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P.A.S Chapter 247: Mugiwara

Sabaody Archipelago.

“Oh oh oh! It’s all bubbles!!!”

A figure wearing a straw hat excitedly jumped on each bubble until he jumped the highest possible altitude. The moment he stepped on a bubble again, it burst with a pop, and he quickly fell down.


He smashed into the ground making little cracks.

“Hey! Luffy, be careful!”

Usopp watched Luffy who fell and spit out, then looked around and couldn’t help but say: “It’s amazing. How come these bubbles are this tough?”

After experiencing a lot of ups and downs in the first half, even though it was completely different from the experience in the original plot, Luffy and his Nakama finally arrived at the Sabaody Archipelago.

It was the final island in the first half, and everyone ends up here.


Luffy jumped up, smiled happily while pressing his straw hat, and said: “Let’s go to the town quickly.”

Usopp and Franky followed Luffy. They went to town to buy supplies, learn about the island, and find any helpful information that may help them in their journey towards the new world.

The group soon arrived at the nearest street.

Luffy was quickly attracted by the various specialties of the Island. He drove a bubble car flying around in the sky, rampaging, driving Usopp mad, and in a flash, half of the day was wasted.

Franky was not swayed by Luffy. He inquired about the route and learned that they should either abandon the ship and go over the red line to reach the new world or coat the ship and cross the Fish-Man island to reach their destination.

“Hey! Luffy, it’s time for you two to stop.”

After walking half the way down the street, Franky found Luffy, who was still screwing around.

Luffy smiled and said: “Franky! Do you want to try it too?! This is so much fun.”

“I have something to tell you!”

Franky called out for Luffy and Usopp to come down and then informed Luffy about the two possible ways to reach the new world, and Luffy without hesitation chose the latter. Abandoning the ship was out of the question!

Frankie touched his chin and said: “That means we have to find a coating craftsman, and we have to purchase supplies later…Hey, Luffy! Are you listening to me!”


Luffy turned his head, then looked at Franky, tilted his head, and said: “That person over there is so strange. He kept running back and forth.”

Franky said with a headache: “Hey, I’m talking about business, Luffy!”

Usopp also ignored Franky and said with a curious look: “Yeah, Luffy, I saw it too. That guy seems to be running in circles…”

Franky’s mouth twitched.

Seeing that Luffy was totally distracted, he also looked in the direction mentioned by Usopp and Luffy and saw a green-haired figure running quickly in the street.

Soon, he passed in front of the three of them.

Then, it didn’t take long to see that the same figure running back going in the opposite direction.

“What is that guy doing?” Usopp asked strangely.

“I don’t know, it feels a bit interesting, hahaha.”

Luffy smiled and became interested in the green short-haired guy who was running around as if he was lost. He rode a Bon Chari (Bubble vehicle), flew over, and greeted the green short-haired guy: “What are you doing? Running in circles? Is this some kind of a competition?”

“running around?”

Zoro raised his head and looked at Luffy.

Luffy smiled and said: “Yeah, you passed in front of us seven or eight times.”

“No wonder that this area seemed a little familiar.”

Zoro slowed down, then groaned.

Was it some kind of fate?! For Zoro and Luffy to appear on this island at the same time, to meet.

But this was their first meeting. Zoro is now one of Albares’ cadres, and he never met Luffy before this encounter,

“Ah, so you are just lost?”

Luffy’s head dropped, his neck stretched out, bent into the shape of a letter J. He just looked at Zoro and spoke straightforwardly.

Zoro was not very surprised by the way Luffy’s body was. He had seen too many weird abilities. Hearing Luffy said that he was lost, his mouth twitched, and said: “No, am just not familiar with this neighborhood.”

“So, where are you going?”

Luffy smiled and spoke. He didn’t know why, but he has a good feeling for Zoro and wanted to help him out.

Zoro pondered for a moment and said: “I’m looking for the Auction House. I heard that there are selling some famous sword …Do you know how to get there?”

“I don’t know.”

Luffy shook his head and said with a grin: “But I can help you find it. The auction house sounds very interesting! Let’s go!”

Zoro actually didn’t want people to help him to find his way, because it was a bit shameful, but he was aware that the auction would not wait for his arrival and he may lose a chance to acquire a great sword. So, for the sake of obtaining the famous sword, he just nodded.

Luffy drove the Bon Chari down and said: “I am Monkey D. Luffy, The Man Who Will Become the Pirate King!”

” Pirate King?”

Zoro just glanced at Luffy again, and said: “Heh interesting! I am Roronoa Zoro! The goal is to become the world’s greatest swordsman.”

“Oh! The world’s number one swordsman, Sugoi!”

Meeting up with the others, they started looking for the auction together. Fortunately, they arrived at the last moment before the auction started.

Seeing that he made it in time, Zoro, who walked into the venue, showed a friendly look to Luffy, and said: “Thanks”

“You’re welcome, I just wanted to come here, too.”

Luffy smiled and entered the auction room with Zoro.

The auction soon began, and the slave auction was the first to start. This made Luffy, who seemed a little excited at first, a bit irritated and the corners of his lips gradually pulled down.

Finally, it was the turn of a mermaid… When she was brought, Luffy got a little annoyed and couldn’t help but say: “These are not commodities!!!”


Zoro was silent, not interested in anything other than swords, but the slave auction on the court also made his face a little gloomy.

Suddenly, a fish-man rushed into the auction floor and tried to save the mermaid, Camie! However, the celestial dragon who bought the mermaid fired several shots at him and he fell into a pool of his own blood.

Luffy finally snapped! He couldn’t just watch without doing a thing.

He stood up.

The Celestial dragon was naturally a little annoyed at Luffy who kept coming towards his way. He pointed his gun at Luffy and started yelling. Seeing that Luffy didn’t stop, he shot at him directly.

Luffy effortlessly avoided the gunshots, having a hell of an angry look on his face. He clenched his fist and slammed it on the face of the celestial dragon with all his might, blasting him away. (T/N: couldn’t help putting the Gif here…One of my fav scenes in OP!)

The audience went silent for a moment.

Countless people showed a look of horror, even Zoro showed a strange color, slowly letting go of his hand on the hilt.

“This courage…not bad…”

Zoro had already remembered the identity of Luffy. He was a pirate offering a reward of 300 million Berries. He happened to be one of the several targets he planned to hunt. But after he helped him finding the auction, Zoro had no plans to fight Luffy. He was even relieved ad excited seeing Luffy beating the celestial dragon!
(T/N: wait a minute! Where is Sanji?!) (E/N: How did they get here without their navigator, Nami!!!? this is the real question!)

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