottom of the sea.

“Fish-Man Island…”

Ron whispered in his heart, manipulating Nami’s body to quickly approach the Bubble.

The moment his approaching the edge of the Fish-man island and passed through the double bubble, Ron heard a system prompt.

[Hint: You accomplished the achievement ‘Explorer IV’, and you got 1 achievement point]

Needless to say, Ron assigned the new 1 achievement point to his spiritual attributes.

At the same time, his gaze swept across the entire Fish-Man island, and in no time found the historical Poneglyph located in the Sea forest in the northeast region of the island. Also, he noticed the Hard-Shell Tower.

“There is indeed a historical Poneglyph here.”

Nami also found the location of the Poneglyph, and said: “Do you want to take it away?”


Ron nodded.

On the one hand, collecting historical Poneglyph was to create wizard towers. On the other hand, there were several achievements related to the collection of those historical texts, and with the addition of the Fish-Man island’s Poneglyph, Ron became so close to reaching the least required number of Poneglyph to trigger one of the achievements.


Ron flew down to the Sea Forest, digging out the Poneglyph from the ground with just his mental powers, entwining the entire stone and pulling it up.

After finishing what he came for, Ron looked in the direction of Ryugu Palace and pondered for a moment. He wondered whether it was time to contact Shirahoshi or not.

Although he had never met the Mermaid Princess, Ron had guessed long ago that perhaps her ability, Poseidon, one of the three Ancient Weapons, the ability to communicate with Sea Kinks was originated from the spiritual power.

The hidden spiritual attributes of Shirahoshi were definitely huge. Ron guessed that it might surpass Miss Golden Week, and even far above 500 points!

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