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P.A.S Chapter 246: Shirahoshi

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More than 500 mental power!

Such a number is undoubtedly terrifying! It represents the level of the gods after all. If a magic mark was to be given to Shirahoshi to fully awaken her true potential, her powers will be will take a terrible leap.

If she masters enough magic, she can unlock strength far superior to that of the marine admirals.

To begin with, Shirahoshi possesses the power of ancient weapons, and she has the ability to destroy the world!

“It won’t hurt to take a look.”

After Ron pondered for a while, he used Switch to transfer the historical Poneglyph out of Fish-Man Island, dropping it somewhere on the bottom of the sea, and then flew to the top of the Island.

He did not enter the Ryugu Palace but looked at the hard-shell tower from outside.

Inside the tower, princess Shirahoshi was sleeping. Her lovely appearance in her sleep didn’t show any trace of her tremendous powers, Poseidon. It was hard to imagine that she was one of the three ancient weapons, capable to communicate and command the Sea Kings.

In terms of pure charm, the only female that could rival the Pirate Empress was Shirahoshi.

Hancock’s charm is a combination of her beauty, her temperament, and the special abilities granted by her devil fruit.

Shirahoshi? is lovely and cute despite her giant body, and well she got huge hidden spiritual power that belongs to an ancient weapon.

“That mermaid…what’s going on…who is she?”

When Ron’s gaze fell on the Shirahoshi, Nami also noticed her existence. The mental power she exuded was terrifying that shocked Nami.

Shirahoshi’s spiritual power was like a vast ocean, far greater than that of Ron!

However, despite how massive her power was, it was extremely gentle, like a lovely seal, without any violent nature, but it gives people a feeling of dominance over the sea, vaguely resonating with the entire sea. Her spiritual power was like an iceberg, the extremely powerful part of it was under the sea, but from above the sea, it was just quiet and gentle.

” Mermaid Princess, Shirahoshi.”

Ron slowly responded to Nami’s question, saying: “According to the information of the historical Poneglyph that Robin and I deciphered on Sky Island, one of the three ancient weapons, is on the fisher-Man island, and all the clues point to… the mermaid princess.”

Ron answered Nami with a little shock in his heart.

At least 3000 points!

The spiritual energy that Mermaid possessed, hidden deep in her soul, was at least 3000 points or more!

This was the strongest existence Ron had ever seen. The largest total amount of spirit he ever witnessed, far surpassing Big Mom the Yonko, and far surpassing him at the moment.

“The degree of cohesion is not enough…no, it should be said that it is like a magic tower, with only quantity, not quality.”

Ron took a deep breath and observed more closely.

Normally, if a person possesses more than 3000 spiritual attributes, it may have already broken the boundary between humans and gods. However, the 3000 spiritual attributes possessed by the Shirahoshi were somewhat different, and the degree of cohesion was very low.

In other words, it was more about ‘quantity’ than ‘quality’.

Its cohesion was very loose, compared with Ron, even if compared with Nami’s mental power, it was still slightly inferior.

After more careful observation, Ron discovered that Shirahoshi’s mental space was a bit like a special ‘wizard tower’, just storing this huge mental power.

“Such a loose mental power, even if it is liberated with a magic mark, she will not be able to use the fifth-level magic, it may even be a little difficult for her to use the fourth-level magic.”

Ron thought in his heart.

At first, he was shocked by the mental attributes of 3000 points or more. The first impression he had, liberating such powers will definitely make Shirahoshi a god!

But now, after close observation, it seemed that the mermaid princess is lacking a lot.

For a magician, having a large amount of spiritual power is not enough! He also needs to have that deep understanding of his own spirit, a great resonance with the spiritual world, connect with all the various aspects that shape the world!

If only the soul of the 3000-point spiritual attribute could completely shrink into one point, a completely pure point! It will definitely break the boundary between mortals and gods and become another level of life.

But it was impossible.

In terms of cohesion, even Ron, at his current level, is far from being able to shrink his soul into a “point”. The limit he could achieve was to harvest his soul into a fist-sized pale gold ball of light.

Even if his spirit attribute was to break through 500 points and the degree of cohesion is further improved, such goal was still far from being achieved.

But Ron didn’t expect so much either.

At least in this world, with a spiritual attribute breaking through 500 points, mastering the fifth-level magic is enough to make him stand at the top of the world.

And further up, if his spiritual attribute breaks through 1000 points, even if he cannot break the boundary between man and god and become a god in the true sense, he will be regarded as a god in this world.

A god?!

In a world with completely invincible strength, no matter how many top existences join forces, they can easily be defeated, even the legendary Rocks pirates were defeated by Garp and Roger! Still, they were considered as Gods in their era! That was Ron’s ultimate goal!

Ron stared at Shirahoshi for a while and finally shook his head. It seemed he made his mind about Shirahoshi. A few seconds afterward, he just flew away from the fish-Man island and left with the historical Poneglyph.

If he wasn’t in a hurry, he wouldn’t mind spending more time on the island, solving the problems on Shirahoshi’s side, and guiding her to become one of the magicians, but unfortunately, Ron didn’t the luxury to waste more time. The top war is coming!

“I will come back after the war.”

Ron whispered in his heart, ascended quickly, and left the bottom of the sea.

Due to the burden of carrying a historical text stone, Ron did not return the control to Nami, and decided to transfer the Poneglyph to their next destination himself!


The moment Ron flew out of the sea carrying a stone monument of historical text, he was suddenly startled!

He stopped moving, and looked in the direction of the Sabaody Archipelago!

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